Jul 5, 2016

15 Must Have Air Purifiers For You.

Looking for an air purifier or air monitor for your home or office? Look no further, we have some of the smartest air purifiers and air monitors for you.

iBaby Air: iBaby Air is a smart Wi-Fi air monitor and purifier. It purifies the air, keeps track of your air quality and lets you create charts and see changes over time. It comes in two beautiful wood patterns for your interiors and measures only 6 inches tall. It sends alerts and daily room reports to your smartphone. You can use your smartphone or Apple Watch to monitor it. It comes with lullabies to play; you can also upload your own lullabies, doubles as audio baby monitor and more. Reserve Now: $79.

iBaby Air smart Wi-Fi air monitor and purifier

Wynd Smart Air Purifier: Wynd Smart Air Purifier is a compact device that monitors the air and cleans it to create a bubble of clean air around you. Its capable of providing over 8 liters of clean air per second and instantly funnel clean air towards you. This app enabled devices comes with removable tracker, and its portable size makes it perfect for use anywhere. Reserve Now: $139.

Wynd Smart Air Purifier

Clair B: Clair B is a compact air purifier that lets you bring clean air with you everywhere you go. This portable air purifier is perfect for your car, office, study room, small workspace, and other areas as it takes less space. It features dual filtration technology, runs on 5 volts and features swivel vent that provides 180 degrees rotation. Pre-order: $138.

Clair B compact air purifier

Breathe: Breathe is a really compact wearable air purifier that cleans the air within seconds. It measures 3 cm x 6.5 cm, requires no filter replacement, cleans air up to 20m diameter, lasts up to 30 hours on a full recharge and more. Pre-order: $89.

Breathe compact wearable air purifier

Airy: Airy is a planter that cleans the air in-doors. It works with smart biofiltering technology; uses the natural power of the plant and the it ventilates air through the roots of your plant. Pre-order: About $ 77 (€69).


Sprimo: Sprimo is a smart portable air purifier that provides you with cleaner air in any room, instantly. It comes with Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth LE connectivity, touchscreen and smartsensors; gives you your personal bubble of fresh, clean air. It connects to your smart phone and using its app you can control it and get real-time insights into the quality of the air around you. Reserve Now: $299.

Sprimo smart portable air purifier

uHoo: uHoo monitors the air you breathe and alerts you when your surrounding is not safe. It detects what's in the air and provides recommendations for having better air quality. It sends you real-time alerts. Pre-order: $299.

uHoo air monitor

Leaf Wi-Fi Air Purifier: Leaf Wi-Fi Air Purifier is a smart device that measures particulate matter and uses a Swiss nylon precision woven filtration system to clean your air. Using your smartphone you can control it and compare your data with others. Buy Now.

Leaf Wi-Fi Air Purifier

Airmega: Airmega is a smart air purifier that filters the air in your home and keeps you healthy. It comes with filters that withhold particles as small as 0.3 microns. It features real-time air quality monitoring, smart mode that automatically adapts to its surroundings, powerful dualsuction, smart sleep mode, filter lifetime indicator and more. Using its app you can monitor the air quality, activate the Airmega remotely, set schedule, receive real-time outdoor air quality updates and more. Buy Now: $649 - $849.

Airmega smart air purifier

Clairy: Clairy is a natural air purifier that combines the power of nature and technology and makes air around you cleaner. This smart flowerpot and natural air purifier is powered by real plants. More info.

Clairy natural air purifier

Car Air Purifier: Car Air Purifier improves the air quality in your car by removing unwanted odors, smell, dust and more. It lets you breathe clean air only while traveling to and from your residence and office. Its simple to install, just plug it into 12-v outlet. Buy Now: $19.95.

Car Air Purifier
Table Air: Table Air is a remote-controlled smart air purifier that gives you clean air. This compact and intelligent air purifier comes with a PM2.5 filter, odor removal, multiple air purification functions and more. This desktop air purifier features built-in Wi-Fi module; using its app on your smartphone you can control it. This smart air purifier can also assess the surrounding air quality, and provides travel health recommendations. More info.

Table Air remote-controlled smart air purifier

AXA Music Air Purifier: AXA Music Air Purifier lets you enjoy fresh air along with nice music. It's an air purifier that also features a hifi audio speaker. Its Bluetooth audio speaker plays your favorite music while you enjoy fresh air. It features three-in-one efficient filter and comes with a remote control. More info.

AXA Music Air Purifier

Emerald Air: Emerald Air is a smart system that monitors and cleans the air around you. It filters up odors, PM2.5, and more. It measures the important air parameters that affect your health and comfort and its app displays all your air data in real-time. It even sends alerts to your smartphone when any of the parameters exceeds. More info.

Emerald Air smart system

Airocide Air Purifier: The Airocide Air Purifier requires no filters, no cleaning and it cleans the air 24/7. It comes with multi-setting, capacitive touch controls that let you adjust the setting from low to high and automatic. It features filterless air purification technology. Buy Now: $99.99 - $599.

Airocide Air Purifier
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