Jul 14, 2016

15 Must Have Gadgets For Techies Day Out.

Collection of 'Must Have Gadgets For Techies Day Out' from all over the world.

Braven BRVXXL: This outdoor Bluetooth speaker is designed for outdoors, comes with 15,600 mAh, 14 hours of playtime, and recharges your smartphones with the built in USB port. It comes with IPX5 waterproof rating, built-in microphonejack, and adjustable EQ settings. Buy Now: $349.99.

Graava: Graava is a smart camera that comes with AI that automatically edits your footage. It features a camera, microphone, accelerometer, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, speaker, smartsensors and more. It records in HD 1080p 30 fps video and 8 MP photos, comes with 130-degree angle lens. It's compatible with iOS and Android smart devices. More info.


Lifepack: It is a solar powered backpack that features a solar power bank, Bluetooth speakers, an integrated lock, 4 hidden storage pockets, bottle opener, and is weatherresistant and dropresistant storage. Its solar power bank keeps your gadgets juiced up on the go; can recharge your iPhone 6 12 times. It keeps your notebook safe from drops, and keeps your things neatly organized. Pre-order: $169.


Frodo: Frodo is a smart wearable adventure camera that edits videos for you. It records videos in full high definition, features an evolutionaryalgorithm based video editing and comes with gyro-based video stabilization. It comes with 5 auto-editing styles; its algorithm edits hours of adventure footage into ready-to-share videos instantly. It makes recording and sharing video really easy and simple while you have your outdoor adventure. Reserve Now: $239.


Roampod: Next time you travel and have no coverage, no service, or no Wi-Fi, don't worry, Roampod got you covered. You can text anywhere, you can send 1:1 or group chat messages via its app. Roampod connects to your iOS or Android smartphone via Bluetooth and lets you send messages to any other Roampod connected smartphone within range. Roampod's inner city range is up to 1 mile and up to 10 miles in rural areas with line of sight. It builds its own peer-to-peer network, lets you share your location and Roampod and its app can always get new features with just a tap on your smartphone. It lasts 2 days of active usage, 5 days on standby, is USB rechargeable and compatible with all smartphone power banks. It provides encrypted private and secure messaging, mesh networking, has digital long-range radio, location sharing and offline maps. More info.


RoomBox: RoomBox from SwissRoomBox is a folding modular system that transforms your car into a camper car within few minutes. It's available in two variants - RoomBox Freetech and RoomBox easyTech. The RoomBox Freetech turns your car into a camper-car for sleeping, cooking and eating in 5 minutes. While RoomBox easyTech transforms your car into a camping-car and lets you cook, eat, shower and sleep in less than 10 minutes. Next time you go for camping, the RoomBox makes this a lot easy for you. Just load the suitcase in the trunk, easy to install, requires no tools or modification to your car. Its perfect for camping enthusiasts; the suitcase transforms into a double bed in the car, a dining table extending out of the back of the car and a countertop for cooking, washing and more. It also features a camping stove, washbasin with extendable handshower that also doubles as a shower for you. Buy Now: RoomBox Freetech: $2,155.74 - $2,635.07 and RoomBox easyTech: $3,954.33 - $6,167.31.


Hydro Hammock: The Hydro Hammock lets you enjoy the comfort of a hottub in hammock. It comes with equipped with a portable water heater system, supports the weight of 50 gallons of water and two grownups. It comes in two models - single layer hydro hammock and double layer hydro hammock. Buy Now: $360 - $1,580.

Hydro Hammock
Portable Solar Oven: The Sunflair Portable Solar Oven cooks for 1-3 people, folding down to the size of a seat cushion, and weighing only 1 lb, 2 oz. Its portable, can accommodate a wide variety of cookware, can reach temperatures of up to 285 F, and comes with complete cookware and temperature meter, making it perfect for camping. Buy Now: $119.99.

Portable Solar Oven
Flamestower: The Flamestower is a compact device that uses a thermoelectric generator to recharge your smartphone, camera, GPS or any other USB-connected device while you cook your food. Buy Now: $99.99.


Jammock: Jammock is a Jeep and Truck hammock, made of Cordura Nylon, and is said to install in about a minute. For installation in jeep, it uses NRS buckles and for the truck you need four tie-down anchors. JammockTruck measures 5' x 5' and comes with a 13'- long strapping, which is long enough for most truck beds. It can take up to 350 lbs, and is good enough for two people. Buy Now: $124.19 - $199.99.

Jammock - Jeep and Truck hammock

Mini Water Filtration System: The Mini Water Filtration System weighs just 2 ounces, can be attached to included drinking pouch, your water bottles, hydration packs, or you can use the straw to drink directly from the water source. It's ideal for outdoor recreation and camping, is small and convenient, its filter is rated up to 100,000 gallons, comes with 16-ounce reusable squeezepouch, 7-inch drinking straw, and cleaning plunger. Buy Now: $15 - $516.65.

Mini Water Filtration System
Portable Grill: In a portable package comes big grilling performance; it comes with integrated adjustable telescoping base, provides 145-square-inch grilling area, enough space to accommodate from four to six people at a time. Buy Now: $122.98 .

Portable Grill
Portable Washbasin: It holds 3 gallons (11 liters) of water, comes equipped with toothbrush holders, shaver holders, vanity mirror, travel toothpaste holder, and light. Buy Now: $45.87.

Portable Washbasin
Yetihopper 30 Quart Cooler: It is a 100% leakproof portable cooler, features HydroLok zippers that are completely waterproof and airtight closures, can hold up to 18 cans cool for days. $332 - $680.98.

Yetihopper 30 Quart Cooler

Bison Bag G2: The Bison Bag G2's sleeping bag and hammock is made from polyester. The sleeping bag is the first layer that keeps the heat in, while the second layer is the small hotair space between the hammock and sleeping bag and finally the third is the actual hammock layer itself. Buy Now: $ 89.99.

Bison Bag G2
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