Oct 24, 2016

15 Must Have Cat Gadgets.

If you are looking for the best cat gadgets for making your cat comfortable, cozy, and more, we got something for you. Just have a look!

Cat Post: Cat Post comes from German company Goldtatze that specializes in creating real air routes, bridges, branches, platforms and more for your cat. The Cat Post features a clear columnar shape; solidly wrapped with sisal making it something similar to a mast of a sailing ship that your cat would like to climb. Buy Now: $250 (€229.95).

Cat Post
Cat Perch Cover: The Cat Perch Cover is made of cotton with a sateen finish, is washable, keeps your cat perches clean and protected. It can be used with any perch measuring 10 to 14 inches in diameter. It's available in round version for round perches, square version for square or rectangular perches. It reversible, that gives stylish print on one side and solid color on the other side. With this you don't need to spend hours trying to vacuum all that cat hair off your cat perch. Buy Now: $42.95.

Cat Perch Cover
Cat Modular Climbing Systems: The Cat Modular Climbing Systems feature ladder steps, planks, sisal-lined poles, and more for your cat to climb, play, and relax. It also features a washable cotton canvas that can be removed without having to remove any of the placed planks from your wall, making cleanup a breeze. As its modular, you have limitless design options; you can build almost any design you want. Reserve Now: From $27.

Cat Modular Climbing Systems

Easyfeed: The Easyfeed is an automatic food and waterdispenser, that lets you video chat with your cat from anywhere. It lets you set automatic mealtimes, set food portion size, and even gradually introduce a new food into its diet. What more it even gets their food to your doorstep via Amazon when you're running low. And it automatically refills water tray to keep your cat fully hydrated at all times. Pre-order: $249.95.


Cat Fort: The Cat Fort gives your cat a perfect play structure for their climbing and scratching needs. It features two sisal poles, and shelves to keep your cat in good health by providing it the right space to exercise. Buy Now: $398.

Cat Fort
Bamboo Cat Radiator Bed: Just place this Bamboo Cat Radiator Bed off the radiator and your cat has a nice warm cozy place to curl up. Buy Now: $34.92 .

Bamboo Cat Radiator Bed
Cat Tree Furniture Condo: The Cat Tree Furniture Condo lets you lounge your cat in high places and boosts their confidence. It's perfect for climbing, sleeping, scratching, and exercising. It measures 50"(L)X26"(W)X74"(H). It's simple to assembly and looks good in any room. Buy Now: $104.48.

Cat Tree Furniture Condo
Cat Scratching Mat: The Cat Scratching Mat can be placed onto any corner in your house and it provides your cat with a dedicated place for scratching. It's specially designed to protect your wall coverings from scratches by your cat. Buy Now: $34.99.

Cat Scratching Mat
Catalpa Cat Tree: The Catalpa Cat Tree measures 6 feet tall, features 8-inch wide platforms and a sisal-scratching mat attached on the trunk. Its weighted base keeps the tree stable. It's available in Espresso and Mahogany versions. Buy Now: $257.93.

Catalpa Cat Tree
Arty Cat Scratcher: The Arty Cat Scratcher features a curved design that separates into two pieces; these can be used together or apart to provide more than one scratching outlet in your home. If your cat wants to scratch, lounge or play this innovative design has everything covered. Buy Now: $69.

Arty Cat Scratcher
Cat Shelves: The Cat Shelves feature two-tiered shelf that can be fixed on the wall, and gives your cat a place to climb and perch. On this shelf, cats appear to float along your wall space. It measures 20" x 10" (platforms), total size 38" wide. Buy Now: $99.99.

Cat Shelves
Elevation Wall Climbing System: The Elevation Wall Climbing System is a series of shelves and steps that can be customized to create a great play ground for your cats and give them their own space. These use pelican clips to secure to your wall and can support over 50 lbs. Buy Now: $20.

Elevation Wall Climbing System
Cat Bed: The Cat Ball bed is a modern cave for your cat that features six thick, flexible panels and two openings that provides a place to hide, play, and sleep. Buy Now: $100.

Cat Bed
Floating Sisal Cat Post Step: The Floating Sisal Cat Post Step is best for bringing out the acrobat in your cat. Its perfect for climbing and gives an outlet for their climbing needs. And it even provides a scratching outlet in your home. This bracket-less sisal post measures 4" wide and 11" long. Buy Now: $45.

Floating Sisal Cat Post Step
Cat Camp Tent: If you are among those who cant leave your cat behind on your outdoor adventures then this cat camp tent is a must for you. It measures approximately 21.5" wide x 21.5" long x 14.0" tall. Keeps your cat comfortable, cozy while protecting it from the elements. Buy Now: $65.

Cat Camp Tent
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