Oct 6, 2016

15 Best Gadgets to Turn Your Car Into a Mobile Office.

Collection of the 'Best Gadgets to Turn Your Car Into a Mobile Office' from all over the world.

Phree: Phree is a high-resolution mobile input device that lets you write, draw, and annotate on virtually any surface. It connects to your smartphones, smart devices, laptops or any other device with a Bluetooth connection. It's compatible with software and apps like Office, OneNote, EverNote, Acrobat, Google Handwriting Keyboard, Viber and more. What more it works as a headset and has an integrated screen for brief texts. With Phree you can sketch or jot down ideas, notes, thoughts, email addresses and phone numbers whenever you want. Pre-order: $198.

Phree high-resolution mobile input device

Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer: The Fujifilm Instax Share connects to your smartphone over Wi-Fi and prints pictures in credit card sized prints. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices. Buy Now: $199.95.

Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer

Nano Wireless Heated Cup: The Nano Wireless Heated Cup keeps your beverages at the ideal drinkable temperature (155-160 degrees Fahrenheit) for 45 minutes. You can recharge it at home, in car or by computer with USB cord. The recharge works for over 7 refills; the cup automatically turns off after 30 minutes to save power. Buy Now: from $ 79.

Nano Wireless Heated Cup

SignalBoost: SignalBoost strengthens your cellphone reception and provides much better coverage even when you're traveling in remote areas where only a weak signal is available. This car kit features a magnetic base antenna and holder for your phone. Buy Now: $519.99.

RoadMaster Truck Desk: The RoadMaster Truck Desk allows you to secure a laptop that is up to 17 inches in size and comes with a hidden storage space beneath the work surface. Buy Now: $228.52.

RoadMaster Truck Desk
Coffee Cup Power Inverter: The Coffee Cup Power Inverter transforms your car's DC power into two 120-volt AC outlets. This 200-watt inverter comes with 2 AC plugs and a USB power port. Buy Now: $28.67.

Coffee Cup Power Inverter
AutoExec 10005 Car Desk and Supply Organizer: Its a perfect desk for people who need a work surface and basic storage in their cars. It features a non-skid surface that holds smartphone, laptop, PDA, or briefcase. Buy Now: $140.25.

AutoExec 10005 Car Desk and Supply Organizer
iSense 3D Scanner for iPhone 6: iSense makes scanning easy; its capable of identifying an object and disregards the background for a perfect result. It loads the data to your smartphone for review, edit and print. Buy Now: $402.

iSense 3D Scanner for iPhone 6
Sunjack Solar Recharger: It can recharge 8 iPhones or 1.4 iPads with only 5 hours of solar light. Buy Now: $ 189.

Sunjack Solar Recharger
Satechi 5-Port 12V Car Socketextender: Just plug-in the Satechi 5-Port 12V Car Socketextender into your car's 12-volt socket and you get instant access to five different recharging ports at once. Four of these USB ports have their own on/off switch for easy access to each device and saves power. You can recharge your smartphones, music players, FM transmitters, GPS, e-readers, and more. Buy Now: $9.99.

Satechi 5-Port 12V Car Socketextender
Car Coat Hangers: These coat hangers can be placed onto your seats headrest. Buy Now.

Car Coat Hangers
Swingaway Driver Organizer Compact: It keeps everything a driver requires close by; features 7 roomy pockets, comfortably holds smartphone, PDA, pens, mints, DVDs/CDs, mail and more, while another pocket is for sunglasses. Buy Now: $12.99 $12.99.

Swingaway Driver Organizer Compact
Handpresso Auto Set: The Handpresso Auto Set is an espresso machine for the car, comes with two unbreakable cups and a towel and is powered through a car adapter. Buy Now: $200.

Handpresso Auto Set
AutoExec Wheelmate: The Wheelmate attaches to your steering wheel and gives you removable work surface; holds your laptop, smart devices or your lunch. It installs in seconds, when done just place it in between the seats. It's lightweight and smooth; and is made with a powder coated wood material. Buy Now: $24.

AutoExec Wheelmate - detachable work surface
Mountek Airsnap: All you need to do is place the opened clamp of the holder onto any flat vent blade and turn the locking wheel until it holds securely. It uses powerful earth magnets to hold your device; and it also elevates your device above the vent blades to permit airflow. Buy Now: $24.95.

Mountek Airsnap

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