Jul 19, 2016

15 Must Have Robotic Animals for You.

Looking for a robotic animal or bird for your kid? Look no further, we have the best robotic animals and birds from all over the world for you.

CHiP Robot Dog: ChiP is a robot dog that needs attention, likes to play, goes to sleep and more. He can recognize, is trainable and can be kid's best friend. It comes with a smartband that lets him to uniquely recognize you, follow you, wait for you to come home, and remind you for mealtime or playtime. Pre-order: $199.99.

ChiP robot dog

Miposaur: Miposaur is an intelligent robot dinosaur that comes with gesture sense that enables it to respond to your handgestures. It can follow, chase, and react in different ways. You can also control it using your smartphone or its trackball. Buy Now: $47.99.

Miposaur intelligent robot dinosaur

RoboFish: RoboFish is robotic water-activated techno-toy that moves naturally like a real fish. It swims in five different directions; up, down, left, right and forwards. All you need to do is put it into water and watch it swim around. Buy Now: $20.

T8X Spider Robot: T8X is a programmable robot that features 26 servo motors, powered by the Bigfoot Robotics Engine, and it looks like a spider and moves like one. It comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and you can control it from your smart devices or PC. Buy Now: $750.

T8X Spider Robot
Furby: You can speak to it, tickle it, play music for it and shake, tilt or turn your Furby upside down. How you play with your Furby will shape its personality. It will speak mostly Furbish in the beginning and the more you play with Furby, the more English it will speak. Use its app to translate its Furbish language; its app is compatible with iPad, iPod touch and iPhone with iOS 4.2 or later. Buy Now: $100.08.

Pleorb: Pleorb is an autonomous robotic life form that thinks and acts independently, just like a real animal. It's modeled on a young Camarasaurus dinosaur; it has a body language, exhibits emotions, is aware of the surroundings and has recognizable behavior. Its sophisticated sensory system allows it to hear, to see, to sense touch, and to detect objects. Buy Now: $469.

Yume Neko Dream Cat: This robotic cat is not just a cute toy, it's an interactive feline friend. It comes with smartsensors in its head, face, back and stomach; when you are patting, it gives happy reactions as a real cat. It moves its ears, blinks eyes, moves it mouth, head and tail. And the cat doesn't like if you hold its tail. Buy Now: $ 534.

Yume Neko Dream Cat

Aiken Shiba-Chan Robotic Dog: The Aiken Shiba-chan is an interactive robot dog that can interact with you through 85 different patterns of behavior. It responds to sound, brightness, touch and wagging his tail. Buy Now: $ 776.

Aiken Shiba-Chan Robotic Dog

Aibo: Sony Aibo connects wirelessly with other electronic devices and transfers photos, sound files and messages. It learns from your likes, entertains and comforts you and displays wide range of emotions through its illuminated face. Throw a ball and it will fetch it for you, communicate with it with voice commands or by using the convenient instruction cards. More.

Sakadachi Lucky Robotic Puppy: The Sakadachi Lucky Puppy responds to 13 different voice commands. It responds to come, lie down, sing, headstand and more. It also barks Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Buy Now: $ 114.

Sakadachi Lucky Robotic Puppy

Pi-Chan Talking Bird: Pi-Chan Talking Bird is a robotic bird that chirps and sings for you. It can make 24 types of chirps and has fives songs. Its interactive and responsive just like a real bird. Buy Now: $28.

Pi-Chan Talking Bird
Yume Hiyoko Dream Chick Robot: The Yume Hiyoko Dream Chick Robot will chirp and ruffle its wings when you start patting its head. Buy Now: $100.

Yume Hiyoko Dream Chick Robot
Poochi Robotic Dog: The Poochi Robotic Dog is an interactive robotic dog that you can play using your Nintendo 3DS. Use your Nintendo device as a translator to know what your Poochi is saying. His face changes while you play to show his emotion, he likes patting, but keep away from his tail as he doesn't like it. Press his nose five times to make him sing for you. Buy Now: $ 97.

Poochi Robotic Dog
Paro Seal Robot: Paro is an interactive robot modeled on a baby seal. Buy Now: $ 6,792.

Paro Seal Robot

Yume Neko Princess Dream Robotic Cat: Yume Neko Princess Dream Robotic Cat is an interactive cuddly feline friend that likes patting and hugging. It looks realistic. It likes patting her back and it meows for you. Buy Now: $ 485.

Yume Neko Princess Dream Robotic Cat
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