Sep 21, 2016

15 Best Lights For Your Outdoor Adventures.

Collection of 'Best Lights For Your Outdoor Adventures' from all over the world.

Stanley Satellite: The Stanley Satellite is a rechargeable work light that features 300 lumens, six hours of runtime, and a USB port for recharging your smartphone. Buy Now: $29.94.

Stanley Satellite
Luminoodle Color and Basecamp: The Luminoodle Color and Luminoodle Basecamp are versatile and portable lightings that are easy to use, features 14 color selections, is dimmable, waterproof, and more. You can control the lighting using its wireless remote control. These come with built in control, powered by reversible USB and the Color doubles as lantern. Pre-order: $75.

Luminoodle Color and Basecamp
One80 Light: One80 Light is a wearable device that gives you 180-degree illumination outdoors. This head and belt lamps feature full peripheralvision, comes with 20 lights, interchangeable components, and recharges via Micro USB. It provides steady illumination, is flexible and weighs 3.3 oz. More info.

One80 Light

Salt Water Lantern: The Hydralight PL500 just needs salt and water to provide instant light and recharging for smartphones or other USB based devices. This off the grid gadget is perfect for hiking, boating and outdoor adventures. It features USB recharging port, power bank, and comes with a palm size accessorylight with 26-foot cable. Pre-order.

Salt Water Lantern

Biolite PowerLight Mini: The BioLite PowerLight Mini is a pocket-size device that provides up to 52 hours of light and recharges your phone, comes with USB rechargeable 1350mAh. Buy Now: $44.95.

Biolite PowerLight Mini
Luminoodle: This versatile USB lighting solution sticks, ties, or hooks on virtually anything. This 5 feet long waterproof light comes with 3 Noodle Ties that lets you tie your light around almost anything and has 2 built-in heavy duty magnets to stick to your car, canopy, or anything else magnetic. Buy Now: $ 19.99.


Revel Gear: The Revel Light is a portable 30ft. lightstrand that lights up your outdoor. You can power it using its Night Owl Solar Pack that uses solar energy to juice up and comes with 2 USB ports that let you recharge two devices at once. Reserve Now: $148.

Revel Gear

Wearable Strap Lights: The Strap Light by Zyntony is a flexible and super bright lighting solution that keeps you safe outdoors. Designed for outdoor adventures, it attaches to your backpack, jacket, belt, pants and more. It features 5 lighting modules fixed on a flexible stainless steel base and uses magnets for attaching. Its waterproof to one meter, provides 50 to 800 lumen output, and recharges via micro USB. Pre-order: $79.

Wearable Strap Lights

Nanogrid Lighting and Recharging Hub: The Nanogrid Lighting and Recharging Hub by Biolite is a compact lighting and energy hub. It features 4,400 mAh power source that can be recharged from any USB source or Biolite stoves and lets your recharge your USB rechargeable gadgets. The entire system runs for up to 22 hours. Buy Now: $110.

Nanogrid Lighting and Recharging Hub

Portable Solar Camping Lamp: The Nuener N1 Portable Solar Camping Lamp comes with adjustable light lamp with 3 brightness levels, solar power bank with USB port for recharging the smartphone and other gadgets when you are camping outdoors. Buy Now: $98.99.

Portable Solar Camping Lamp
Wind 'N Go Vers-A-Light Lantern: This Wind 'N Go Vers-A-Light Lantern is an extremely bright, self-powered and compact lantern that features weatherproof housing. It can be recharged in 4 ways: handpower, via USB and, AC/DC input. Its best suited for camping, motor homes, boating, fishing, garage, car or at home. Buy Now: $23.63.

Wind 'N Go Vers-A-Light Lantern
Luma Active: Luma Active is a wearable device that keeps you visible at night. This lighting headgear designed for outdoors, lights up your way and keeps you visible and safe. It features high quality breathable fabrics with a powerful and durable light system, three lighting modes, 1,100 mAh rechargeable via micro USB recharger and IPX4 waterproof rating to use in all weather conditions. Buy Now: About: $55 - $144 (49€ - 129€).

Luma Active
Lumiere: Lumiere is a flexible cordless lamp that features 3 lighting modes, touch control panel, 18 brightness levels, lasts up to 40 hours, comes with 360ยบ 3D adjustability and can be used indoors or outside. Buy Now: $89.


Luxor 2: Luxor 2 is an auto-focusing flashlight that automatically detects where it is being pointed and provides the perfect lighting for that application. This adaptive focus flashlight comes with 735 lumens of light output, 12 to 270 degrees of light angle focus, 5000mAh, USB rechargeable, intelligent power meter, 65 hours of light at 100 lumens, waterproof and more. This intelligent flashlight is designed to optimize light to maximize the human eye's central and peripheral vision. Pre-order: $124.99.

Luxor 2

Foldable Lantern and Flashlight: The Foldable Lantern and Flashlight is perfect for camping; it expands to a lantern with bright light and folds for secure storage or to function as a flashlight. Buy Now.

Foldable Lantern and Flashlight
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