Sep 20, 2016

10 Smart Alarmclocks For You.

Looking for smart clocks to wake you up much better than the loud sound? Look no further we have the best clocks for you from all over the world.

Olfactory Alarmclock: The olfactory alarmclock wakes you up using pleasant and enjoyable scents. You can choose from 7 scents: espresso, peppermint, seaside, and more. Buy Now: $109.

Olfactory Alarmclock

Barisieur: The Barisieur is a designer coffee and tea alarmclock that wakes you up with freshly made coffee or tea. Pre-order: $299.

Barisieur designer coffee and tea alarmclock

Beddi Intelligent Alarmclock: Beddi is an alarmclock, Bluetooth speaker for your smartphone that includes Spotify, Uber integration, smart home controls, weather reports, recharging and more. Buy Now: $99.99 .

Beddi Intelligent Alarmclock

Ruggie: Ruggie is a smart alarmclock that turns off the alert when you step on it. It lets you create successful morning routines and wakes up motivated everyday. Pre-order: $79.

Ruggie smart alarmclock

Wake: The Wake is a smart robot that wakes you up with white light to slowly illuminate the area around your face, followed by a focused beam of sound to wake you up gently. It uses parametric speaker to give focused, soothing sounds that start quietly, and grows louder slowly as the light beam grows brighter. The light and sound don't disturb the other person in the bed, it wakes you up naturally making you feel alert faster. You can set the time or edit it by using its app on your smartphone. Pre-order: $249.

Wake smart robot

Creek: The Creek Wi-Fi clock features home automation and security, smartalarm, baby monitor, 2x fast recharger, location tracking, Wi-Fi intercom, reminder, smart remote control, and temperature meter. It also works with Lark-Wi MU501 Smart smokealarm and MU 505 etc. The basic configuration includes two units that can be expanded to more; using your home Wi-Fi wireless network, these gadgets will be connected together and connected to Internet. Using your smartphone you can control your Creek Wi-Fi clock from anywhere in the world. More info: 1, 2.

Creek Wi-Fi

Ramos Alarmclock: What makes Ramos to stand out is that to turn off its alert you need to get out of your bed and go to its panel (that can be placed as per your need, away from your bed though) and login the code to deactivate it. Buy Now.

Ramos Alarmclock
Homtime C1pro: Homtime C1pro is your multifunctional bedside companion. It comes with simultaneous dual-port recharging, personalized alert sounds, super convenient time-set button, brightness adjustment for around-the-clock use and functions as your bedside Bluetooth speaker. More info: 1, 2.

Homtime C1pro alarmclock

Soundfreaq Sound Rise: The Soundfreaq Sound Rise is an alarmclock, USB phone recharger, wireless Bluetooth streaming speaker, and FM radio. Using Bluetooth 4.0 it can stream from your smartphone, smart device, or computer. It wakes up to Bluetooth audio, FM radio, or chime buzzer. Buy Now: $299.99.

Soundfreaq Sound Rise alarmclock

Luminosmartplug: It uses your smartphone to transform your bedside lamp into a sunny and luminous alarmclock. More info: 1, 2.


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