Jul 1, 2016

15 Best Power Banks.

Looking for power banks to keep your smart phone and other gadgets juiced up on the move? Look no further; we have for you the 'Best Power Banks' from all over the world.

Rokpak: Rokpak is a rugged drybox that holds your smartphone, and protects it from water, temperature and drops when not in use. This solar waterproof storage also doubles as a power bank with 12,000 mAh, capable of recharging your smartphone, cameras, GPS, and more. It comes with flashlight, floats on water, has a small display for alerts, dual smart USB ports for recharging two devices at a time, and interior light to use at nighttime. It also features a water activatedbeacon, smartphone notification system that alerts of incoming calls, and comes with IP67 waterproof rating. Pre-order: $179.


Xtron: Xtron is a USB-C power bank that powers up your new MacBook, iPhone 6s, Nexus 6P/5X and all your USB-C devices at super fast-speeds. It features 13400-mAh power bank and power output at 4.2A making it perfect for business and leisure travelers and for outdoor activities like camping, hiking and more. It recharges itself while recharging other connected devices. It lets you recharge 2 devices at the same time with super fast speed. Buy Now: $69.85.

Xtron USB-C power bank

AMPL's Smart Backpack: This smart backpack is an advanced portable recharging system, features easy to access USB ports in every pocket, 18.5Wh smartbattery, docking bays accommodates up to three (3) additional smartboost expansion modules, shockabsorbers to protect your devices and a rainresistant coating. It comes with smartsensors that work along with its app on your smartphone and let you know the real time power level, temperature, power setting, and more. You get an alert if you forget your backpack. Reserve Now: $249 - $499.

AMPL's Smart Backpack

Solar Power Bank: This power bank is designed when you need it most, it comes equipped with four 3-in-1-signal lights (it will never leave you stranded), solar recharging, 4 USB recharging ports, 20,000 mAh, water and dustproof. Buy Now: $139 .

Solar Power Bank

ET-Stone: ET-Stone is a solar power bank with a lamp and flashlight. It can recharge your gadgets outdoors and provides light when you need. It features a 3100 mAh power source, high quality solar panel (2.75V / 550mAh), 360-degree rotating kickstand and a lamp with 3 intensity levels. Buy Now: $43 - $49 .

ET-Stone solar power bank

Survivor Rugged Power Bank: This Rugged Power Bank comes with 10,050 mAh, capable of providing up to three full recharges for iPhone 6s Plus, and one full recharge for iPad Air 2. It comes with IP66 rating and is compatible with most USB-powered devices. It also doubles as a light source. Buy Now: $49.99.

Survivor Rugged Power Bank
Lifepack: It is a solar powered backpack that features a solar power bank, Bluetooth speakers, an integrated lock, 4 hidden storage pockets, bottle opener, and is weatherresistant and dropresistant storage. Its solar power bank keeps your gadgets juiced up on the go; can recharge your iPhone 6 12 times. It keeps your notebook safe from drops, and keeps your things neatly organized. Pre-order: $169.

Lifepack solar powered backpack

Qbracelet: The Qbracelet is a fashionable smartphone recharger that provides up to 50% extra recharge for your iPhone. Buy Now: $99.

Qbracelet smartphone recharger
Smartphone Recharging Wallet: The Smartphone Recharging Wallet is a trifold leather wallet with a 2500 mAh portable power source to recharge your smartphone. It can hold up to 9 cards, full-length bills and a fastener. Buy Now: $50.

Smartphone Recharging Wallet
Smart Powerbank: This portable and powerful power bank features an AC outlet, 2 USB outputs, 24000 mAh power source, and is capable of powering and recharging your devices anywhere. Its capable of powering devices up to 100 W, comes in two models 110V 60Hz AC (US) and 220V 50Hz AC (EU) standards. You can recharge it by plugging in to AC outlet, micro USB, or solar light. Buy Now: $190.

Smart Powerbank

bKey: bKey is a portable powerbank that gives you 45 minutes of calling and data when your smartphone is out of juice. Its compact device can be attached to your keychain and requires no cables. Buy Now: $25.

bKey portable powerbank
Panasonic Mobile Recharger: This portable travel recharger comes with 1880mAh power bank; it recharges your smartphone from any wall outlet and also on the move. It lets you juice up your gadgets anytime, anywhere. Buy Now: $12.99.

Panasonic Mobile Recharger
Culcharge: This keychain unit features a 1000mAh power bank, a built-in chargecord and a data cable. Buy Now: $39.99.


Smartphone Recharging Pen: This Smartphone Recharging Pen is a ballpoint pen that doubles as a recharger for your smartphone. Buy Now: $30.

Smartphone Recharging Pen
AirScale: Many frequent air-travelers are concerned most of the times about their baggage weight and smartphone recharging. We have AirScale that make things easy for you; it's a portable device that can calibrate weights up to 40kg and also feature a 5600 mAh power bank to recharge your smartphone on the go. It gives 2.4A (output), recharges most mobile phones fully for more than 2 cycles and recharges 2 times faster than most power banks. More info.


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