Nov 30, 2016

15 Best Gifts For Dogs Under $50.

Looking for gifts for dogs? Look no further, we have the 'Best Gifts For Dogs', and the best part is all these gifts are under $50.

Modular Dog Toy: This modern puzzle treat toy from Up Dog Toys engages your dogs on multiple levels. It features a geometric design and 4 differently sized holes to hold different sized treats. It gives out treats as your dog plays with it. You can even connect multiple toys to create variation and increase difficulty. Buy Now: $ 23.

Modular Dog Toy

Humunga Lips: This fellow looks really cute with these huge red lips, gift one for your favorite dog. Buy Now: $25.

Humunga Lips
Foobler: Foobler is a puzzle ball toy that dishes out dog treats at set intervals. It features 6 timer pods that can be set to 15, 30, 60 or 90 minutes on the switch. As the preset time pod activates, the metal bell chimes and releases the treat. Now the dog needs to rotate the ball to get the treats out of the hole. It can hold up to two cups of kibble, enough for even a large dog's daily nutritional needs. Buy Now: $49.99.


Dog Water Bottle: The H2O4K9 dog water bottle allows you to bring your dogs water and serve it up in one stylish container. Buy Now: $16.98.

Dog Water Bottle
Oversized Tongue Dog Chew Toy: Its made out of solid rubber and is a ball and a tongue all in one. Buy Now: $11.99.

Oversized Tongue Dog Chew Toy
Petpeek Window: Dogs are curious, they want to know what's happening outside, and the Petpeek window makes it possible. Its durable, clear and measures 9.5 inches in diameter, you can install it yourself. Buy Now: $39.98.

Petpeek Window
The Paw Wash: To clean your dog's paw place it in the container and move the Paw Wash up and down the paw. Buy Now: $ 28.95.

The Paw Wash
Cooling Bowl: Frobo is a 24-ounce bowl that keeps water fresh and cool for 8 hours and even longer, so that your dog stays hydrated, healthy and happy. Buy Now: $29.99.

Cooling Bowl
Skamper Ramp: It's a perfect escape ramp for your dog in event of it falling into your swimming pool or spa. This lightweight plastic ramp floats atop the water until needed and can be tied to the side of your swimming pool. Buy Now: $40.78 .

Skamper Ramp
Fauna Labrador Pillow: These cool pillows inspired by Victorian-era designs come from Menuez. Buy Now: $23.

Fauna Labrador Pillow
Rogz Grinz Treat Ball Dog Toy: Just choose your favorite color of the ball and watch your dog smile. Buy Now: $9.95.

Rogz Grinz Treat Ball Dog Toy
Pebble Smart Dog Doorbell: The smart doorbell allows you to train your dog instead of scratching the door to be let in or out. It features a built-in treat holder, which makes it easy for you to train your dog to ring the doorbell. Buy Now: $49.

Pebble Smart Dog Doorbell

Humunga Stache Durable Dog Toy: This shiny black toy is a ball on one end and an oversized cartoon mustache on the other and is best suited for a pooch with a good sense of humor. Buy Now: $11.15.

Humunga Stache Durable Dog Toy
Back Seat Hammock: Its designed to be attached across front and rear seats of most automobiles, keeps your dog contained while giving it a comfortable ride wherever you go. It folds flat for easy storage. Buy Now: $10.10.

Back Seat Pet Hammock
K&H Cool Bed III: The cooling dog bed is a cool and comfortable waterbed for pets; just fill the water and adjust the comfort with valve. No electricity is required for it's working. Buy Now: $47.99.

K&H Cool Bed III
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Nov 29, 2016

15 Best Gifts For Cooks Under $100.

Looking for gifts for cooks? Look no further, we have the 'Best Gifts For Cooks', and the best part is all these gifts are under $100.

