Sep 1, 2016

15 Gadgets Every Runner Needs.

Collection of "Gadgets Every Runner Needs" from all over the world.

Stepp: Stepp is a smart wearable device that provides you real-time coaching, speaks to you, motivates you to achieve your goals and more. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Reserve Now: $119.

Stepp smart wearable device

Stryd: This wearable power meter for running can accurately measure workout intensity across any terrain. It gives runners an accurate measure of power. All you need to do is simply clip it to a pair of shorts and run; it automatically syncs with your sports watch and smartphone that you use to train every day. Pre-order: $ 199.

Stryd wearable power meter for running

Smart Wearable Lights: The smart wearable lights for night runners that keeps you visible. It creates unique afterimages that can be customized using its app. You can customize its text or image; adjust colors and the brightness of the lights. Its waterproof, connect it to smartphone via Bluetooth and lasts for 48+ hours. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices. What more it even works as a fitness tracker also. More info.

Smart Wearable Lights

Flux - Climate Control Running Gloves: Flux places climate control in the palm of your hands. Designed for coldweather runs, it allows the runner to control the temperature of the palm and release the build up of sweat. All you need to do is simply open your palm to cool and close it to warm. It comes with adaptive insulation, uses a unique robotic knitting technology and weighs only 16 grams each. Buy Now: About $36 (£25) - $29 (£20).

Flux - Climate Control Running Gloves

Sound Running Vest: The Sound Running Vest comes with integrated speakers right below your ears, lets you listen to your music without eliminating the sounds around you. This lightweight form running vest is perfect for every run - day or night. It features a two-pocket system in the front that holds your smart phone or small gadgets, keys or ID. You can easily remove its speakers for washing and it comes with 360º reflectivity. Buy Now: $ 55.

Sound Running Vest
Vi Earphones: Vi Earphones feature an artificial intelligence personal trainer that makes your training more fun, motivating and fun. She is an evolving personal trainer capable of finding your fitness program and coaches you in real time to get real results. You can also enjoy your favorite music and talk on the phone without ever touching a single button. Pre-order: $236.

Vi Earphones

PowerSpurz Light Heel Clips: The PowerSpurz Light Heel Clips on to your shoes and keeps you safe and visible while you're training outdoors by glowing in a bright orange light. Buy Now: $20.

PowerSpurz Light Heel Clips
Quad Lock Armband iPhone Case: Quad Lock is a comfortable and convenient sports armband that lets you integrate your smartphone into your active lifestyle with its simple twist and lock, and you are set. Its adjustable from 6.5-15 inches, keeps your smart phone protected and is compatible with iPhone 6/6S Plus. It's perfect for running, jogging, and other fitness activities. Buy Now: $59.95.

Quad Lock Armband iPhone Case
Hydrosport Vest: Hydrosport Vest is a hydration system and fitness pack that's designed for the active lifestyle. It's perfect for running, hiking, biking, the gym and more. It lets you take your smartphone, keys, wallet, energy snack, hydration and more. Buy Now: $49.99.

Hydrosport Vest
Trak: Trak is an ultra lightweight knife for selfdefense for runners, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts. This wearable titanium knife features a retention hole that lets you wrap your fingers around it and gives grip. You can wear it around your neck or put it on your keychain. It comes with thermoplastic retention sheath. Pre-order: $45.


Runscribe: Runscribe is a smart wearable for runners that provides 13 kinematic metrics for making informed training decisions. It needs to be placed on the back of your shoe and uses a 9-axissensor to record your footmovements during the gait cycle. You can access your data through your iOS or Android device. Buy Now: $ 199.

Runscribe smart wearable for runners

Million Mile Light: Million Mile Light is an ultra bright, kinetic powered safety light for runners that keeps you safe when you're running at night. Buy Now: About $ 26 (£20).

Million Mile Light
Night Runner 270° Shoe Lights: The Night Runner 270° Shoe Lights illuminate the path directly in front of you. These lights provide up to 30 meters of visibility, bi-lateral winged design features 270° of visibility. Buy Now: $ 59.95.

Night Runner 270° Shoe Lights

Lightningvest: The Vest is a handnetted, highly visible safety vest made from 3M reflective material that keeps you visible at night. You can wear it over jackets and t-shirts while riding a bike or running at night. Its neck opening is wide enough to pass over your helmet. It's lightweight, strong, and compact enough to be placed in your pocket. More info.


Sensoria Fitness Tracker: The Sensoria Smart Socks for runners are made from high-tech running friendly fabric, an electronic anklet magnetically attaches to the sock and an app monitors and guides you through real-time audio cues while you run. Buy Now: $199.

Sensoria Fitness Tracker

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