Sep 2, 2016

15 Essential Hiking Gear And Gadgets.

Collection of 'Essential Hiking Gear And Gadgets' from all over the world for your outdoor adventures.

Luma Active: Luma Active is a wearable device that keeps you visible at night. This lighting headgear designed for outdoors, lights up your way and keeps you visible and safe.
It features high quality breathable fabrics with a powerful and durable light system, three lighting modes, 1,100 mAh rechargeable via micro USB recharger and IPX4 waterproof rating to use in all weather conditions. Buy Now: About: $55 - $144 (49€ - 129€).

Luma Active
Roampod: Next time you travel and have no coverage, no service, or no Wi-Fi, don't worry, Roampod got you covered. You can text anywhere, you can send 1:1 or group chat messages via its app. Roampod connects to your iOS or Android smartphone via Bluetooth and lets you send messages to any other Roampod connected smartphone within range. Roampod's inner city range is up to 1 mile and up to 10 miles in rural areas with line of sight. It builds its own peer-to-peer network, lets you share your location and Roampod and its app can always get new features with just a tap on your smartphone. It lasts 2 days of active usage, 5 days on standby, is USB rechargeable and compatible with all smartphone power banks. It provides encrypted private and secure messaging, mesh networking, has digital long-range radio, location sharing and offline maps. More info.


Grayl Ultralight: The Grayl Ultralight Water Purifier Bottle gives you clean drinking water (in less than 15 seconds) from virtually any fresh water source in the world. It weighs 10.9 ounces, improves taste, odor and clarity. Buy Now: $59.50.

Grayl Ultralight

Flying Tent: The Flying Tent is a single solution for your outdoor adventures. Its all-in-one floating tent, bivy tent, hammock, poncho and much more. More info.

Flying Tent

Slughaus Flashlight: This tiny flashlight measures just 10.5mm x 30mm, weighs only 6 grams and produces 15 lumens of light. It's sleek, minimal, and comes in a beautiful design; can be attached to your keyring and powers on/off with a simple quarter rotation on the head. Designed with aerospace-grade aluminum, it illuminates in any weather and is available in three-color options. Buy Now: $10.

Slughaus Flashlight

Macroboom: Macroboom is a rugged solar-powered, Bluetooth-enabled speaker for your outdoor adventures. Its IP67 water/dustproof, shockproof, continues to play music while submersed and while floating. Pre-order: $139.


FLIR Scout TK: The FLIR Scout TK is a thermal vision monocular that measures 6.0" x2"x 2", weighs 6 ounces, and lets you see people, objects and animals over 100 yards (90 m) away in dark. You can switch between different video color palettes to enhance viewing. Comes with IP67 rating, with built-in 640 x 480 display, 20 x 16 degree field of view (horizontal x vertical), four-button intuitive interface, and lets you record both stills and video. More info.


Matador Pocket Blanket: The Matador Pocket Blanket is small enough to be placed into your pocket and unfolds into a 55" X 44" blanket. Its backside is waterproof to keep you clean and dry. Its also puncture proof to keep you comfortable when placed over twigs and small rocks. And it features weighted corners for improved performance on breezy days. Buy Now: $24.99.

Matador Pocket Blanket

Ignitorbackpack: This Backpack is a perfect backpack for your outdoor adventures. It features compression straps, adjustable and removable load-bearing belt panels, dual side storage space, pocket, hydration storage and more. Buy Now: $174.99.


Stanley Mountain Vacuum Food System: The Stanley Mountain Vacuum Food System is crafted from 18/8 stainless steel, features a 20 ounces holding capacity, can keep your food warm for 13 hours, or cool for 11 hours. The top doubles as a cup or bowl, while the integrated cookpot with foldable holder houses a storable jar. Buy Now: $36.60.

Stanley Mountain Vacuum Food System

BioLite Kettlecharge: The BioLite Kettlecharge provides off-grid power using heat and water. It recharges smartphones, camp lights, GPS and other USB powered devices by using 10 watts via USB. Buy Now: $150.

BioLite Kettlecharge

Strap Lights: The Strap Light by Zyntony is a flexible and super bright lighting solution that keeps you safe outdoors. Designed for outdoor adventures, it attaches to your backpack, jacket, belt, pants and more. It features 5 lighting modules fixed on a flexible stainless steel base and uses magnets for attaching. Its waterproof to one meter, provides 50 to 800 lumen output, and recharges via micro USB. Pre-order: $79.

Ra Strap Light

Mega Mat 10: The Exped Mega Mat 10 features a 3-D construction with vertical sidewalls for super comfort, measures 78 inches long by 30 inches wide and is inflatable. Buy Now: $162.92 - $219.

Mega Mat 10
Pinnacle Camper Cookware System: Now enjoy perfectly cooked meals for up to four campers with Pinnacle Camper cooking set. Buy Now: $139.95.

Best Camping Gear and Gadgets - Pinnacle Camper Cookware System
Poler Burnerbag: The bag at almost 1000 degrees quickly dries damp wood, making it perfect to use in any type of weather. These are small and light and can be taken along with you on all your adventures. Buy Now: $5.

Poler Burnerbag
Now that you have the gear for hiking, how about checking out some long distance hiking trails? Link.

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