Kalorik Wireless Bluetooth Food Temperature Meter: Now take the guesswork out of cooking with this smart temperature meter, it uses Bluetooth 4.0 to transmit the temperature of your food to your smartphone. This smart device allows you to cook your food like a pro. Buy Now: $42.12.

Kalorik Wireless Bluetooth Food Temperature Meter
Apron Cooking Guide: This cool apron is full of useful information; it includes: numeric conversions, cooking times for vegetables, roasting times for birds, freezing instructions, defrosting times, a cooking glossary and more. Buy Now: About $22 (£15).

Apron Cooking GuidePerfect Bake Pro: Perfect Bake Pro is a smart connected kitchen scale that works along with your smart device and lets you choose from over 300 recipes or create your own. The virtual bowl on its app shows you weight of each ingredient and adjusts recipe-serving size. It even makes suggestions based on the ingredients that you have. It measures from 6 kg to 0.01 grams and comes with a built-in timer. Buy Now: $99.45.

Perfect Bake Pro
Cuisinart's Vertical Waffle Maker: The Cuisinart's Vertical Waffle Maker comes with cooking plates plated vertically, only its base occupies space on your counter. It features a spout on top for filling up with your favorite mix. It maximizes your counter space, and the same can be used for other kitchen appliances. Buy Now: $49.63.

Cuisinart's Vertical Waffle Maker

5-in-1 Griddler: This compact countertop Griddler provides five-in-one functionality as a contact grill, full grill, full griddle, panini press and half grill/half griddle. It comes with removable and reversible nonstick cooking plates, adjustable temperature controls with indicator lights and more. Buy Now: $79.99 .

5-in-1 Griddler
Oster MyBlend Pro: The Oster MyBlend Pro is a compact device that allows you to make smoothies right into a Tritan 20 oz. dishwasher-safe sport bottle. Its bottle comes with a carabineer closure that allows you to easily clip it to your bag, place it in your car cup holder, or backpack for convenient portability. Buy Now: $30.70.

Oster MyBlend Pro

Pizza Box Oven: The Pizza Box can cook up to a 12-inch pizza, comes with adjustable thermostat with a maximum temperature of 525 degrees Fahrenheit and a 30 minute timer. Buy Now: $58.66.

Pizza Box Oven
Perfect Bake: This smart scale connects to your smartphone and its app guides you through baking each recipe. Buy Now: $17.99.

Perfect Bake
Smartlid: The Kuhn Rikon Smartlid features a dual-function auto-release valve and a gasket; the valve opens up when steam builds up and releases excess moisture while its gasket forms a tight seal on utensils from 9" to slightly over 11" in diameter. You can set the valve manually for steaming and cooking with low pressure or set it to auto to release the steam as needed. Buy Now: $28.39.


Spillstopper: This ingenious stopper sits on top on any utensil to avoid boiling overflows. Buy Now: $9.37.

Potato and Vegetable Masher: This Potato and Vegetable Masher makes creamy-smooth, mashed potato, carrot, parsnip and butternut squash instantly. It doesn't over-process starchy foods like blenders and choppers; instead it uses special wave blade and low-speed motor to create mash in seconds. Buy Now: $35 (£27.99).

Potato and Vegetable Masher
Foodpod: Foodpod makes things easy for you; just place food in the Foodpod and put in the water to cook. Buy Now: $15.


Range: Range allows you to cook better with precise temperature readings and make the perfect meal. Buy Now: $59.95 - $69.95.

Kenwood Electric Spiralizer: The Kenwood Spiralizer FGP200WG is an electric spiralizer that turns vegetables into noodles and ribbons. It can make pasta carrots, cucumbers, squash or courgette. Buy Now: About $ 48 (£39).

Kenwood Electric Spiralizer

Vebo: Easy for boiling, steaming and straining your vegetables all in one unit; means less to clean up and also great for placing vegetables straight onto your plates. Buy Now: $23.96.

