Aug 1, 2016

15 Best EDC Gadgets and Gear - Part 2.

Collection of 'Best EDC Gadgets and Gear' from all over the world.

EDC Keychain Pen: The EDC Keychain Pen is designed to be with you at all times; you don't need to remove it from a clip or splitring on your keychain to use it. This well-crafted pen comes with ink options of red, blue and black. Buy Now: $45.

EDC Keychain Pen
EDC Carabiner: This multi-purpose EDC carabiner doubles as box opener, tape cutter, chisel, prybar, scraper, 1/4" hexdrive and more. This stylish EDC carabiner is available in titanium, stainless, zirconium, bronze, and copper. Pre-order: $79.99 - $109.99.

EDC Carabiner
Artit: Artit is a minimalistic titanium key ring, multi-purpose ring and key carabiner. The MP Ring gives you a bottle opener, normal opener, screwdriver and a cutter. Artit is made from grade 5 titanium. More info.

Zerohour Apex: Zerohour Apex is a tactical pen that features a waterproof ink cartridge, and tungsten steel glass-breaking tip. The tungsten steel tip can be used to break glass when you need to enter or exit a space quickly, or for self-defense and more. It's available in titanium or aluminum. Buy Now: $ 59 - $ 89.

Zerohour Apex
Bolstr EDC Pouch: Bolstr EDC Pouch is perfect for your smart phones, keys, wallets, sunglasses, camera, powerbank, smart devices, notepad, pen and other small items. Buy Now: $ 15.

Bolstr EDC Pouch
Titanium Pocket Bit: Titanium Pocket Bit is a keyring screwdriver and EDC multi-tool. It features compact solid titanium alloy double-sided screwdriver bit, and weighs around 1/4 the weight of a standard house key. It's perfect for fastening/loosening common screwheads, opening packages/boxes, and doubles as a bottle opener. Buy Now: $14.

Titanium Pocket Bit

EDC Card: EDC Card is a perfect EDC pocket multi-tool made from stainless blade steel (CPM S35VN). This credit card sized multi-tool provides over 30 functions - bottle opener, ruler, hexdriver, and more. Its compact and tought, 2.4mm thick, TSA compliant and can be placed comfortably in your wallet. Buy Now: $80.

EDC Card
EDC Paracord Carabiner: EDC Paracord Carabiner is a clever tool that features multi- functionality; it comes with tool wrench, hexdriver bit, screwdriver, bottle opener and more. Buy Now: $20.

EDC Paracord Carabiner
Spyderco Clipitool: The Spyderco Clipitool is a new approach to the multi-purpose pocketknife. It combines high-performance cutting edge with the added convenience and functionality of other tools-like scissors, a serratedblade, or a bottle opener/screwdriver. Buy Now: $25.66.

Spyderco Clipitool
Gerberdime: This compact and lightweight micro tool features 10 tools: stainless steel pliers, wire cutters, a fine edge blade, flathead screwdriver and more. Buy Now: $14.99.

EDC Gear Holder: The Pocket Pal EDC Gear Holder is constructed of heavyweight denim and is perfect for holding your pocket-tools, notebook and more. It organizes your EDC and keeps them accessible. Buy Now: $ 18.

EDC Gear Holder
S1 Titanium Flashlight: The S1-Ti Flashlight features 4 adjustable output modes plus a strobe mode and a variable-output range. Buy Now: $89.95.

S1 Baton Titanium Flashlight
Spinning Bottle Opener: The Delta Spinning Bottle Opener is designed for EDC; this Titanium spinning top comes with the ability to open bottles. Just attach it to your keyring or put it in your pocket, its compact. Pre-order: $55 - $65.

Spinning Bottle Opener

Slughaus Flashlight: This tiny flashlight that measures just 10.5mm x 30mm, weighs only 6 grams and produces 15 lumens of light surely redefines EDC. It's sleek, minimal, and comes in a beautiful design; can be attached to your keyring and powers on/off with a simple quarter rotation on the head. Designed with aerospace-grade aluminum, it illuminates in any weather and is available in three-color options. Buy Now: $10.

Slughaus Flashlight

EDC Ink: EDC Ink is a beautifully designed series of ultra-portable writing tools made from the classic combination of 304 stainless steel and brass. These are compact, feel substantial, solid, and is designed to be always with you. Buy Now: $ 74 - $ 93.


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