Aug 16, 2016

15 Best Kitchen Gadgets for Your Kitchen.

Collection of 'Best Kitchen Gadgets for Your Kitchen' from all over the world.

Toasteroid: Toasteroid is an app controlled smart image toaster that toasts awesome images, the weather, send toast messages, and much more. It connects to its app via Bluetooth and lets you choose design, text, drawing and more that toasts the same on the bread. Reserve Now: $85.

Toasteroid smart image toaster

Alchema: Alchema is a smart appliance that lets you make your own delicious craft cider at home from fresh fruit. Just choose a recipe from its app, pour in the ingredients and yeast, and you get your own craft cider within 2 weeks. It features built-in weight scale, completion indication, bottom light, Wi-Fi and more. Using its app you can follow the progress of your cider from anywhere. Reserve Now: $359.

Alchema  cider at home

Weighitz: Weighitz are portable smart scales that are easy to use, that work as a single scale or as a set. Just place these modular scales under whatever you need to weigh, open its app and begin weighing. Reserve Now: $18.

Weighitz portable smart scales

Kenwood Electric Spiralizer: The Kenwood Spiralizer FGP200WG is an electric spiralizer that turns vegetables into noodles and ribbons. It can make pasta carrots, cucumbers, squash or courgette. Buy Now: About: $ 64 (£49.99).

Kenwood Electric Spiralizer

OneCook: OneCook is a smart cooking system that makes it easy for you to prepare delicious food at home. You get a pre-portioned fresh food package that makes this a lot easier while reducing your cooking time. Its easy to use, one-click makes your favorite meal and using its web app, you can also remote control your cooking process from anywhere. You can log into the OneCook platform through WiFi and explore recipe programs and see the pre-portioned meals you need. More info.

OneCook smart cooking system

Perfect Bake Pro: Perfect Bake Pro is a smart connected kitchen scale that works along with your smart device and lets you choose from over 300 recipes or create your own. The virtual bowl on its app shows you weight of each ingredient and adjusts recipe-serving size. It even makes suggestions based on the ingredients that you have. It measures from 6 kg to 0.01 grams and comes with a built-in timer. Buy Now: $99.99.

Perfect Bake Pro
OpenEase Automatic Jar Opener: The Hamilton Beach Open Ease Automatic Jar Opener makes opening jars easy with just press of a button. It works with a wide variety of glass jars from 1" to 4" in diameter. It's compact for easy storage. Buy Now: $32.95.

OpenEase Automatic Jar Opener
Perfect Drink Pro: The Perfect Drink Pro is a smart scale that works along with your smart device and lets you choose from over 400 recipes or create your own drink. All you need to do is choose a recipe, place a glass on the smart scale and pour. It adjusts your recipes, and even makes suggestions based on the ingredients that you have. Buy Now: $99.95.

Perfect Drink Pro
Clever Cutter: Clever Cutter features a knife on one side and a small cutting board on the other that makes cutting, slicing and dicing easy and fast. Buy Now: $14.99.

Clever Cutter
Philips Indoor Grill: The Philips Indoor Grill is designed to let you enjoy more of the great grilled food indoors in a more clean and pleasant way. It works using advanced infrared heating technology and special reflectors that cooks your food perfectly. It quickly heats up to a constant 446 Degree F (230 Degree C), comes with non-stick grid and its removable parts are dishwasher safe. Buy Now: $279.95.

Philips Indoor Grill
Grating Bucket: The Grating Bucket collects the grated foods inside the bucket. It comes with three different grating surfaces around the bucket. Buy Now: $49.50.

Grating Bucket
Frywall: Frywall makes frying up burgers, bacon, or more much easy while keeping your stovetop clean. It works much better than splatter screens; it provides uninterrupted protection, even when adding, removing, or stirring ingredients. Reserve Now: $22.


Basting Brush: This basting brush looks like a highlighter pen, lets you moisten your kebabs, steaks, and more. Buy Now: $13.90.

Basting Brush
Coffeemaker Helmet: The Off The Races Coffeemaker can makes up to eight cups that drops into the 64 oz. glass carafe. Buy Now: $99.95.

Coffeemaker Helmet
Barbarianmultitool: The Multi -Tool combines nine bartending tools in one unit. Buy Now: $59.99.

Multi -Tool
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