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Nov 28, 2016

15 Best Gifts For Outdoor Adventurers Under $100.

Looking for gifts for outdoor adventurers? Look no further, we have the 'Best Gifts For Outdoor Adventurers', and the best part is all these gifts are under $100.

Biolite PowerLight Mini: The BioLite PowerLight Mini is a pocket-size device that provides up to 52 hours of light and recharges your phone, comes with USB rechargeable 1350mAh. Buy Now: $44.95.

Biolite PowerLight Mini
Campmaid Grill: Campmaid multi-piece kit transforms your Dutch oven into a grill, trivet, steamer and more. Its perfect for your tailgating, camping, and backpacking. Buy Now: $69.99.

Campmaid Grill
Taclace: Taclace Boot Lacingsystem is a time saver, just pull, cinch, and wrap, and you are good to go. It keeps your boots tight and secure all day long. Buy Now: $14.99.


Nightlux Handpowered Lamp and Flashlight: Its lightweight and compact design makes this lantern perfect for traveling; its handpowered or recharges via USB, has two brightness modes, and easily goes from flashlight to lantern. Buy Now: $14.99.

Nightlux Handpowered Lamp and Flashlight
Survival Laces: Survival Laces are made with 550 paracord that serves as firestarter, tinder, and fishing line embedded in paracord laces. Buy Now: $11.99 - $23.99.

Survival Laces
Bison Bag G2: The Bison Bag G2's sleeping bag and hammock are made from polyester. The sleeping bag is the first layer that keeps the heat in, while the second layer is the small hotair space between the hammock and sleeping bag and finally the third is the actual hammock layer itself. Buy Now: $ 89.99.

Bison Bag G2
Stanley Mountain Vacuum Food System: The Stanley Mountain Vacuum Food System is crafted from 18/8 stainless steel, features a 20 ounces holding capacity, can keep your food warm for 13 hours, or cool for 11 hours. The top doubles as a cup or bowl, while the integrated cookpot with foldable holder houses a storable jar. Buy Now: $34.25.

Stanley Mountain Vacuum Food System

Travel Adventure Belt: The Travel Adventure Belt provides you with up to 50ft of high tensile cord, Micro Survival Guidebook and Concealed Kit hidden inside to be used in a variety of situations. Buy Now: $59.99.

Travel Adventure Belt
Backcountry Boiler: It heats up water for your meals and beverages using sticks, cardboard, or virtually any other fuel you find around. Its lightweight and compact, provides an efficient way to heat water outdoors. It features an internal chimney for efficient heat transfer and uses Stack Effect to heat 16 oz of water in 4 - 6 minutes in dry conditions. From $ 99.

Backcountry Boiler

Aerobed Pakmat: The Pakmat inflates in about 60 seconds, measures 78 inches long and 26 inches wide, and weighs only 4 lbs including the pump. This 5-inch inflated bed is a cleverly designed camping mat that stores inside its own pump. Buy Now: $99.99.

Aerobed Pakmat
SOL Origin: It's a durable survival kit that contains a collection of tools that will let you survive outdoors longer. Buy Now: $34.46.

SOL Origin

Camp Shower: The Texsport Deluxe Camp Shower comes with 5-gallon capacity camp shower, removable towelbar for your towels or clothes, corner shelf to keep your bathing things. It measures 87"H x 4'6" x 4"6", comes with zippered D-style door, rainfly with two skylights and a removable floor. Setting it up is quick and easy. Buy Now: $91.07.

Camp Shower
Slim-Fold Cook Station: The GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Cook Station features a dedicated space for your camp stove, and 4 plastic foldout side tables. These side tables feature stemglass holders, beverage holders, and hooks. It supports a combined weight of up to 300 lbs, its patent-pending Slim-Fold Technology makes it set up and close easy. It folds flat for easy storage. Buy Now: $59.93.

Slim-Fold Cook Station
Steripen: This portable water purifier makes your water drinkable; it purifies 16 ounce of water in less than a minute and it can filter up to 50 times on a single recharge. Buy Now: $80.21.

