Nov 7, 2016

15 Best Bedside Gadgets and Gear.

Collection of 'Best Bedside Gadgets and Gear' from all over the world.

Portable Night Light: These are multi-colored, interactive night lights that come with removable illuminated Glo balls. And the most unique feature of these is there's nothing electronic in them and so you can even keep them in the bed with your kid. Buy Now: $69.99.

Portable Night LightThe Holding Cellphone Holder: The Holding Cellphone Holder is a simple device that gives you storage space for your smartphone. It comes with a built-in recharging cord holder, can hold any smartphone or baby monitor, and keeps your device within your reach. Buy Now: $20.

The Holding Cellphone Holder

Snuzpod 3-in-1 Bedside Crib: The Snuzpod is contemporary bedside cot, stand-alone crib and bassinet in one. It features see through zip down mesh wall, rocking stand, removable bassinet, hinged stand and more. It gives you easy access to your baby while ensuring that your baby is comfortably sleeping next to you in his own safe sleeping area. It's available in 4 colors, and is suitable for 0-6 months. Buy Now: $350.

Snuzpod 3-in-1 Bedside Crib
Olfactory Alarmclock: The olfactory alarmclock wakes you up using pleasant and enjoyable scents. You can choose from 7 scents: espresso, peppermint, seaside, and more. Buy Now: $109.

Olfactory Alarmclock

UpLamp: UpLamp turns your smartphone into gesture driven smart bedside lamp. It can be turned on or off by clapping your hands, or by using its app, and wave to dim the light up and down. Reserve Now: About $ 54 (€49).


The Man Table: The Man Table - don't judge a book by its cover perfectly suits here. It may look like any other side table, but underneath this exterior is a refrigerated cooler, perfect for keeping your favorite beverage chilled by your bedside. Buy Now: $599 - $634.

The Man Table
Zcharge: Zcharge gives storage space for your smart phones and smart devices and even recharges them. Its made from fabric, needs to be placed at the base of the mattress, and it gives you overlapping storage pouches on either side of the bed that can hold up to six devices. It comes with a USB hub, power supply unit and works with all USB-powered devices. Buy Now: $99.99.

Fibaro's Smart Button: The Smart Button is perfect for any connected home. It makes things a lot easier around by letting you control your connected home appliances. It recognizes 6 different actions for various customized scenes - control the air conditioner, lights, notify your family member, call a taxi or order pizza and more. Its wireless and hence can be placed just about anywhere you want. Buy Now.

Fibaro's Smart Button

Urban Shelf: The Urban Shelf is a space saving bedside storage system for your smart phones, smart devices and other essentials; it folds flat to only 1/2" thick. Buy Now: $15.99.

Urban Shelf
Cubix Nightstand: The Cubix Nightstand is crafted of solid poplar and engineered wood, features two drawers with undermount metal glides. Buy Now: $450.

Cubix Nightstand
Aromacare: Aromacare is a connected essential oildiffuser that lets you program individual aromatherapy sessions for yourself or for others. It makes this easy with the need of an expert, works by activating the unit that you place inside the device. Each of these units contain a highly specific blend of essential oils, each designed for a specific purpose. It comes with 6 designed essential oil blends and lets you control everything from your smartphone. More info.

Bed Butler Bedside Caddy: The Bed Butler Bedside Caddy holds laptops up to 17", magazines, smart devices, books, smart phones, remotes, pens, glasses and more, all within reach while you rest in the bed. Buy Now: $49.

Bed Butler Bedside Caddy
Felt Bedside Caddy: The Felt Bedside Caddy is a secure pocket that gives you a perfect place to keep all your bedside essentials safe. Buy Now: $20.

Felt Bedside Caddy
Couchlet: Couchlet needs to be placed between the mattress and boxspring using its folding elbow, and you get a recharging station by your bedside. It features 2 USB ports and a 6-foot USB cable. More info.

Bedside Storage Caddy: The Bedside Storage Caddy needs to be placed in between mattress and boxspring, features multi pockets and pouches for holding your bedside essentials. Buy Now: $10.

Bedside Storage Caddy
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