Aug 4, 2016

15 Smart Gadgets For Kids.

Collection of 'Smart Gadgets For Kids' from all over the world.

O Watch: O Watch is an Arduino compatible smartwatch kit for kids to learn programming, 3D printing and crafts. This 3D printable smartwatch kit for kids comes with a complete set of components and easy-to-use online instructions to create your own smartwatch. Buy Now: $85 - $109.

O Watch
Tiggly Math: Tiggly Math is an interactive learning toy that comes with 5 toys and 3 learning apps to teach your kids counting, addition and numberline. It's compatible with iPad, Kindlefire, and Android smart devices. Buy Now: $24.01.

Tiggly Math
Wink: Wink is an Arduino-based robot designed to transition students from graphical programming to more powerful written code languages. Buy Now: $ 69.95.


Starling: Starling is a smart wearable device that tracks the number of words your kid says and hears each day. It connects with its smart phone app, gives you personalized information and analytics of your kid, and even suggests activities to boost their IQ. Buy Now: $199.


Remi: Remi is a smart customizable sleepcompanion that learns your kid's sleep routines, tracks sleep progress and notifies you with its app. It uses Bluetooth to connect to your smart devices and iOS and Android devices. You can customize kid's bedtime and naptime routine through alerts, lighting, music and more. Pre-order: $69.


Porkfolio Smart Bank: The smart bank is Wi-Fi enabled, wirelessly connects to its Wink app on your smartphone and lets you track your balance and set financial goals from afar. The playful bank comes with state of the art coin counter, and lets you know how much change you saved from anywhere. It also comes with accelerometer, and if someone moves your bank you will receive an alert on your smartphone. It can hold up to $100 in quarters and its nose lights up with delight every time you make an addition. Buy Now: $36.

Porkfolio Smart Bank

Octopus: Octopus is a symbol-based watch that teaches kids good habits and the concept of time. It's designed for kids who don't yet understand time; so it gives symbols that young kids can actually read and understand. You can program visual reminders from your smartphone that shows up on your kid's watch. It assists you, lets you prioritize expectations and stay consistent with daily routines. It also provides tips, personal notes and reminds you to remind your kids. Pre-order: $69.

Octopus symbol-based watch

Cognitoys: Cognitoys are smart Internet-connected toys that are capable of listening, speaking and simultaneously evolving with kids, bringing a new element of personalized, educational play for kids. Buy Now: $110.


Lully: The Lully system will lull a child to sleep by creating gentle buzz from under the mattress. Buy Now: $129.


Mozbii: Mozbii is a color-choosing stylus specifically designed for creative kids. All you need to do is simply press it against the surface from which you want to copy the color and wait for the display to light up and blink the copied color, then draw that color on the coloring-book app. Its built-in memory can hold 12 colors, is designed to attach to any metallic surface such as the fridge, and comes with a magnetic recharging connector head. This lollipop-shaped stylus will work on iOS and Android devices. Buy Now.


Wireless Thymio Robot: The Wireless Thymio Robot lets the kids learn the fundamentals of technology, computing and programming. The new Thymio can be programmed wirelessly using a USB dongle. Thymio comes with six pre-programmed behaviors, kids can use visual programming language to develop logical and creative thinking and textual programming language to code like an engineer. Buy Now: $199 - $235.

Wireless Thymio Robot

Kiband: Kiband is a smartband designed for kids from ages 18 months to 7 yrs old. It allows you to create customized safe perimeters and keep track of your kids anywhere. If the kid begins to wander, the Kiband buzzes and reminds the kid to stay close. And if the kid goes too far then the Kiband and your smartphone gives out audible alert. Using similar technology to your smartphone, the Kiband actively maps the surroundings and alerts you so that you can instantly react and locate a wandering kid before it's too late. Even if it's submerged in water it can alert you. Pre-order.


Tycherobot: Tycherobot is an intelligent smartphone robot that listens to, thinks, talks to humans, and also responds to the world. It combines the power of your smartphone with its sleekly designed body to function intelligently. You can personalize it based on your preferences, give it a new name and tell it what you like. It's capable of learning and remembers continually what it learns about you and also understands your feelings. It comes with fun features like face tracking, ball tracking, and marker tracking and knows what you look like. Using Android smartphone you can drive Tycherobot around remotely. It connects via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and shows you what it sees. Two variants are available: classic and sports. Buy Now.


Play Tray: The Play Tray is a smart toy that teaches kids computer programming concepts and problem solving skills through engaging play. The game tray connects to your smart device or computer via Bluetooth, and let kids use planning, logic, sequencing, and other skills to complete the game. It's compatible with iOS, Mac OS and Android devices. Buy Now: $69.95.

Play Tray
Hackaball: Hackaball is a smart and interactive ball that kids can program using an iOS or OS X app to invent and play. Buy Now: $85.


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