Aug 15, 2016

15 Best Gadgets To Organize Your Daily Life.

Collection of 'Best Gadgets To Organize Your Daily Life' from all over the world.

Verti: Verti is a Bluetooth smart tag that you can tag to your keys, smartphones, wallets, and luggage and never loose another thing. It works as remote for your smartphone camera, smartphone finder, and features virtual leash, map tracking, separation alerts, and social lost and found. Buy Now: $25.


Amazon Tap: Amazon Tap is a portable Wi-Fi / Bluetooth speaker that comes with the Alexa voice service. Just press the microphone button and ask for music from Prime Music, Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn and others. Connect it to Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot to use the Alexa Voice Service to play music, read the news, provide weather reports, and more. It streams your music via Bluetooth from your smartphone, or smart device. Its dual stereo speakers provide 360ยบ omni-directional audio, and 9 hours of playback. Buy Now: $114.99.

Amazon Tap

CableBin: CableBin is a clever and sophisticated cable management tool that lets you organize cable clutter and keeps it out of sight. Just place the excess cables, routers, and surgeprotectors, and close the cover. It comes with 6 selfadhesive hooks that hold the devices and the excess cable. You can access the cables through the cable outlet on the side of the bin. Buy Now: $89.95.


Zoe: Zoe is a smart home assistant and also protects all your personal moments. All the data is processed and stored directly on your Zoe and no information is sent to the cloudserver. It comes with 26 lights to communicate your home status. It uses a unique two-step approach to speech and syntax recognition; it has an extensive vocabulary of over 1,500 speech commands and can understand you without being connected to the Internet using its enhanced syntax recognition engine. It comes with Voice Drops; these small devices can be place around your smart home and function as voice based remote controls and let Zoe listen to you. It's compatible with Amazon Echo, Hue lighting and more. It supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, ZigBee and more. More info.


SeeNote: SeeNote is a digital sticky note that can be placed anywhere. It features an ePaper touchscreen, lasts up to 1 month of continuous use, comes with a full color lightstrip, and more. It connects to your home network via Wi-Fi pulling down updates from its cloudserver. It comes with a customizable, modular interface that provides you easy access to notes, updates, and controls from your favorite apps. You can leave a note to your family member or roommate via email, or through the app. It gets you the best route using Google Maps, keeps you updated with your next appointment, works with IFTTT and controls your smart home, set reminders, open API and more. Using its Bluetooth it can detect and switch accounts, based on proximity. Its app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It comes with no wires, or requires installation; just stick it anywhere you want. Pre-order: $99.


Hiku: How many times this happened to you, "you get home from the store and realize you forgot something"? Hiku got you covered here; Hiku remembers, so you don't have to. It makes shopping simple, fast and fun. This device sticks to your fridge door or sits on your counter, and makes it easy adding items to your shopping list using barcodes and voice. The shopping list created is displayed on your smartphone, you can share your list with family or anyone else and when you update it, your list is updated everywhere. Buy Now: $59.


Netatmo Presence: The Netatmo Presence isn't just another smart security camera that records, sending alerts to your phone and more. Netatmo Presence is smart enough to identify what's at the door - a person, car or an animal. It provides ultra-precise alerts to let you know instantly about what happens outside your home. It comes with integrated outdoor lighting or you can use its IR night vision to watch discreetly. You can switch on the smart floodlight manually using its app or set to switch on when it detects a person, car or animal. Use its app to watch live stream from any device, anytime; just scroll through past footage and download your favorite videos. Record the feed locally onto the Presence using microSD card. Its simple to install, features weatherproof aluminum construction, up to 20 meter / 65 feet of detection, and secures end-to-end encryption. Buy Now.

Netatmo Presence smart security camera

Aido: Aido is the next generation home robot that's smart, interactive, and mobile; it plays with your kids, assists you with household chores and schedule, and keeps your home safe. It's your entertainment hub, personal assistant, a teacher, storyteller and more. This interactive robot recognizes each member of your family, monitors your home, controls your lights, plays useful videos and more. It features HD projector, 6 microphones, face detection, speech recognition, voice call support. smartsensors, multiple cameras and is voice activated. Its ballbot design along with object recognition and obstacle avoidance lets him navigate your house with ease. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices. Pre-order: $940.


AllBe1: AllBe1 is an all-in-one personal security device that features find my phone button, pettracker, open drawer detector, smartphone smart lock, motiondetection, temperature monitor, fitness tracker, and more. Pre-order: $54.


TrackR Atlas: TrackR Atlas maps out your home and pinpoints where your misplaced things are located. It personalizes your home mappings for all your belongings and keeps your home effortlessly organized. Just plug TrackR atlas into every room of your home, attach TrackR bravo or any Bluetooth tracking device to your things, Atlas monitors your home, and lets you know where your things are. Pre-order: $39.

TrackR Atlas

Ezcontrol: Ezcontrol makes home automation easy and lets you control appliances, electronic devices and more from your smartphone. This centralized unit allows you to control virtually every electrical device in your smart home using your smartphone. More info.


FlipFlic: FlipFlic is a smart windowblinds controller that automates your regular windowblinds in few seconds. Its compact, solar-powered, and easy-to-install, adjusts your windowblinds based on light, temperature, or schedule your set up using its app. It easily transforms any horizontal or vertical windowblinds into a self-adjusting smart window. You can set it up in automatic, schedule or manual mode depending upon your preference. It can be integrated into your pre-existing smart home systems via BLE and ZigBee and works with Homecontrol, Homekit, Wink, Lyric, SmartThings, hue, netatmo, Athom and Iridium. Pre-order: $89.


Helmet: This family monitor lets you watch over your home, parents, dogs, cats or any other valuables. This smart camera comes with laserbeam to play with your furry friends. It features 1080 HD, 360° view, 70° tilt, nightvision, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, LTE, 2-way audio, cloudstorage, social share, video recording, airsensor, and more. Buy Now: $99.95


MaCO: MaCO is a magnetic cable organizer that keeps your cables neatly organized. Designed particularly for headphones, smartphone rechargers, iPad rechargers, and wide range of cables, it attaches to wall or on desk to keep cords from falling. Buy Now: $19.90.

Foldimate: Foldimate is a robotic laundry folding machine. Pre-order: $700 - $850.


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