Jul 7, 2016

15 Smart Gadgets To Make Photography Easier.

Collection of 'Smart Gadgets To Make Photography Easier' from all over the world.

Tiny1: Tiny1 is a compact and small astrophotography camera that makes it easy for you to reach the stars. It's small, smart, and social. It lets you plan, take photos and share it with your friends. Its compatible with the lens and telescopes available in the market. It measures 113mm x 69mm x 22mm. Reserve Now: $399.

Tiny1 astrophotography camera

Pictar: Pictar combines the benefits of advanced cameras and gives best of iPhone's photographic capability for better pictures. It attaches to your smartphone and provides a comfortable grip to use with one hand. It feature multi-state shutter release, zoom ring, selfie button, smart wheel which controls 7 pre-set modes, virtual wheel, two straps, case to store when not in use, app and more. Pre-order: $90 .


DxO One: DxO One is a compact professional-quality camera that connects with your iPhone and lets you take amazing photos anywhere. Its advanced image processing automatically enhances every photo you take. Buy Now: $439.

DxO One

Relio: Relio is a tiniest USB light with ultra-high color rendering index, and is best suited for professional photographic use. Buy Now: About $185 (£129).

Relio USB light

Flens: Flens improves the flashlight of your smartphone; it turns your phone into a focused flashlight and lets you see better and farther in dark. More info.


PocketSKATER²: PocketSKATER² is the world's most portable, fully featured camera skater that can be placed comfortably in your pocket. It features a unique 3-wheel design that can unfold instantly. With its FlexTILT Head technology you won't need a tripod and it also provides easy angle, height and rotation adjustments to further enhance your photographs. Buy Now: $289.99.


Gorillapod: Its lightweight and compact, has extra flexibility in placing your camera or camcorder just about anywhere you want. Buy Now.

Covr Photo: Covr Photo is an iPhone 6/6S case that features a movable camera lens, and lets you take snapshots and videos while you are holding your smartphone like a TV remote. Buy Now: $49.99.

Covr Photo
Light Cube: Light Cube is a portable and interlocking flashlight and light for filmmaking and photography. It comes with adjustable flashlight speed, can 'freeze time' at speeds of up to one eight-thousands (1/8000) of a second. It doubles as a video light and a flashlight, can be upgraded by adding more cubes to create large studio light banks. Buy Now.

Light Cube
iblazr 2: iblazr 2 is a wireless flashlight for iPhone, iPad, Androids and digital cameras, and works with native camera apps. Connect it with your smart device using Bluetooth and using its app, it works as a remote flashlight with a range of up to 80 feet (25 meters). And by tapping the iblazr device twice, it beams a powerful 300 LUX on 1m flashlight synchronically with your camera's shutter. Buy Now: .

iblazr 2

Gnarbox: Gnarbox is a mobile solution for viewing, backing-up, editing, and sharing your HD footage from any GoPro Hero® or DSLR camera in seconds without the need of a laptop.
Pre-order: $ 299.


Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer: The Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer lets you print photos directly from your smart phone and devices via Bluetooth or NFC. This compact printer weighs only 6.6 ounces, features 500-mAh portable power source and can print 25 sheets when fully recharged. It uses Zink Zero Ink Printing Technology, and is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Buy Now: $129.99.

Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer
MoneyMaker Multi-Camera Harness: The MoneyMaker Multi-Camera Harness is made from a high-grade leather, can hold two cameras near your sides. You can place the harness on backpack style and wear with the straps laying in an "X" pattern across your back for added support. Its Speed Clutch mechanism allows you to easily take your camera along the harness to eye level. Buy Now: $230.

MoneyMaker Multi-Camera Harness
Smart Flashlight: It is a Bluetooth off-camera iPhone flashlight for iPhoneographers; it gives an ambient illumination from 40 points of diffused light which can be controlled using its app. Its shaped like a credit card and can be comfortably placed in your wallet. Buy Now: $59.

Smart Flashlight
Kick: The Kick is a pocket sized lighting studio for iPhone that lets you take better pictures, and make better videos. Buy Now: $179.

Kick lighting studio

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