Coolest Gift Ideas For Campers (15) 11
CardSharp 2: Its super light and super sharp utility knife, that comes in the size of a credit card. Buy Now: $12.

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Nov 27, 2016

15 Best Roommate Gifts Under $50.

Looking for gifts for your roommate? Look no further, we have the 'Best Roommate Gifts', and the best part is all these gifts are under $50.

Streamlight Keymate Flashlight Keychain: The Streamlight Keymate Flashlight features machine aircraft aluminum casing in Titanium, lasts up to 96 hours and weighs .9 ounce. Buy Now: $10.37.

Streamlight Keymate Flashlight Keychain
Pride and Prejudice Book Scarf: Now you can gift this cool scarf to your roommate who has a great taste in books. Buy Now: $ 48.

Pride and Prejudice Book Scarf
5 Water Socks: The 5 Water Socks balances comfort with breath ability and waterrepellency. These aren't waterproof but are good enough when it comes to low-pressures of water. Buy Now: $ 22.

5 Water Socks

Magkey: Magkey is a smart magnetic key holder; its minimal, functional, and a simple key holder that uses neodymiummagnets for the keys. Its magnets measure less than 1mm thin, weighs .13 grams, and makes organizing the keys really simple. All one needs to do is to stick the magnets on to your keys and you are done. Perfect for your roommate who always keeps misplacing the keys. Buy Now: $17.66.

Light Slippers: Does your roommate wake up in the middle of the night and switch on the light because they suddenly remembered something? Want to get a better sleep without getting disturbed? Then better gift these light slippers. With these cool night slippers one can move around the dark areas without turning on any lights. Buy Now: $40.

Light Slippers
Zero Digital Earphones: These DAC + high-powered amplifier earphones is designed to provide full digital audio and recreate Hi-Fi music from the Android smartphone. Buy Now: $39.

Zero Digital Earphones

MaCO: The best way to make your roommate keep the cables organized is to gift the MaCO. It is a magnetic cable organizer that keeps the cables neatly organized. Designed particularly for headphones, smartphone rechargers, iPad rechargers, and wide range of cables, it attaches to wall or on desk to keep cords from falling. Buy Now: $29.90.

Retro Cassette Pillow: This cool Retro Cassette Pillow reminds of the gone by golden days of tapes. Buy Now: $23.95.

Retro Cassette Pillow
Jewelry Tray: Designed by Japanese designer Masashi Hanayama, its inspired by the beautiful yet ephemeral shaped structures created when a drop of milk splashes into a larger amount of liquid. Buy Now: $49.99.

Jewelry Tray
Hopside Down: Its shaped like an upside down bottle inside a regular glass. Buy Now: $10.60.

Hopside Down
Animal Chalkboard Wall Stickers: Apply these over-sized wall stickers to any clean, dry surface; then write away with ordinary chalk. Buy Now: $24.

Animal Chalkboard Wall StickersDisappearing Message Cup: As the warm beverage is poured, the message disappears and later reappears after drinking up the contents or cooling down. Buy Now: $13.95.

Disappearing Message CupAirplane Instrument Coasters: Do you have a roommate who is interested in airplanes? Then these airplane instrument coasters are a great option. They are fashioned after airplane cockpit instruments - the altimeter, airspeed indicator, compass and attitude indicator. And the best part is that you wont need hundreds of flying hours to use them. Buy Now: $17.49.

Airplane Instrument Coasters
Money Soap: If you really want your roommate to take bath daily, then don't forget gifting this Money Soap. This clever soap should motivate anyone to wash thoroughly; the translucent soap contains a $1, $5, $10, $20, or even a $50 bill in the center. Buy Now: $16.96.

Money Soap
3D Photo Frames: These photo frames are created using 3D printing technology and are printed layer by layer from a digital file into a real product. Buy Now: $50.

3D Photo FramesMore Interesting Posts:
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