Aug 22, 2016

15 Must Have Gadgets for The Lazy.

May be this post isn't for you, but you can always read it on the pretense you are looking for some gadgets for your family or friends!

Taclace: Taclace Boot Lacingsystem is a time saver, just pull, cinch, and wrap, and you are good to go. It keeps your boots tight and secure all day long. Buy Now: $14.99.


RC Cooler: This RC Cooler can hold 6 cans or bottle and icecubes, has a range of 60 feet and works outdoors perfectly. Buy Now: $44.95.

RC Cooler

Solar-Breeze: Solar-Breeze is a solar powered device that intelligently navigates your swimmingpool removing dirt and debris from the surface. Buy Now.


Touchless Toilet Flush Kit by Kohler: It's an easy-to-install retrofit kit from Kohler that brings touchless flush to almost any toilet. Buy Now: $75.

Touchless Toilet Flush Kit by Kohler
Bissell 1605 SmartClean Robot Vacuum: The Bissell 1605 SmartClean Robot Vacuum comes with a unique design that allows it to gather dust, debris, and hair effectively. It self-adjusts to clean carpets, hard floors, tiles, and other types of floors. Its cliff detection lets it avoid stairs and other drop-offs. Its navigation system provides excellent coverage, even under furniture, and other hard-to-reach places. It automatically returns to its self-recharging docking station when it needs recharging. You can put it on a schedule, up to seven times per week. Buy Now: $219.97.

Bissell 1605 SmartClean Robot Vacuum
TrackR Atlas: TrackR Atlas maps out your home and pinpoints where your misplaced things are located. It personalizes your home mappings for all your belongings and keeps your home effortlessly organized. Just plug TrackR atlas into every room of your home, attach TrackR bravo or any Bluetooth tracking device to your thing, Atlas monitors your home, and lets you know where your things are. Pre-order: $39.

TrackR Atlas

Gecko Switch: The Gecko Switch is a movable light switch that allows you to control your lights from anywhere in your home. All that's needed to be done is replace your standard light switch with the Base Switch and you are done. Now you can place the Gecko Switch anywhere you want and control your lights. It requires no wall work, no new wiring, hubs, bridges, or Wi-Fi, its simple to use. Gecko Switch is also a dimmer, timer and works for delayed off. The Gecko Switch can be removed then placed over and over again and if loses its sticking power, just wash it with water and it regains its stickiness. There are many images available, and these allow you to mark your Gecko Switch to know what each switch controls. And using its search function, you can make the switch beep. Buy Now: $59.

Gecko Switch

ResetPlug: Its really annoying when the Internet goes out, you need to go and restart your Wi-Fi router and the modem. This is where ResetPlug comes in; it automates this task and automatically resets your Wi-Fi router/modem when Wi-Fi stops working. It connects to your home network, monitors your Wi-Fi router/modem and resets power if connection is out. To make it work, just connect your Wi-Fi router/modem into the device; the smart plug acts as a Wi-Fi client to test the Internet connection. And if connection is out, it cycles power to the Wi-Fi equipment to reset the connection. It continues to cycle power every five minutes until the Internet works again. It works with any all-in-one combination device (Router/Modem/AP), any Wi-Fi router, any Wi-Fi access point, and any broadband modem. Buy Now: $59.99.

Butter Sprayer: The Butter Sprayer is perfect butter tool you will ever need. All you need to do is drop a stick of butter inside the device and store in the refrigerator. It comes with smart on/off; its integrated accelerometer detects when you want to use and heats to a temperature of 95 degrees Fahrenheit, perfect for using the butter spray. Use it on your toast, popcorn and anything you need to butter. Buy Now.

Butter Sprayer

DoorBird: DoorBird is WiFi-enabled smart video doorbell that lets you answer your door from anywhere in the world using your iOS and Android devices. It comes with an ultra wide-angle hemispheric lens, nightvision, and built-in 180° infrared motionsensor. It also connects to your existing door chime and door opener. It's weatherresistant. Buy Now: $349 - $999.

Traptap: Traptap is a stylish wireless button that sits on your dash and acts like your personal co-pilot, and alerts you of speedtraps, cameras, and school zones. It knows the location of every camera and school zone yet it relies on its crowdsource to mark the mobile and radar location. It uses different colors to alert you, and is designed to save you cash. Buy Now.


Singlecue: Singlecue is a gesture control device for your TV and entertainment devices. You can control your TV, DVD player, cable box, smart light bulbs, thermostat, smart home devices and more. It supports IR-remote controlled devices, selected Wi-Fi enabled devices and existing devices and makes them smarter. It supports over 100,000 devices, allows you to control multiple devices at once with a wave of your finger. Buy Now: $199.


Starry Station: Starry Station is a next generation smart router that combines functionary with style. It features 3.8-inch touchscreen display for easy access that makes things a lot easy for you. It monitors the health of your network and all your devices. Its Ambient Mode at a glance displays if there are issues with your Internet service or online devices. Its Interactive mode gives you everything you need - your Wi-Fi name and password, your Internet Speed, and more. Use its ScreenTime from its app for network-level parental controls to block usage on certain devices with one click. Its 802.15 ready, comes with 802.11ac Wi-Fi, MIMO antenna, and beamforming technology for audio and video streaming. It works with your existing Internet service, including cable, fiber, and DSL. And works with PCs and Macs, video streamers, and more. Use its touchscreen display for easy access or use its app for tweaking remotely. Buy Now: $282.19.

Starry Station smart router

iDevices Socket: iDevices Socket turns any ordinary light into a connected light. Just place it into your lighting fixture and insert any standard bulb, use its app to control your lamp's brightness and power. It supports Bluetooth Smart and Wi-Fi. Buy Now: $79.

iDevices Socket
Friday Smart Lock: This smart lock connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and gives you access from anywhere. You can give remote access to your home or to anyone from anywhere, temporarily or forever. Use its app to grant temporary, one-time access, or permanent access and cancel it anytime. The lock is Apple HomeKit and Thread compatible, sends you a notification when someone tries to get an unauthorized access; can automatically unlock when you come and lock when you go out. Pre-order: $199-$299.

Friday Smart Lock

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