Jul 26, 2016

15 Fun Gadgets for Office.

Collection of 'Fun Gadgets for Office' from all over the world.

Musical Ruler: This ruler is tuned to key of C, and comes with an instructional book; become a musician in just a few hours - and you can measure things too. Buy Now: $13.37.

Musical Ruler

Stampler: It looks and works like a normal stapler but it has a little addition; its an attachment that prints a smiling face design at the same time. Buy Now: About $ 16 (£ 12).

StamplerLevitron Globe World Stage: Decorate your desk in style with the Levitron World Stage; it features a 3" globe that levitates using an electromagnetic base and rotates. Buy Now: $89.99.

Levitron Globe World Stage
Desk Daisy Paperclip Clips and Holder: The petals are colorful paper clips that hold on to the magnets in the center of each flower. Buy Now: $11.99.

Desk Daisy Paperclip Clips and HolderMini Business Card File Cabinet: This tiny filing cabinet can hold up to 500 business cards and measure only 6.5" tall. Buy Now: $12.99.

Mini Business Card File Cabinet
Camera USB Drive: This cool camera shaped 4GB USB drive comes with a removable lens. Buy Now: $3.20.

Camera USB Drive
Rubber Pen: It's a writing instrument and also lets you have some fun using rubberbands on the guy in the next cubicle. Buy Now: $4.29.

Rubber PenCamera Pencil Sharpener: Pencil sharpener shaped like a retro twin-lens camera that comes with adjustable sharpness knob and pull-out tray for shavings. Buy Now: $13.68.

Camera Pencil Sharpener
Rubber Band Holder: An unusual way to build your collection of rubber bands with this cool rubber band holder. Buy Now: $11.99.

Rubber Band HolderKaoiro Stamp: "Kaoiro" (means "face expression" in Japanese) is a Japanese emoticon stamp that looks similar to be the datestamp. This stamp is a cool mix of digital and old style stationary and has 7 belts around 20 symbols. Buy Now.

Kaoiro Stamp
Yes Sir Bobble Head Paper Clip Holder: It stands approximately 7 inches tall and holds dozens of paper clips on its magnetic head. Buy Now: $56.

Yes Sir Bobble Head Paper Clip Holder
Salami Notes: The set consists of 1000 notes memo block composed with the best paper slices. Buy Now: About $11 (9,95 €).

Salami Notes
Talk Bubble Dry-Erase Magnets: Tthe set comes in 3, has glossy white dry-erase surface to write messages and wipes clean for re-use. Buy Now: $7.52.

Talk Bubble Dry-Erase Magnets
Beaver Pencil Sharpener: Designed by Rodrigo Torres for Alessi; this wood beaver pencil sharpener doubles up as paper weight. Buy Now: $48.99.

Beaver Pencil Sharpener
Smart Recharge and Sync Cable: The Dexim Visible Green Smart Recharge and Sync Cable for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad features electroluminescent technology; it has lights that visibly show the electrical current flowing through the cable. When your device is low on power, the current runs fast and when it reaches a 60% recharge, the current slows down. Buy Now: $9.65.

Smart Recharge and Sync Cable

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