Aug 27, 2016

15 Smart Ways To Control Your Kitchen From Your Smartphone.

Looking for gadgets to control your kitchen from your smartphone? We have smart gadgets for your kitchen that lets you control them from your smartphone and are best suited in your connected home.

Xiaomi's Smart Rice Cooker: The Xiaomi Mijia Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker uses the most advanced electromagnetic heating technology along with modern micro-pressure heating technology that heats the rice uniformly. The smart Pressure Rice Cooker features base layer of castiron and intelligent heat control that allows it to adjust different preferences and different rice types. It has 3L capacity, comes with more than 2000 rice cooking programs, and you can manage cooking via your smartphone. Buy Now: $189.

Xiaomi's Smart Rice Cooker

Ripplemaker: This Latte Art Machine lets you create latte art from any image or text atop the foam layer of coffee. Its pods contain coffee extract made from a high-quality mix of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. And each of these pods creates more than 1000 designs. Use its touchscreen display for choosing your design, and more. Its app is iOS and Android compatible. Buy Now.


June: June is a must have gadget for a smart kitchen; this intelligent oven is computer-based, provides you with recommendations based on meal and makes sure your food is cooked perfectly. It features a built-in HD camera, Wi-Fi connectivity, weightsensors, high-power lights, and 5-inch touchscreen. Its capable of recognizing what you are cooking and provide you with a chef-designed program to cook it to perfection. It comes with precision heating that cooks your food faster while using less energy compared to similar devices. Its app provides intelligent alerts, live video monitoring, step-by-step recipes, and meal planning. Reserve Now: $1,495.

June intelligent oven

Toasteroid: Toasteroid is an app controlled smart image toaster that toasts awesome images, the weather, so you can send toast messages, and much more. It connects to its app via Bluetooth and lets you choose design, text, drawing and more that toasts the same on the bread. Reserve Now: $85.

Toasteroid smart image toaster

Smartypans: This smart cookware can monitor weight of ingredients, temperature and humidity and display the info using a smartphone app in real time. Its designed to reduce guesswork from cooking and the app comes with 1000s of recipes. All you need to do is select a recipe from the app and it give you tailored step-by-step cooking instructions based on your cooking. Pre-order: $209.

Smartypans smart cookware

Somabar: Somabar is a Wi-Fi connected appliance designed for the home kitchen; it works with both Android and iOS devices. Pre-order: $429.

Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Kitchen Gadgets (12) 10

Instantpot Smart Cooker: Its a multi-functional fully-programmable smart cooker that combines the benefits of a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, porridge maker, steamer, sautepan, yogurt maker, food warmer and more. This Bluetooth enabled cooker allows programming and monitoring through your smartphone. It's a fully programmable cooker, has 14 built-in programs, dual pressure, automatic keep warm, 3 temperatures for saute, slow cook and keep-warm, and more. Buy Now: $179.95.

Instantpot Smart Cooker

Crockpot Smart Slow Cooker: The Crockpot Smart Slow Cooker has WeMo-enabled technology that allows you to remotely adjust cooking functions from your smart device. You can adjust cooking time, temperature, shift to warm or turn off using the WeMo App from your smart device. It connects from anywhere with 3G / 4G / Wi-Fi or can also be used without the app. It features 6-quart capacity to accommodate large families or dinner parties. Buy Now: $99.99.

Crockpot Smart Slow Cooker

Arist: Arist simplifies everything into a simple machine, you can download recipes and make coffees like the world's best baristas at the tap of a smartphone. It makes coffee in a specific, precise, and consistent way. Pre-order: $699.99.

Arist Coffee Machine

Appkettle: This smart kettle allows you to control its temperature, volume, timings and energy usage using its app. Its Wi-Fi enabled and comes with Cloudsupport that allows you to remotely access it outside the WiFi areas. You can schedule it, set temperature, time, save preferences and more. More info.

Appkettle smart kettle

Nourish: Nourish is a smart countertop supplement system that provides you with personalized supplement suggestions. This Wi-Fi enabled device provides you with the right nutrients at the right time to achieve optimal nutrition based on your health and fitness data. It syncs with your fitness trackers, foodloggers and health apps and provides personalized blends of nutrients that lets you reach your health and fitness goals. It holds up to 16 RFID-enabled supplement containers, is compatible with iOS and Android devices. More info.

Nourish smart countertop supplement system

Ikawa Home Coffee Roaster: The Ikawa Home Coffee Roaster is a smart elegant device that roasts your coffee at the push of a button. It works with any green coffee, comes with iOS and Android compatible app that lets you adjust the recipes easily. Pre-order: About $995 (£750).

Ikawa Home Coffee Roaster

Nomiku Sous Vide: Nomiku lets you cook restaurant quality food at home. This Wi-Fi connected sous vide immersion circulator for your kitchen is smaller than the first generation and now clips onto the front of your cookpan. It features a sleek single knob to control the temperature and a larger touchscreen. You can use the Tender app to create and share sous vide recipes with time and temperature directly to your Nomiku. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices. Buy Now: $199 .

Nomiku Sous Vide

Kalorik Wireless Bluetooth Food Temperature Meter: Now take the guesswork out of cooking with this smart temperature meter, it uses Bluetooth 4.0 to transmit the temperature of your food to your smartphone. This smart device allows you to cook your food like a pro. Buy Now: $59.99.

Kalorik Wireless Bluetooth Food Temperature Meter
Pantelligent: This intelligent cookware connects to your smartphone wirelessly via Bluetooth Low Energy and its app guides you to cook perfectly. Buy Now: $99.

Pantelligent intelligent cookware

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