Aug 3, 2016

15 Must Have Gadgets For Girls.

Collection of 'Must Have Gadgets For Girls' from all over the world.

Kapture: Kapture is a wearable audio recording device that functions as a 60-second loop. The loop continuously overwrites itself until you tap the device to save a clip. Once you tap your wrist to save a clip, its downloaded to your smartphone where the duration can be shortened and you can name, tag, filter, and even share it. Buy Now: $ 99.


HoodiePillow Beach Towel: The HoodiePillow 5-in-1 Beach Towel is a beach towel that features a protective hoodie and an inflatable pillow. It conveniently folds up into a shoulder bag. Buy Now: $34.95.

HoodiePillow Beach Towel

Hairclip Multi Tool: This multi functional hairclip doubles as a toolbox on the go; it comes with 5 different tools in a tiny hair clip. It features screwdrivers, a wrench, a trolley coin, a ruler, and a cutting edge. It's made of stainless steel and measures 6cm x 2.4cm x 1.2cm. Buy Now: $8.

Hairclip Multi Tool

Light up Hoodies: The Light up Hoodies make you visible at night. You can activate 3 lighting modes, comes in multiple sizes and 5 colors. Buy Now: $49.97.

Light up Hoodies

Homestar Spa Bath Planetarium: The Homestar Spa is a waterproof planetarium that floats in the water and projects out bright light into the room. Buy Now: $184.

Homestar Spa Bath Planetarium
Ditto: Ditto is a tiny and elegant device with no buttons, switches, lights, display, or cables; it notifies you about incoming calls, texts, emails. It also features a built-in wireless tether, so next time you leave your smartphone behind, Ditto will alert you. You can clip on or use the wristband that comes with Ditto. Buy Now: $39.95.

Ugo: Ugo is a fashionable and functional wearable waterproof pack that lets you store your credit cards, passport, keyfobs and other small items. What more you can use your smartphone while inside it, now you can talk, text, tweet, post, pin, take photos and video while enjoying your favorite water sport. Buy Now: $ 149.


Lililite: Lililite is a bookshelf, reading light, and bookmark combined into one smart product. The light turns on automatically when you lift the book and when you are done reading, you can use it as a bookmark and it turns off the light automatically. Buy Now: About $145 (€ 129).


Nebula Necklace Pendant: This beautiful round bronze plated picture pendant features a Hubble space telescope image of a Nebula. It measures just over 1 inch in size, and its artwork is printed on a high quality heavy matte paper stock. Buy Now: $ 13.45.

Nebula Necklace Pendant
Defender: The Defender is a smart personal protection system for everywhere security that combines self-defense and 24/7 security. You can take pictures; sound an alert to attract attention and it also features a strong pepper spray. All you need to do is push the button when you sense trouble around and leave the rest to Defender. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices. Pre-order: $179.


Satechi Apple Watch Holder: The Satechi Apple Watch Holder allows you to attach your Apple Watch onto your steering wheel and lets you see your map, messages, music, or incoming calls at a glance. Its compatible with 38mm and 42mm Apple Watches and you can rotate the face 360 degrees. Buy Now: $15.

Satechi Apple Watch Holder
Clair B: Clair B is a compact air purifier that lets you bring clean air with you wherever you go. This portable air purifier is perfect for your car, office, study room, small workspace, and other areas as it takes less space. It features dual filtration technology, runs on 5 volts and features swivel vent that provides 180 degrees rotation. Pre-order: $138.

Clair B

LeLight Case: LeLight Case is a slim iPhone 6/6s case that features light for you to take better selfies. You can adjust the light intensity using its dimmer. Buy Now: $19.99.

LeLight Case
Elemoon: Elemoon changes its light design to match every outfit or occasion, alerts you about important calls, texts, displays time, finds your smartphone if you loose it and more. It combines activity monitor, touch interface; is high tech and fashion in one perfect bracelet for women. Buy Now: $ 399.


Incharge Cable: The Incharge Cable is capable of recharging up to twice faster than a standard cable which means that your device will be fully charged in just half of the time, depending on the device and power source used. It comes with a cool magnet closure, attaches onto your keys, making it impossible to forget it at home. Buy Now: $11.90.

Incharge Cable

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