Aug 25, 2016

15 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets For Lazy Cooks.

If you are like us who don't want to cook, but have to cook then these gadgets can be of good use.

Robotic Cooker: The Gourmia GCR-1700 is a 10-in-1 programmable multi cooker with exclusive robotic handsfree stirrer. Now bake, grill, steam, stew, sauté and more with this cook robot. It lets you to step away from cooking while it does its work and upon your return find delicious results. It also features an auto circulating system that moves air throughout the cooker for an even, perfect cook. It comes with an easy read display for time and temperature, has clear view cover, and dishwasher safe auto stir spatulas. Buy Now: $149.99.

Robotic Cooker

Smarter Coffee: Smarter Coffee is a Wi-Fi coffee machine that makes a fresh cup of coffee with a tap on your smartphone. You can adjust the strength, taste preferences, even set alerts, auto-schedules and more. It works with iOS and Android smart devices. Buy Now: About $ 239 (£179.99).

Smarter Coffee
Autonomous Saucier: This autonomous saucier automatically stirs sauces and lets you prepare other parts of the meal. Buy Now: $5.51.

Autonomous Saucier
Tovala: Tovala is a multi-function smart oven that makes cooking at home easy. It lets you cook tasty, healthy chef-curated meals just in minutes. This smart oven along with its food-deliveryplan works together so you can enjoy delicious, fresh home cooking quickly with no preparation, cooking or cleanup. It makes things very easy for you; by scanning the meal's barcode and pressing start, your meal is ready to eat in 10 to 30 minutes. All the meals are curated by master chefs and made from scratch using raw, simple, clean ingredients and what more, no preservatives. All the Tovala meals you get at your doorstep, ready to cook. Apart from these you can also program the Tovala to cook your own food however you want. You can steam, bake, broil, and convection heat just like the combination ovens. And you can use its app to control what you cook. Pre-order: $289.


Rotimatic: This world's first robot roti maker can produce 20 rotis in one go, at a rate of one roti per minute. You can customize the roti as per preference; the thickness, or how well done one likes it. This automatic flatbread-making machine is designed to make fresh rotis and wraps with whole-wheat flour. Pre-order: $999.


Garlic Press: Mincing garlic is really easy with this self-cleaning tool; simply drop an unpeeled clove into the hopper and close the handles, and the clove is pressed through a steel grid. Buy Now: $19.95.

Garlic PressAnova Precision Cooker: Anova Precision Cooker allows you to cook "sous vide" producing restaurant quality results. All you need to do is simply attach Anova Precision Cooker to the vessel, put your food in a ziplock bag and set the time and temperature. The cooker circulates water around, ensuring a consistent temperature throughout. It connects to your smartphone and allows you to cook perfect meals by simply touching a button. Buy Now: $199.

Anova Precision Cooker

Automatic Mini Donut Factory: This Mini Donut Factory makes delicious mini donuts in approximately 90 seconds. Its capable of making up to 30 donuts per batch. It automatically forms, fries and drains delicious mini donuts and once they are done you can put them in a bag and sprinkle with sugar, cinnamon, or cocoa powder and shake them and they are done. Buy Now: $180.

Automatic Mini Donut Factory

LivBlends Smoothie Maker: The LivBlends machine is a smart, self-cleaning blender that makes great tasting smoothies in 30 seconds with zero cleanup. More info.

LivBlends Smoothie Maker
Corn Kerneler: Just place this handy tool at the narrow end of the corncob, push straight down and all kernels will collect neatly. Buy Now: $8.50.

Corn KernelerInstantpot Smart Cooker: It's a multi-functional fully-programmable smart cooker that combines the benefits of a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, porridge maker, steamer, sautepan, yogurt maker, food warmer and more. This Bluetooth enabled cooker can be programmed and monitored from your smartphone. Its fully programmable cooker has 14 built-in programs, dual pressure, automatic keep warm, 3 temperatures for saute, slow cook and keep-warm, and more. Buy Now: $179.95.

Instantpot Smart Cooker

Umbra Rinse Bowl and Strainer: The Umbra Rinse Bowl and Strainer combines a kitchen bowl with a built-in slide up strainer, it allows you to easily rinse and drain fruits, vegetables, and more with just a tilt. Buy Now.

Umbra Rinse Bowl and Strainer
Nonslip Over-the-Washbasin Cutting Board: It comes integrated with a foldable colander; this all-in-one preparation board efficiently chops and washes the fruits and veggies. Buy Now: $42.

Nonslip Over-the-Washbasin Cutting Board
Crockpot Smart Slow Cooker: The Crockpot Smart Slow Cooker has WeMo-enabled technology that allows you to remotely adjust cooking functions from your smart device. You can adjust cooking time, temperature, shift to warm or turn off using the WeMo App from your smart device. It connects from anywhere with 3G / 4G / Wi-Fi or can also be used without the app. It features 6-quart capacity to accommodate large families or dinner parties. Buy Now: $127.

Crockpot Smart Slow Cooker
Mr. Coffee: This smart, Wi-Fi enabled coffeemaker can be scheduled and monitored from anywhere using your smartphone. It works with Android and Apple devices. Buy Now.

Mr. Coffee
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