Aug 18, 2016

15 Best Gadgets for Your Smartphone.

Looking for gadgets to make your smartphone even smarter? We have for you the 'Best Gadgets for Your Smartphone' from all over the world.

Superbook: Superbook is a smart device that turns your Android smartphone into a complete laptop. It's actually a smart laptopshell that features a large screen, keyboard and multi-touch trackpad, lasts 8+ hours, and features phone recharging capabilities. Reserve Now: $99.


WatchAir Smart Antenna: WatchAir Smart Antenna lets you streams live TV content to your smartphone and smart device. It comes with its app that lets you watch Live TV channels virtually anytime and anyplace even outside your home. Reserve Now: $149.

WatchAir Smart Antenna

Megaverse iPhone 7 Case: Megaverse is a modular anti-gravity case that sticks to windows, mirrors, whiteboards, and more. It features swappable MegaBackplates to give you wallet, mirror or bottle opener to your iPhone 7/6 & 7/6 Plus. Reserve Now: $59.

Megaverse iPhone 7 Case

GameSir Controller: The GameSir Controller holds your smartphone, and gives you a pressure sensitive Dpad and 360-degree joysticks. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0; features power indicator, adjustable buzz, and lasts up to 18 hours of normal usage. It's compatible with Android and Windows devices and supports smartphones 3.5-6 inches. Buy Now: $ 69.99.

GameSir Controller
Peekscreen: The Peekscreen is a highly transparent tempered glass protective cover that brings strength, durability, and privacy to your iPhone. Its polarized film layer keeps your private texts, web browsing, and work emails safe from others' eyes. All you need to do is keep it vertical for privacy, and turn it sideways to share with friends. Reserve Now: About: $19 ($24 CAD).


Eora3D: Eora3D is a portable device that turns your smartphone into a highly accurate and affordable 3D scanner. It works with Android and iOS. Pre-order: $319.


Smart Clip: It is a smart wearable Bluetooth clip with a microphone and display that lets you stay connected. It connects to your smartphone (iOS and Android) via Bluetooth; lets you answer calls, display texts and respond using voice. Just clip it on your shirt or bag and it makes things a lot easier on the go, driving and biking. Reserve Now: $100.

Smart wearable Bluetooth clip

Padbot T1: Padbot T1 turns your smartphone into a telepresence robot that moves around anywhere and lets you communicate with your family from a remote location. It communicates with your smartphone via Bluetooth. It's capable of video chatting, remote controlling, phone recharging and more. Reserve Now: $99.

Padbot T1

Matrix iPhone Case: The Matrix Programmable iPhone Case displays text, graphics, animation, incoming calls and more. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and is compatible with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. Buy Now: $49.99.

Matrix iPhone Case
Olloclip Studio: Olloclip Studio is perfect for taking photos, filming, broadcasting and more with your iPhone. It comes with 1/4-20 clips to attach a tripod, grip and coldshoe adapters to attach microphone or light. This protective case features an integrated rail mountingsolution for you to film like a professional. Buy Now: $149.99.

Olloclip Studio
CompactPRO: The Seek Thermal CompactPRO plugs directly into your iOS or Android smartphone and turns it into an IR thermal imaging camera. It features 20x240 thermalsensor, 32-degree field of view, adjustable span, level, and emissivity settings. Buy Now: $499.

Wipry 5x: Wipry 5x is a portable tool that turns your smartphone or smart device into a dual-band spectrum analyzer. This useful tool lets you identify and avoid wireless interference for optimized connectivity. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices. Buy Now: $499.97.

Wipry 5x
Insta360 Nano 360-Degree: Insta360 Nano 360-Degree gives you a 360 Degree virtual reality experience; it allows you to take 360 Degree photos and videos. It plugs into your smartphone directly for panoramic images. The dual cameras come with max resolution of 3040x1520 @ 30fps. It features 210 fisheye lenses, has 64 GB memory storage capacity, compatible with iPhone and more. Buy Now: $199.

Insta360 Nano 360-Degre
Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer: The Fujifilm Instax Share connects to your smartphone over Wi-Fi and prints pictures in credit card sized prints. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices. Buy Now: $199.95.

Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer

Foldio360: Foldio360 is a smart turntable that lets you create 360 images on your smartphone. Pre-order: $ 119.

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