Oct 18, 2016

15 Best Lunch Boxes For You.

What's holding you back from taking a packed lunch? Is it the old-school brown paper bags, or rigid material lunch boxes or not so cool lunch boxes? Did you know packing a lunch can save you a lot on your food costs and you can eat healthier. With these 'Best Lunch Boxes and Lunch Bags' you can set things straight and in order.

Prepd Pack: Prepd Pack is a beautifully crafted smart lunchbox that's designed to give you a healthier lifestyle. This innovative lunchbox comes with multiple modular containers and smart magnetic cutlery. These modular system of containers are completely leakproof and holds food for you throughout the day. Its accompanying app gives you precise and in-depth nutritional information of your food portions. Its app is compatible with Android and iOS. Pre-order: $80.

Prepd Pack

Twist Lidlunch Box: What make this lunch box to stand out? It features a unique and easy-to-use twisting closure system. You get access to your lunch by twisting its cover to open or close it. Apart from this it keeps your foodhot for up to 4 hours. It measures 5 x 5 x 5 inches. Buy Now.

Twist Lidlunch Box

R2-D2 Lunch Box: R2-D2 Lunch Box comes with three containers in order to hold your lunch. Its legs can keep all the three parts firmly together when you're not eating. Perfect to take your lunch to school. Buy Now: $9.99.

R2-D2 Lunch Box

Foodskin Flexible Lunchbox: The Foodskin Flexible Lunchbox saves you space when you are done with its contents. It goes completely flat when empty. Whatever you put inside the box it holds it tightly in place and conforms to its shape. Buy Now: $35.

Foodskin Flexible Lunchbox

FlatBox: How about having a placemat with your lunchbox? Zip FlatBox to hold your food an unzip it and you get placemat. It's perfect for school, beach, outdoors and more. Buy Now.

Vaya Tyffyn Box: The Vaya Tyffyn Box features a double-walled vacuum insulated stainless steelshell that keeps your foodhot up to 6 hours. It comes with three stainless steel containers with copper finishing and leakproof cover. What more it comes with a shoulder bag that can be unzipped to turn into a placemat. Buy Now: About $38.

Vaya Tyffyn Box
USB Heated Lunchbox Pouch: This USB powered lunchbox keeps your lunch warm for you. Just plug it in any USB port and it maintains the right temperature. The set includes the pouch bag, two USB heaters, and lunchbox trays. It measures 240 x 130 x 105mm and can heat up to 80°C. Buy Now: $68.

USB Heated Lunchbox Pouch
Colborne Bag.: The Colborne Bag is both fashionable and functional, it lets you take your food in style. It features antique brass clips to the side of the bag that lets you clip it onto your briefcase, messenger bag, or backpack. More info.

Colborne Bag
Bento Lunch Box: The Bento Box from Black + Blum is perfect for pasta, rice or even sushi. It comes with a clip for holding your fork or chopsticks. You also get a fork, saucepot and a separator. It is dishwasher safe that makes cleaning the lunch box a breeze. Buy Now: $22.

Bento Lunch Box
Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag: The Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag by Gouache definitely makes the brown paper bags old-school. The waxed canvas lunch bag features polyester taffeta lining, is waterrepellent both inside and outside. Each bag is individually crafted by Marikina Bag Makers and no two bags are the same. Buy Now: About $15.

Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag
Marla Shoulder Lunch Bag and Archer Lunch Cooler Box: If you are among those who spends lot of money trying to look professional, and are looking for a high quality and professional lunch bag, then the Modern Lunch Bags from Archer Brighton is perfect for you. Buy Now:$ 94.95 and $ 84.99.

Marla Shoulder Lunch Bag and Archer Lunch Cooler Box
Frozzypack II Lunchbox: For one of those days when you prefer to take fruits and salads and keep them cood, Frozzypack II Lunchbox is best suited. It keeps your salad chilled and fresh for up to seven hours. It doesn't have a refrigeration unit; the integrated cooling in the cover does the work. You need to keep it in the freezer for at least 10 hours for maximum cooling effect. Buy Now: $19.95.

Frozzypack II Lunchbox
Gamebox Lunchbox: Here is something from your childhood to make you nostalgic - Gamebox Lunchbox. The Gamebox Lunchbox measures 20 x 10.5 x 13.3 cm, features five separate areas that lets you pack multiple dishes and doesn't let them mix up. It features a watertight seal to keep liquid contents in place. Buy Now: $12 (£9.99).

Gamebox Lunchbox
Guitar Case Lunch Box: This miniature tin guitar case lunch box is made to withstand hard knocks of life on the road. It comes with set of ten stickers to customize it as you want. It measures 28.5cm x 16cm x 8.5cm. Buy Now: $18 (£14.99).

Guitar Case Lunch Box
Marlowe Lunchbag: The Marlowe Lunchbag is made of waxed canvas, measures 12" tall by 8" wide by 5" deep, perfect for taking your lunches or snacks. Buy Now: $44.

Marlowe Lunchbag
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