Sep 13, 2016

15 Best Coffee Gadgets for You.

There is nothing better than starting your day with a cup of fresh coffee; and to make it possible we have for you the best coffee gadgets from all over the world.

°Celsius: °Celsius is a multipurpose food and beverage heating device that's perfect for making coffee or tea, heat soup, steam fresh produce, and prepare a variety of foods. This portable and rechargeable device has a capacity of 20 ounces, and comes with an adjustable thermostat. Reserve Now: $69.

°Celsius food and beverage heating device

Hyperchiller Coffee Maker: The Hyperchiller makes cool, refreshing chilled coffee with zero dilution in a minute. It features multi container design, works using icecubes and cools your coffee by as much as 130+ degrees in a single minute. Buy Now: $ 29.99.

Hyperchiller Coffee Maker

Nespresso Prodigio: Nespresso Prodigio is a connected coffee and espresso maker that lets you make a cup of coffee from your smartphone. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, lets you schedule the making time, sends alerts and more. It features 3 programmable volume settings. The complete kit comes with 24-ounce thermal travel cup and 2 espresso glasses. Buy Now: $278.

Nespresso Prodigio connected coffee and espresso maker

Ripplemaker: This latte art machine lets you create latte art from any image or text atop the foam layer of coffee. Its pods contain coffee extract made from a high-quality mix of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. And each of these pods creates more than 1000 designs. Use its touchscreen display for choosing your design, and more. Its app is iOS and Android compatible. Buy Now.


Voltaire Smart Coffee Grinder: Voltaire is a Wi-Fi connected grinder that lets you monitors bean freshness. This portable grinder is based on IoT-connected (Internet of Things) sensing platform and its smartphone app lets you measure bean freshness and receive replenishment alerts or auto-replenish when it's time for fresh beans. More info.

Voltaire Smart Coffee Grinder
Behmor Connected Coffee Maker: The Behmor Connected Coffee Maker features customizable temperature control; you can control it using your iOS or Android devices. You can create your own profile or select one from the app's library. It comes with a double walled thermal carafe that holds 8 5oz. Buy Now: $247.28.

Behmor Connected Coffee Maker
Gojoe 2.0: Gojoe 2.0 is a batterypowered coffee and tea cup that lets you make a cup of fresh coffee anywhere. All you need to do is just fill it with water and press the button. Apart from this you can also re-heat your coffee to the perfect drinking temperature. Buy Now.

Gojoe 2.0
Auroma One: The Auroma One is a Wi-Fi connected coffee maker that makes a cup of fresh coffee at a press of a button. It features intelligent brewingsystem lets you use 3 different beans at one go, consistently remakes your favorite cup within 2 minutes and more. Buy Now: $399.

Auroma One Wi-Fi connected coffee maker
Ikawa Home Coffee Roaster: The Ikawa Home Coffee Roaster is a smart elegant device that roasts your coffee at the push of a button. It works with any green coffee, comes with iOS and Android compatible app that lets you adjust the recipes easily. Pre-order: About $995 (£750).

Ikawa Home Coffee Roaster

Portable Coffee Maker: Portable Coffee Maker is a hand powered portable coffee maker and travel cup perfect for home use, office or when traveling. It can hold up to 13fl oz (around 380ml) and is easy to use. Pre-order: About $63 (£47).

Portable Coffee Maker
Mr. Coffee Pour: It lets you make a quick cup of coffee; its easy to use and clean, and comes with travel cup. Buy Now: $29.99.

Mr. Coffee Pour
CinniBird: CinniBird Spice Pen lets you make your own spice decoration for food, desserts, coffee and more. This simple to use kitchen gadget lets you create creative messages and drawings with all-natural materials such as ground cinnamon, paprika, parsley, sugar and more. It makes food presentation simple, fun and easy. Buy Now: $39.


Bodybrew: The Bodybrew is a compact, modular and portable cold coffee system that features shatterproof, spillproof design and makes coffee anytime anywhere. Pre-order: $59.

Bodybrew portable cold coffee system

Smarter Coffee: Smarter Coffee is a Wi-Fi coffee machine that makes a fresh cup of coffee with a tap on your smartphone. You can adjust the strength, taste preferences, even set alerts, auto-schedules and more. It works with iOS and Android smart devices. Buy Now: About $ 239 (£179.99).

Smarter Coffee
Invergo: Invergo is an automated pour over coffee system that features touchscreen interface with programmable cycles that makes coffee that is evenly extracted, clear and bright. Pre-order: $199.99.

Invergo automated pour over coffee system
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