Sep 22, 2016

15 Best Hoodies for You.

If you are looking for hoodies for more than just keeping your warm and dry, then we have the best hoodies for you from all over the world.

Koala Hoodie: Koala Hoodie is designed for your life's adventures; features phone recharger, in-built neck pillow, cushioning in hood, bottle opener zipper, tech pockets, removable inflatable pillow, eye mask, air vents, thumb holes, passport pocket, glasses pocket, pen pocket, secret pocket and more. The hoodies are made of 100% cotton and are fully washable, and available in three colors - light grey, electric blue and black. Its portable phone recharger is 3800mAh and can recharge an iPhone 6 by 140%, that's equivalent of adding 19+ hours of talk time or 14+ hours of web browsing time. Reserve Now: About $ 116 (£89).

Koala Hoodie

Aros Sleep Hoodie: The Aros is an inflatable sleep hoodie that lets you nap anywhere. It is an essential comfort garment for travelers, commuters and anyone who wants to take a nap at anytime. Buy Now.

Aros Sleep Hoodie
RoodieHoodie: The RoodieHoodie lets you take your cute dog or a cat along just like a mamma kangaroo takes joey along. Buy Now.

Airawear Massage Hoodie: Won't it be good if hoodies could do much more than just keeping you warm and dry? The Airawear Massage Hoodie uses ultra-thin acupressure technology that gives you personalized massage anywhere. It's your smart solution to better posture and a healthy back. Pre-order: $199.

Airawear Massage Hoodie

3 Part Hoodie: The 3 Part Hoodie lets you extend the style and color of your garments. You can wear one solid-colored garment or mix and match with two different colors. Buy Now: $ 148.

3 Part Hoodie
Aviator Hoodie: The Aviator Hoodie features an oversized hood, earbud holder, reflective drawstring, fingerless sport glove, hidden device pocket, full mitten feature and more. Buy Now: $98.

Light up Hoodies: The Light up Hoodies make you visible at night. You can activate 3 lighting modes, comes in multiple sizes and 5 colors. Buy Now: $49.97.

Light up Hoodies

Sentri Hoodie: Sentri is a hoodie reimagined; an outdoor jacket in the body of a hoodie. It features a waterproof and windproof outer layer paired with a softfleece lining that keeps you warm and dry making it perfect for the mountains, streets, and everything in between. Buy Now: $ 138.

Sentri Hoodie
The Shield - Tech Jacket: The Shield is a cool jacket that features RFID blocking pocket, features carbon fiber properties, removable hood and storage pocket. Its weatherproof and is perfect for outdoors and cool weather. Buy Now: $199.

The Shield - Tech Jacket

Adv3nture Hoodie: The Adv3nture Hoodie comes with 23 pockets and multiple features. It's available in three different versions: classic, limited and jacket. The classic version has 23 pockets, color accents in the zipper, bottle-opener zipper pull, and sunglass tag. Reserve Now: $79.

Adv3nture Hoodie

Lecollektor Hoodies: Lecollektor Hoodies are an innovative line of hoodies with interchangeable, collectible hoods. These feature headphone port, pouch pockets with hidden iPhone pocket and more. Buy Now: $40.

Lecollektor Hoodies
Lothhoodies: How about a hoodie with a long cloakhood? That's what you get with Lothhoodies, something that reminds you of Sci-Fi. It's available in 5 colors and features large pockets, a cloakhoodie, thumb holes and cool lines. Buy Now.

Dream Hoodie 2.0: The Dream Hoodie 2.0 comes with seven distinctive features; its signature feature is an inconspicuous back pocket designed for your partner. Apart for this it has removable eye cover, and more. It's available in 4 colors. Buy Now: $129.

Dream Hoodie 2.0
Breathable x Water Proof Hoodie: The Ultimate Hoodie comes with 10+ practical functions. It comes with reflective prints on front and back that'll keep you visible at night, 2 built in keyrings for your keys or essential gear, 2 invisible seam pockets to keep your wallets and passports safe, huge back pocket to store your smart device, books, water bottle, flashlights, and EDC, and a whistle right in your hoodie so you can always be prepared for any unexpected situations. It's crafted with French terry that keeps you waterproof, windproof yet breathable. It's available in 2 colors. More info.

Breathable x Water Proof Hoodie
Himalayan Hoodie: The Himalayan Hoodie is warm and superlight yet an extremely high-performing jacket that is built durably enough to take you from everyday casual wear to the most extreme mountains on the planet. Buy Now.

Himalayan Hoodie
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