Sep 5, 2016

15 Gadgets That Makes Napping Easy While Traveling.

Collection of 'Gadgets That Makes Napping Easy While Traveling' from all over the world.

Ostrich Pillow Mini: Ostrich Pillow Mini is your personal power nap pillow that you can take along and use it when you need it. It lets you have your much needed nap when you are tired. You can use it on your hands or elbow and create a comfortable space to relax, refresh and recharge. It's part of the Ostrich Pillow Family. Buy Now: $30.

Ostrich Pillow Mini
Hibermate Sleep Mask: The Hibermate sleep mask is a super-comfortable, luxury eye mask that features removable ear muffs especially designed to be slept with. Buy Now.

Hibermate Sleep Mask
Napwrap: Napwrap is designed to support your hands and allows you to maintain a good posture getting you some rest and sleep in your seat. It can also be used as earmuff, headband, eye mask, and phone holder. Buy Now: $20.


Infinity Pillow: Infinity Pillow is very comfortable, portable and stylish, and comes in the shape of the Möbiusstrip. The pillow has 100% bamboo fabric, and can be twisted and used in endless resting options. It lets you take a perfect power nap anywhere you want. Buy Now: $59.

Infinity Pillow
Travel Hoodie Pillow: This Hoodie Pillow features two drawstrings to adjust head size and level of hooded comfort and an inflatable inner pillow that you can deflate for easy storage while not in use. Buy Now: $19.99.

Travel Hoodie Pillow
SkyDreamer: The SkyDreamer is a travel pillow engineered for comfort, convenience and is simple to use. It features twin cradle design that allows your head to gently tilt to either side, slim neckband for adjustable support, and centerline arch that redistributes the pressure. More info.


Nodtravel Pillow: The Travel Pillow recreates how you sleep on a bed but while sitting. Its 'Over The Top' design keeps your head from falling forward, left or right while sleeping. Reserve Now: $32.

Nodtravel Pillow

Travel Pillow: This Travel Pillow makes your air travel more comfortable. This compact device is easy to assemble, and lets you lean forward and sleep comfortably. Buy Now: $34.99.

Travel Pillow
BullRest Travel Pillow: The BullRest Travel Pillow features a unique ergonomicdesign that provides better neck alignment and support. Its 80% smaller than regular travel pillows, keeps your head comfortably stable without wrapping around the entire neck. Pre-order: $53.99.

BullRest Travel Pillow
Napwell: Napwell is created for you to nap more efficiently. The Napwell's built-in timer tracks your nap, and shortly before you are ready to wake up, the inside of the mask turns luminous and gradually lights up to emulate a morning, waking you up at your needed time naturally. Buy Now: $100.

Napwell Sleep Gadget

PillowFix: Just place the PillowFix into the pillowcase for customizing the pillow for extra support to have a comfortable night's sleep. It can inflate and deflate, provides easy storage, and is best suited for frequent travelers. Buy Now: $19.99.


SleepPhones: SleepPhones feature high quality integrated headphones for you to listen to music. Buy Now: $40.

Navigator Travel Kit: The Navigator Travel Kit contains an eyemask, inflatable neck pillow, earplugs and a compact drawstring pouch. You can adjust the inflatable neck pillow the way you prefer, the earplugs reduce noise and protect your ears, while the eye mask blocks out all light, making it perfect for your nap on your flight. Buy Now.

Navigator Travel Kit
King Eye Mask Napping Pillow: The King Eye Mask Napping Pillow lets you take a nap anywhere; its back support cushions your neck while the comfortable front eye pillow blocks out light. You can use the pillow the other way round and use it to rest your head on your desk and take the much needed power nap. Buy Now: $ 59.

King Eye Mask
Wrap-a-Nap: Wrap-a-Nap is a portable, adjustable and comfortable pillow that lets you sleep anywhere in total darkness, muffled noise and 360 degrees of pillow protection. Buy Now: $24.99.

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