Sep 12, 2016

15 Must Have BB-8 Inspired Gadgets.

Collection of "Must Have BB-8 Inspired Gadgets" from all over the world.

BB-8 USB Car Recharger: This BB-8 USB Car Recharger features two USB ports and keeps your mobile devices juiced up. It connects to 12V outlet and comes with 36" cable and each port provides 2.1A. It's compatible with your smartphones, iPads, smart devices GPSes, and more. Buy Now: $39.99.

BB-8 USB Car Recharger

BB-8 Talking Fridge Gadget: The BB-8 Talking Fridge Gadget comes equipped with 20 audio tracks, move its head and when you open the fridge door BB-8 will speak to you. Buy Now: $ 93.

BB-8 Talking Fridge Gadget
BB-8 Desktop Lamp: The BB-8 is 8 1/2" tall aluminum lamp that features three lighting modes (natural white, amber, and warm white), and dimmer feature for natural white and amber. Just tap his head to switch lighting modes (or turn off) and touch and hold to dim / undim. Buy Now: $49.99.

BB-8 Desktop Lamp
DIY BB-8 Heels: These looks like BB-8 and features a spinning ball in the heel. More info.

DIY BB-8 Heels

BB-8 Mini Fridge: The BB-8 Mini Fridge measures 11" tall by 7-1/2 " wide by 10" deep, weighs 4.6 lbs, hold up to a six-pack of 12-ounce cans, and includes a removable shelf. It features a warm and a cool setting for keeping food either warm or cool. Buy Now: $79.99.

BB-8 Mini Fridge
BB-8 Architectural Desk Lamp: The BB-8 Architectural Desk Lamp sits right on your desk and sheds light in all sorts of ways. Buy Now: $49.99 - $59.99.

BB-8 Architectural Desk Lamp
BB-8 Backpack Buddy: The BB-8 Backpack Buddy features adjustable backpack straps, holds all your things - well, small ones at least. Buy Now: $29.99.

BB-8 Backpack Buddy
BB-8 Lunch Tote: Now with this BB-8 Lunch Tote you can take your favorite droid to school. Buy Now: $24.99.

BB-8 Lunch Tote
BB-8 Ceramic Cookie Jar: This cookie jar comes in the shape of your favorite droid BB-8 and holds your munchie treats. Its airtight, keeps your cookies fresh and crunchy. Buy Now: $46.99.

BB-8 Ceramic Cookie Jar
BB-8 Tea Set: The ceramic teapot and teacup comes with BB-8 details and holds 12 ounces, cup holds 6 ounces. Buy Now: $24.99.

BB-8 Tea Set
BB-8 Handbag: The BB-8 Handbag measures 8.5" high by 9.5" wide, comes with zipper closure and holds your smartphone, lipstick, and keeps your valuables secure and safe. Buy Now: $45.

BB-8 Handbag
BB-8 Plush: The life size BB-8 Plush is 2' tall and 18" in diameter, weighs 5 1/2 lbs and is totally huggable. Buy Now: $49.99.

BB-8 Plush
BB-8 Wall Decal: The BB-8 Wall Decal will make your wall look geeky. This decal is removable and repositionable, comes in different size options ranging from small 8"x5" to the big 70"x44". Buy Now: $9.95.

BB-8 Wall Decal
BB-8 Desktop Accent Lamp: The BB-8 Desktop Accent Lamp measures 5" diameter by 12" tall, weighs 1/2 lbs, and comes with 5 ft. long cord with in-line on/off switch. Buy Now: $9.99.

BB-8 Desktop Accent Lamp
Sphero BB-8: The BB-8 is an app-enabled droid and has an adaptive personality that changes as you play. You can guide your BB-8 with a smartphone or smart device; it recognizes and reacts to your voice, you can record and view virtual holographic videos with it, and more. You can set it to explore autonomously, make up your own adventure or guide it yourself. Buy Now: $123.17.

Sphero BB-8

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