Sep 17, 2016

15 Smart Solar Powered Gadgets For Your Connected Home.

Collection of 'Smart Solar Powered Gadgets For Your Connected Home' from all over the world.

FlipFlic: FlipFlic is a smart windowblinds controller that automates your regular windowblinds in few seconds. Its compact, solar-powered, and easy-to-install, adjusts your windowblinds based on light, temperature, or schedule your set up using its app. It easily transforms any horizontal or vertical windowblinds into a self-adjusting smart window. You can set it up in automatic, schedule or manual mode depending upon your preference. It can be integrated into your pre-existing smart home systems via BLE and ZigBee and works with Homecontrol, Homekit, Wink, Lyric, SmartThings, hue, netatmo, Athom and Iridium. Pre-order: $89.


Powerwall: Powerwall is automated, compact and simple to install, recharges using electricity generated from solar panels and powers your home safely and economically. Most power companies cost higher price for electricity during peak evening hours, Powerwall comes into picture here by storing electricity when rates are low and powering your home when rates are high thus reducing your power bill. Powerwall automatically switches as a backup electricity supply in the event of an issue from electric company or if you have unreliable utility grids. Powerwall comes in 10 kWh weekly cycle and 7 kWh daily cycle models. Reserve Now.

Solar-Breeze: Solar-Breeze is a solar powered device that intelligently navigates your swimmingpool removing dirt and debris from the surface. Pre-order: $558.


Ellum Solar Light: Ellum Solar Light is a smart lighting solution that powers on when you are moving in dark. It features solar panels, smartsensors, touch dimmer, and magnets. Use its touch dimmer to manually adjust the brightness; it attaches magnetically anywhere you want. It's made from solid hardwood, 2400 mAh, and lasts 4 hours of continuous use at highest setting, and provides 240 lumens. Pre-order: $59.

Ellum Solar Light

Kodiak Solar System: The Kodiak is a lightweight, compact, expandable backup solar system for your home. This modular solar system consists of solar generator and 50 solar panels; panels collect the solar energy and the generator stores that power. You can increase batterystorage and solar panels, thus further expanding the unit as per your requirement. This off grid home solar system can be recharged using solar panels, car recharger, or wall recharger. Pre-order: $1,529.

Kodiak Solar System

Kankagrill: Kankagrill is a solar powered outdoor spitgrill that features a high-torque geared motor that rotates your food over charcoal grill or any other grills. Its compact, portable, and lightweight, and can take up 15 lbs of your favorite foods. More info.


Fresh Air Skylight: Velux "Fresh Air" Skylight is a solar-powered unit that brings natural light, fresh air and the feeling of openness into your home. It uses solar light to recharge, and even works with indirect light. It automatically closes off if its portable power source gets low. It features smartsensor that closes of the unit in the event of harsh weather. As it uses solar power for working, it doesn't require any wiring or electricity. You can open and close the unit with its easy-to-use remote. More info.

Fresh Air Skylight

Robotic Solar Swimmingpool Cleaner: This cool solar-powered robot cleaner removes leaves, dust, organic material and debris of all types from the surface of your swimmingpool before it settles down. Buy Now: $525.

Robotic Solar Swimmingpool Cleaner
Orison: Orison is plug and play energy storage system that stores electricity when utility rates are low and powers home when rates are high. If you are getting your energy from the grid, solar or other sources, with Orison you can control when to store it and when to use it. And in event of power failure it will automatically power your home and makes sure none of your stored energy is sent back to the grid. Pre-order: Deposit - $100.

Orison energy storage system

Hydroponic Planter: This self-sustaining windowsill planter box comes with hidden hydroponic system that provides water and nutrients directly to the roots of the plants on a pre-programmed schedule. It comes with two power options - solar and electric. Buy Now: $139 - $219.

Hydroponic Planter

Lycanpowerbox: It is a solar power generator with an interchangeablebattery, making it best suited for your outdoor adventures. It recharges using the solar panel or wall outlet. It powers your smartphone, refrigerator, laptops, TV and more for few hours. This little powerhouse is lightweight and rugged and keeps you going for up to 900 watt-hours. It's fully rechargeable in 7.5 hours using a standard wall outlet making it an alternative power source for your home in case of power outage. Buy Now: $ 1,299.99.


smartflowerpop+: Its a compact and complete solar energy system for your home. It features intelligent tracking system that allows it to efficiently use the available solar light at all times of the day. It's available as on-grid with 2.3 kWh of storage and off-grid versions with a storage capacity of 4.6 kWh. Provides you with clean solar power and works best as back-up system for power cuts. More info.

Hi) Smart Doorbell: Hi) smart video doorbell connects to the Internet, allows you to stay connected to your home anywhere and anytime via your iOS or Android device. It provides 2-way audio communication and one-way video, lets you see who is at your door and talk to them from your smart device. It also sends you a notification once it detects activity in front of your door. You can also connect the device to an electric lock and open the door from your smartphone. It's capable of recognizing your family members when they come near range and activate a pre define scenario such as turn lights on, open door, and open windowblinds. You can also recharge the device using solar energy. Pre-order: $299.

Hi) Smart Doorbell
Ecoisme: Ecoisme is an intelligent energy monitoring system that lets you monitor your home's electricity usage and provides recommendations to reduce energy usage. It even provides alerts when devices are left turned on. It integrates with smart devices and makes your home smarter and also works with solar panels. More info.

Move: Move is a smart solution that lets you motorize your existing windowblinds and shades. It features Bluetooth Smart and can be controlled directly by a smartphone or can be automated based on time, temperature or solar conditions. It's easy to install and uses solar energy to recharge. Buy Now: About $66 (€59).

Move motorize your existing windowblinds

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