Sep 16, 2016

15 Solar Powered Gadgets For Summer.

Collection of 'Solar Powered Gadgets For Summer' from all over the world.

Macroboom: Macroboom is a rugged solar-powered, Bluetooth-enabled speaker for your outdoor adventures. Its IP67 water/dustproof, shockproof, continues to play music while submersed and while floating. Pre-order: $139.


Portable Solar Oven: The Portable Solar Oven cooks for 1-3 people, folding down to the size of a seat cushion, and weighing only 1 lb, 2 oz. Its portable, can accommodate a wide variety of cookware, can reach temperatures of up to 285 F, and comes with complete cookware and temperature meter, making it perfect for camping. Buy Now: $119.99.

Portable Solar Oven
Solar Cooler: Solar Cooler is a portable solar-powered refrigeration cooler that uses solar energy and keeps your food and drinks cool. More info.

Solar Cooler
Cinch: Cinch is an easy to set up tent that comes with solar power and lighting. The solar power pack (optional) can recharge your USB gadgets; it sits on the roof of the tent. Its waterproof, features superflex fiberglass poles, double-taped seams, side windows, full tent length storage pockets and more. The kit includes two lanterns, four light tent pegs, 20 light reflective guylines, two canopies, and more. It has lots of space, has two entrances and is available in 2, 3, and 4-person capacity. More info.

Cinch Tent
Nokero W100 Solar Work Light: The W100 is a bright solar light suitable for indoor work-area lighting or outdoor activities. It is fully submersible, making it perfect for night fishing. It recharges in 8 hours and runs for up to 40 hours and it automatically turns itself on at night and off during the day based on natural light. Buy Now: $179.99.

Nokero W100 Solar Work Light
GoPlug Backpack: GoPlug is a Smart Powered Backpack that lets you power anything, anywhere. It features two hidden RFID pockets, two solar panels, clips, interior cable organizers and more. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity, wireless powering on and off, timer controlled powering, proximitysensor, location tracker, alert and recharge notifications. Pre-order: $149.


SolarBulb: SolarBulb is a solar powered lamp that fastens onto your used plastic bottles and turns into unique solar powered light fixture. It lights up automatically in the dark. More info.

ET-Stone: The ET-Stone is a solar power bank with a lamp and flashlight. It can recharge your gadgets outdoors and provides light when you need. It features a 3100 mAh power source, high quality solar panel (2.75V / 550mAh), 360-degree rotating kickstand and a lamp with 3 intensity levels. Buy Now: $49.

ET-Stone solar power bank

Lighthouse 250 Lantern: The Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 Lantern provides 250 lumens of bright light. It can be recharged via USB, solar or handpower. It also features a built-in USB port to recharge your handheld devices. Buy Now: $79.95.

Lighthouse 250 Lantern
Revel Gear: The Revel Light is a portable 30ft. lightstrand that lights up your outdoor. You can power it using its Night Owl Solar Pack that uses solar energy to juice up and comes with 2 USB ports that let you recharge two devices at once. Reserve Now: $148.

Revel Gear

Lifepack: It is a solar powered backpack that features a solar power bank, Bluetooth speakers, an integrated lock, 4 hidden storage pockets, bottle opener, and is weatherresistant and dropresistant storage. Its solar power bank keeps your gadgets juiced up on the go; can recharge your iPhone 6 12 times. It keeps your notebook safe from drops, and keeps your things neatly organized. Pre-order: $179.


Lycanpowerbox: It is a solar power generator with an interchangeablebattery, making it best suited for your outdoor adventures. It recharges using the solar panel or wall outlet. It powers your smartphone, refrigerator, laptops, TV and more for few hours. This little powerhouse is lightweight and rugged and keeps you going for up to 900 watt-hours. It's fully rechargeable in 7.5 hours using a standard wall outlet making it an alternative power source for your home in case of power outage. Pre-order: $1299.


HiLight Solar Recharger and Lantern: The HiLight Solar Recharger and Lantern provides pleasant, warm yet strong light enough to brighten a tent or a small room. It features a USB port for recharging smart phones, GPS, cameras and more. It can be recharged using solar power or via Micro-USB. Buy Now.

HiLight Solar Recharger and Lantern
Solar-Powered Inflatable Lantern: Its extremely lightweight, looks like a simple plastic bag, comes with a very thin solar panel and bright lights that powers up to four hours of lighting at 35 lumens, or up to six hours at 20 lumens. Buy Now.

Triplit: Triplit is a perfect portable light for camping. Its flat surface lighting area gives diffusedlight that is soothing to the eyes, produces no heat, and can be recharged using Alkilu's portable solar recharger. It can be fully recharged via micro-USB in less than 4 hours and lasts over 30 hours. Buy Now: $59.95.


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