Nov 26, 2016

15 Best Beach Gifts Under $100.

Looking for beach gifts for your family and friends? Look no further, we have the 'Best Beach Gifts', and the best part is all these gifts are under $100.

Beach Vault: Beach Vault is a clever underground vault that keeps your valuables safe. It comes with its beach towel and pillow without which it isn't complete; it works along with these two to keep your valuables safe. It's really simple and easy to use. Buy Now: $39.

Beach Vault

Six Pack Cooler: The Six Pack Cooler is an insulated beverage holder, it holds most of the bottles or cans up to 20 oz., and lets you take along an assortment of beverages. Buy Now: $ 38.95.

Six Pack Cooler
Aquabot: Aquabot turns your water bottle into a super soaker with 3 spray patterns and sprays water over 25 feet. Buy Now: $28.


FYF: FYF is high-tech footwear that's designed to protect your feet during any sport. Buy Now: $80.

FYF high-tech footwear

Hidden Drawer Sandals: The Hidden Drawer Sandals feature a storage space in its sole to hold your credit cards, keys, money and more. Buy Now: $24.95.

Hidden Drawer Sandals
HoodiePillow Beach Towel: The HoodiePillow 5-in-1 Beach Towel is a beach towel that features a protective hoodie and an inflatable pillow. It conveniently folds up into a shoulder bag. Buy Now: $24.95.

HoodiePillow Beach Towel

Y-ply Beach Rests: It's a multiple-use gadget that can be used in various ways: backrest, headrest, or pillow. Buy Now: $26 (24.95€).

Y-ply Beach Rests
Inflatable Air Chair and Ottoman: The Inflatable Air Chair and Ottoman is perfect for outing, it inflates within minutes and folds compact for easy storage. It features built-in cup holder to hold your beverage, glasses and more. Buy Now: $19.30.

Inflatable Air Chair and Ottoman
Coolermate Insert: Just place the Coolermate Insert in your cooler and food stays cool and dry. Its 48/60 model is designed to be placed in a variety of 48 to 60 quart (non-wheeled) coolers. It measures 19" long by 10" wide by 9-3/4" high and weighs about 3-1/2 lbs when empty. Buy Now: $44.95.

Coolermate Insert
Vinnebago Thermos: The Corkcicle Vinnebago Stainless Steel Bottle is a 25-ounce insulated beverage bottle that keeps your beverages cool for 25 hours. Buy Now: $45.22.

Vinnebago Thermos
Ecoxgear Ecoxbt Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker: This waterproof wireless speaker is best suited for poolside parties and the beach. It can play continuously for up to ten hour on a single recharge, and features a USB cable to plug the device into a power source. It also features a built in waterproof microphone that allows you to answers calls from your smartphone. It can stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth music player, smartphone, notebook or other Bluetooth enabled device up to 33 feet. Buy Now: $71.55.

Ecoxgear Ecoxbt Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
ET-Stone: The ET-Stone is a solar power bank with a lamp and flashlight. It can recharge your gadgets outdoors and provides light when you need. It features a 3100 mAh power source, high quality solar panel (2.75V / 550mAh), 360-degree rotating kickstand and a lamp with 3 intensity levels. Buy Now: $49.

ET-Stone solar power bank

Kingii: Kingii is a wearable water security device that stays out of the way and provides additional safety in the water in a convenient way. This inflatable device can be placed on your wrist and is perfect for fishing, kayaking, snorkeling or any other activity around the water. Buy Now: $89.99.

Kingii wearable water security device

Orca Gear Wrap: The 26 quart Wrap lets you attach storage pouches on your cooler. The attachment expands the utility of your cooler; its each pouch is designed to meet a specific need and function. It comes with 1000 lb tensile strength to hold heavy loads. Buy Now: $49.99.

Orca Gear Wrap
Windchiller Personal Mistingfan: Get relief anywhere, anytime from heat with ultra-fine mist from the Windchiller Handheld Personal Mistingfan. This durable easy-to-use gadget is proven to reduce temperatures up to 35°F. Buy Now: $35.

Windchiller Personal Mistingfan
Intelligent Water Bottle: The Sportline Hydracoach is an interactive water bottle, it allows you to program your own personal hydration requirements into the integrated computer and track your daily water usage sip by sip. Buy Now: $23.48.

Intelligent Water Bottle
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