Aug 13, 2016

10 Must have Gadgets For Horse Riders.

Collection of 'Must have Gadgets For Horse Riders' from around the globe.

Seavergirth: It is a smart connected device for horses that lets riders to keep an eye on their horse's performance and health. It provides riders with riding data in real time on their smart devices. You can access that data using its app and on its server for future reference. More info.


Tail Lights Rider Safety System: The Tail Lights Rider Safety System keeps the rider and the horse visible during the night. It lasts for 9 hours on 4 hours of recharge, comes with variable brightness, keychain remote, multiple patterns and 360-degree visibility. It's available in multi color choices. Buy Now: $199 - $549.99.

Tail Lights Rider Safety System

Balios: Balios is a smart wearable for horses that tracks the rider's training session and the horse's well being. It attaches to the girth of the saddle and lets you analyze your performance, both short and long-term. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices. Pre-order: $329.

Balios smart wearable for horses

Stretch Your Horse: Stretch Your Horse is an app for Android and iOS smartphones that features 24 individual instructional horse-stretching videos to choose from to improve your horse's performance. More info.

Stretch Your Horse

Twinkle Glitter: Twinkle Glitter products are available for your horse's mane, tail, body, legs, braids, hooves, eyes, and more. Buy Now.

Twinkle Glitter for horses
Equestrian Anklelite: Equestrian Anklelite is an innovative wearable safety lighting that keeps horse riders safe and visible on the roads. It's an ultra lightweight device; solar powered lighting provides super-bright 360 degree lighting for 6 hours. Buy Now: About: $ 19.39 (£14.99).

Equestrian Anklelite
i Rock N Ride: i Rock N Ride is a smartphone integrated Bluetooth speaker that attaches securely to any saddle and lets you stay connected to handsfree feature while riding. It's suitable for all styles of horseback riding. Buy Now: $129.

i Rock N Ride smartphone integrated Bluetooth speaker

Fly Bonnet: This handmade fly bonnet is made to order as per your preference of colors, trims, designs and shapes. Buy Now: $ 44.95.

Fly Bonnet
Elite Glitter Boot: The SMB Elite are lightweight boots that feature multi-layer construction which provides 360 degree of protection and keeps dirt out. Buy Now: $162.95.

Elite Glitter Boot
Lumo Lift: This activity tracker allows you to improve your posture and alerts whenever you start to slouch. Buy Now: $ 79.99.

Lumo Lift

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