Oct 19, 2016

15 Best Combs for Styling.

Looking for combs to straighten, detangle or shape your hair, or maintain your mustache and beard? We have the essential grooming tools made from titanium, wooden, stainless steel, carbon fiber, and aluminum to keep hairs in best shape.

Man Comb: The Man Comb is a tough and compact flip comb that's an ultimate tool for hair, beard and beverage. Its made tough, has a stainless steelhandle; the comb material is made from similar thing to airplane windshields. You can comfortably place it in your pocket or can attach to a keychain. Its magnetic that lets the comb hold in the open and closed state and a bottle opener is an integral part of the design. Buy Now: $31 (£ 25).

Man Comb
Headgehog Wallet Comb: The Headgehog is a stainless steel multi-function comb that can be placed comfortably in your wallet. Its similarly sized to a credit card, keeps your beard maintained or your hair styled on the go. It features 7+ functions - comb, bottle opener, phone stand, money clip, chip clip, screwdriver and wrenches. Buy Now: $14.

Headgehog Wallet Com
Mercury Comb: The Mercury comb from Metal Comb Works is crafted from 12-gauge stainless steel and features genuine silver "Mercury Dime" in it. You can see both the face and reverse of the coin; a machined pocket holds the dime securely in place. It features Medium-wide tooth spacing, measures 5 3/8" long, and is available in a high polish or burnished finish. Buy Now: $ 58.

Mercury Comb
Go-Comb - Finetoothcomb: It is a space saver tool that can be kept in your wallet just like a credit card. It's perfect for short hair, beards and mustaches. Buy Now: $ 15.99.

Go-Comb - Finetoothcomb

Titanium Comb: The Titanium Comb is made from high-grade titanium similar material used in aerospace, marine, and automotive applications. It also comes with its own leather sleeve. It measures 5.6" x 1.25" x 1mm. Buy Now: $115.

Titanium Comb
Le Loup Multi Tool: Le Loup Multi Tool is a bottle opener, beard comb, box cutter, prytool and a keychain. This looks cool and even works better. Buy Now: $15.25.

Le Loup Multi Tool

Wooden comb: The Wooden comb is best suited for your head hair but also works for your beard and moustache. It's handmade using a special technology of lamination; made using five layers of the highest quality walnut. It lets you untangle your hair with no issues with breakage of any of the comb's teeth. It measures 5.5" (14cm) long x 1.15" (3cm) wide. Buy Now: $ 20.37.

Wooden comb
Carbon Fiber Comb: This Carbon Fiber Comb is made out of pure carbon fiber, measures 5.5" X 1.5" 3/8", and features a lanyard hole. Buy Now: $ 34.99.

Carbon Fiber Comb
Mechanic Pocket comb: The Mechanic Pocket comb features five wrenches - 14mm, 13mm, 10mm, 8mm, and 6mm. It measures 5.85" long x 1.1" wide. Buy Now: $ 18.

Mechanic Pocket comb
Beard and Mustache Comb Bottle Opener: The Beard and Mustache Comb keeps your mustache and beard maintained. Its made from stainless steel, comes with an integrated bottle opener, and is a must have tool for any self respecting mustachioed or bearded man. Buy Now: $15.95.

Beard and Mustache Comb Bottle Opener
HandleBeard Beard Comb: This one comes from HandleBeard Beard Combs, its perfect for all medium beards. It measures 6" x 3/8". Buy Now: $22.

HandleBeard Beard Comb
WrangleandTraveler Comb: The WrangleandTraveler Comb features strong flexible bristles that gently detangle your beard, and massages the skin. Most importantly it gets your beard into the right shape. Buy Now: $ 20.

Wrangle and Traveler Comb
Corter Wallet Comb: The Corter Wallet Comb is a credit card sized comb and bottle opener, crafted from kitchen-grade 305 stainless steel, and features round tines for comfort. Buy Now: $28.50.

Corter Wallet Comb
Stainless Steel Comb: The Stainless Steel Comb is made of stainless steel, features a pocket clip that lets you attach it to your gear or clothing. It measures 6-1/8"X 1.5" 3/8". Buy Now: $ 24.99.

Stainless Steel Comb
Sailor Opener Comb: The Sailor Opener Comb is crafted with tattoo art and sailor images machined into the comb. It comes with a hole at one end for attaching a lanyard or paracord and a bottle opener. It's made from 304 stainless steel and measures 5". Buy Now: $ 39.

Sailor Opener Comb
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