Jul 20, 2016

15 Gadgets That Make Your Smartphone Smarter.

Collection of 'Gadgets That Make Your Smartphone Smarter' from all over the world.

UpLamp: UpLamp turns your smartphone into gesture driven smart bedside lamp. It can be turned on or off by clapping your hands, or by using its app, and wave to dim the light up and down. Reserve Now: About $ 54 (€49).


Pictar: Pictar combines the benefits of advanced cameras and gives best of iPhone's photographic capability for better pictures. It attaches to your smartphone and provides a comfortable grip to use with one hand. It feature multi-state shutter release, zoom ring, selfie button, smart wheel which controls 7 pre-set modes, virtual wheel, two straps, case to store when not in use, app and more. Pre-order: $90.


iPhone Screen Printer: This compact printer wirelessly connects to your iPhone and prints web pages, e-mails, maps, or notes. It works along with its app on your smartphone, and your home network and prints iPhone-sized black and white prints in seconds. Buy Now: $49.95.

iPhone Screen Printer
Kiwi Plug: Kiwi Plug connects to the audiojack of your smartphone or smart device (iOS and Android) and turns them into a universal remote and lets you control all your connected devices. More info.

Kiwi Plug

Boltivate Wireless Smart Lock: The Boltivate Wireless Smart Lock is compatible with your pre-existing deadbolt lock and creates a wireless lock. It lets you monitor, lock and secure your home from anywhere in the world using your smart phone. Reserve Now: $50.

Boltivate Wireless Smart Lock

Olo: Olo is a smartphone powered 3D printer that uses the light from your smartphone's screen to print 3D objects. Its lightweight, simple to use and can be comfortably placed in your bag or backpack. It's compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. More info.


iSense 3D Scanner for iPhone 6: iSense makes scanning easy; its capable of identifying an object and disregards the background for a perfect result. It loads the data to your smartphone for review, edit and print. Buy Now: $589.21.

iSense 3D Scanner for iPhone 6
Pocket-VR: This compact VR headset lets you enjoy 3D content on your smartphone. Its foldable, allows easy access to screen and ports, comes with integrated lens protection and drop protection. Buy Now: $69.95.


Beartooth: Beartooth lets you use your smart phone off the grid; it connects with your smart phone using Bluetooth 2.0 and lets you talk, text, and use maps when you have no service. It has line-of-sight range of 5 miles for voice and 10 miles for text, and non-line-of-sight of 2 miles for voice and 4 miles for text. It comes with 3000 mAh to recharge your smartphone, lasts for 4 days on a full recharge, features AES 256-bit encryption and is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Pre-order: $149.


Ecovent: Ecovent is a smart thermostat system that allows you to set the temperature in every room individually. Ecovent replaces your existing vents; these wireless vents open and close automatically to send conditioned air where it's needed most. You can adjust your home's settings anywhere, anytime from your smartphone. More info.


Master Lock Smart Padlocks: These Bluetooth Smart Padlocks let you secure what matters most in your life and put the control back in your hands. It makes your phone your key; if you have your phone, just touch any button on the lock and open it. And if you don't have your smartphone, then just enter the directional code on your lock keypad. You can use your smartphone to give access to others, and it comes with tamperalert so you can focus on what's most important to you. Model #4401 is an outdoor Bluetooth smart padlock and is weatherproof while Model #4400 is an indoor Bluetooth smart padlock. These smart padlocks are compatible with Android and iOS devices. Buy Now: 4400D: $70 and 4401DLH: $89.

Master Lock Smart Padlocks

Playbulb Smart Bulb: This smart bulb is simple, yet stylish. Can be fixed into most light fixtures with its standard E26/ E27 screwsocket or use an adapter for any kind of lamps too. This Bluetooth smart bulb along with the app gives you 16.7 million colors to choose from. Buy Now: $39.99.

Playbulb Smart Bulb

DoorBird: DoorBird is WiFi-enabled smart video doorbell that lets you answer your door from anywhere in the world using your iOS and Android devices. It comes with an ultra wide-angle hemispheric lens, nightvision, and built-in 180° infrared motionsensor. It also connects to your existing door chime and door opener. It's weatherresistant. Buy Now: $349 - $999.

NextDrive Plug: The NextDrive Plug looks like a simple plug, but is powered by "Link2" P2P technology, works on Wi-Fi networks and wirelessly expands you smartphone's storage. This micro IoT computer connects your favorite USB devices wirelessly to your smartphone in seconds. All you need to do is plug your USB device into the NextDrive Plug, install its app on your smartphone and you are good to go. You can access your NextDrive Plug anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection. You can use your NextDrive Plug for expanding your smartphone's storage, back up your photo library to a hard drive, stream video from any web camera wirelessly, music streaming and more. Its storage capacity is limited by the size of the USB harddrive you connect and it supports up to 6TB single HDDs. Authorized devices can only access the NextDrive Plug, and all data transfers are secured and authenticated by bank-level security mechanisms and encryption chips. Buy Now: $99.

NextDrive Plug

Scoutee: This smart device turns your smartphone into a smart speed radar and lets you record your pitching speed and video, analyze performance, and share data with others. This compact device measures the speed and transfers the data to its app on your smart phone via Bluetooth. Pre-order: $169.


Verti: Verti is a Bluetooth smart tag that you can tag to your keys, smartphones, wallets, and luggage and never loose another thing. It works as remote for your smartphone camera, smartphone finder, and features virtual leash, map tracking, separation alerts, and social lost and found. Buy Now: $25.


Vrizzmo Headset: The Vrizzmo headset turns your smartphone into a virtual reality headset. It lets you watch spherical, panoramic, 2D and 3D videos and play VR games using your smartphone. It features dual lens system that creates less image distortion and provides 105-degree field of view. It comes with two built-in buttons and you can also customize your headset. Buy Now: About $66 (59.99€).

Vrizzmo Headset

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