Oct 13, 2016

15 Best Cycling Gadgets.

Collection of 'Best Cycling Gadgets' from all over the world for you.

Linx Smart Cycling Helmet: The Linx Smart Cycling Helmet features boneconduction technology that lets you hear music, calls, ride data and voice navigation while keeping your ears open. It comes with smart remote that can be fixed on the bike that lets you control volume, forward tracks, pause/play, and take calls. It comes with built-in gsensor that can detect if you have any issue and send an alert to your contacts. Its app is iOS or Android compatible and lets you manage GPS ride details, stats, routes, voice navigation and voice data. It's easy to setup, recharges via USB, and lasts for 10+ hour play/talk. Reserve Now: $120.

Linx Smart Cycling Helmet

Shoka Bell: Shoka Bell is an app-enabled bell that comes with different ringtones to alert cars and pedestrians. It also keeps your bike safe with alert feature, lets you navigate the streets and keep track of your cycling habits. It features eight sounds; and you can even record your own message. It also features front light, and motionsensor that alerts you if your bike is moved. Pre-order: $129.

Shoka Bell

Lumma Lighting System: Lumma Lighting System features built-in front lights, rear lights and lane markers in each handlegrip to keep you visible on the road. Pre-order: from $49.

Lumma Lighting System

Babaali Smart Helmet: The Babaali Smart Helmet features turn signal indicators that can be controlled using a wireless remote that attaches to the handlebar. It features three signal functions - doubleflashing, turn right, and turn left. Buy Now: $129.

Babaali Smart Helmet

Sherlock: Sherlock is the GPS antitheft device that hides in the handlebars and connects to its app and lets you track your bike in real-time. Once installed, you need a special key to remove it. It works with iOS and Android devices. More info.

Sherlock GPS antitheft device

Sentier Bike Trolley: The Sentier Bike Trolley is perfect for your outdoor adventures. It attaches and can be removed easily and fast. Its one wheel design improves drivability even in the narrow single tracks. Pre-order: $ 605 (€549).

Sentier Bike Trolley

Ottolock: Ottolock is an all-new cinch lock that's small, safe, and lightweight solution for cyclists who value their gear. It features multi-layer steel band design that solves your security problem and gives you a secure solution. More info.


Buca Boot: Buca Boot is a bike basket that provides the functionality of a car trunk. It's designed to protect and hold your things from the elements. It can be locked to hold smaller items and left open while holding large items like grocery bags, and more. It's made from ABS plastic and is compatible with most standard bikeracks. Buy Now: $225.

Buca Boot bike basket

Troja Bike: The Troja Bike is a GPS protection for your bicycle; it securely fixes inside the bicycleframe and can't be removed. It features live tracking and comes with motionsensor. You can track your bicycle in 44 countries. More info.

Troja Bike GPS protection

Wahoo Elemnt GPS Bike Computer: The Wahoo Elemnt is a smart GPS bike computer that works along with your smartphone and lets you monitor your workouts. It features a 2.7" display, supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and ANT+, and is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Buy Now: $329.99.

Wahoo Elemnt GPS Bike Computer

Lumenus Backpack: The Lumenus Backpack keeps you visible on the road. This smart backpack features turn signals, brake lights, intersectionflashing, performance gauge, and washable lights. Its app is compatible is Android and iOS, supports Bluetooth Low Energy, and is rechargeable. It features an integrated automated handsfree lighting system. Pre-order: $125.

Lumenus Backpack

Flectr 2.0: Flectr 2.0 wheel reflector combines stylish design with state-of-the-art reflection and outstanding aerodynamics. These are weightless and paper-thin and attaches to every spoke like a glove. Reserve Now: $17 (€15).

Flectr 2.0

Evelo Omni: The Evelo Omni Wheel electrifies your bike in 30 minutes. All you need to do is replace your bike's front wheel with the Evelo Omni and you are good to go. Comes with up to 40 miles range, weighs 19 - 21 lbs, top speeds of 20 mph, and is compatible with most bikes. Buy Now: Starting $999.

Evelo Omni

Fly12: Fly12 is a 1080p HD camera and 400 lumen front light that can record and store your ride in case anything happens. You can connect your Fly12 with your smartphone app, review the footage, save it, and even share it on social media. Buy Now.

Fly12 1080p HD camera

Fietsklik Klik System: It's a lockable solution system that allows you to take more with your bike. The root of this system is Klik, it attaches to any standard rearracks and allows you to click and lock up other Fietsklik products (messenger bags, laptop bags, cargo storage and more). Buy Now.

Fietsklik Klik System

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