Jul 15, 2016

15 Best Music Making Gadgets.

Collection of 'Best Music Making Gadgets' from all over the world.

Aerodrums Air Drumming Percussion Instrument: Aerodrums is an air drumming percussion instrument that allows you to drum without a physical drum kit, by making air-drumming gestures. Its very portable, provides high sound quality, and musical expressiveness on par with a real drum kit or electronic drums. Buy Now: $199.

Aerodrums Air Drumming Percussion Instrument

The One Light Keyboard: This smart portable device teaches you how to play with light-up keys. The light up keys let you start playing music right away. It comes with 61 backlit, touch-sensitive keys that make it easy for you to play music along with its app on your smartphone or smart device (iOS / Android). You can take lessons in comfort of your home with top online instructors through its app. Buy Now: $299.

The One Light Keyboard

Sonoma Guitarjack: Guitarjack Model 2 is a high quality iOS audio input and output interface that connects a wide range of instruments, microphones, and other audio hardware to the iPhone and record them with apps like Fourtrack and StudioTrack. Buy Now.

Sonoma Guitarjack
Artiphon Instrument 1: Artiphon Instrument 1 gives you an intuitive way to create music and play any sound. This compact, portable, durable, self-powered device connects to your smartphone, or computer. Its patented multi-instrument technology transforms the device into a guitar, violin, bass, piano, drum machine... it's any instrument you want it to be. Using its app you can design new instruments and customize tunings. Its fully MIDI-compatible and works with 100s of MIDI apps and software like Ableton Live, ProTools, Logic, and many more on your computer. Buy Now: $399.

Artiphon Instrument 1

irig Pro: The irig Pro features compact audio and MIDI interface that allows you to make music on the go. Buy Now: $124.83.

irig Pro
Kurv Guitar: This stringless digital guitar lets you learn and play songs using touch, gestures and more. The device detects the pressure of your fingertips, and lets you manipulate the sounds. This wearable system is capable of detecting your moving fingers and lets you move seamlessly up and down a virtual fretboard. It senses the strumming or plucking just like a normal guitar and reacts to your tempo fast and slow. It comes with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and on a recharge can last for up to 8 hours. Pre-order: $245.

Kurv Guitar

DrumPants: DrumPants are really cool; its like having an entire band in your pocket. These are said to be the world's first industrial quality wearable musical instrument. Its true you need to watch someone play it to believe it. Buy Now.


Jambé: Jambé is an electronic musical instrument that works with your iOS smart device and gives you unlimited sounds and wonderful playability. It looks and feels like a regular drum, built with all natural wood and metal materials, and can be placed on regular drum stands. But there is much more to this expressive, portable, and infinitely expandable device. It allows you to create music and explore rhythm, using your hands, fingers, or drumsticks. It transforms these gestures into expressive dynamic sounds. It connects to an Apple iOS device, and you can easily expand and upgrade your instrument with a few taps on the screen. Pre-order.


jamstik+: This smart guitar is designed to bring vision of playing music to your life. It connects wirelessly to your iPad, iPhone, Mac via Bluetooth LE and its apps to get you playing right away. Its apps guide you from how to hold it correctly, all the way to creating your own song. Its jamTutor app walks you through a series of lessons while jamMix app lets you just start playing. Its is more than a guitar, its also a MIDI controller that allows it to sound like almost any instrument you can think of. It also connects with other music apps like GarageBand, Sampletank, and Ableton. Buy Now: $299.99.


Gibson Memory Cable: This 16-foot cable features a built-in, super-compact recorder that can store over 13 hours of audio. All you need to do is plug the cable into your guitar, press a button, and the cable records everything you play. Buy Now: $69.95.

Gibson Memory Cable
Mogees: Mogees is a smart device that transforms anything into a musical instrument, allowing you to make music anywhere. All you need to do is stick it to anything around you and play. Its app can be trained to recognize different types of taps on an object and you can then associate these gestures to individual sounds. The device is plug & play; just select your instrument and start playing. Buy Now: $129.99.


Jamblaster: Jamblaster is a smartphone attachment for musicians that lets you play live, in sync with other musicians from different locations remotely. You can record high quality audio, broadcast live video performances, teach or take lessons, and more. It's perfect for rehearsals without space or travel. Its Jamtracks lets you access 4,000+ of your favorite songs to learn and play along. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices. Buy Now: $299.99.


Oval: Oval is an electronic musical instrument that connects to your smartphone or smart device and lets you play, learn and perform music using any sound you can imagine. It lets you change and create sounds and share your compositions with an online community. It's illuminatedpads gives you visual cues for following along mode, metronome mode, and musical games. It connects to your smart gadgets via Bluetooth. Pre-order: $690.


Gtar: Gtar is an app-enabled smart guitar that's built exactly like a real guitar, comes with multi-touch light fretboard that makes it easy for you to learn, create, and play music. Its fretboard shows you what to play and tracks whether you're doing it correctly. Use its app to learn your favorite songs. It is MIDI-compatible, so you can plug it into your favorite apps. Buy Now: $699.


GuitarConnect Pro: The GuitarConnect Pro allows you to plug your guitar input to your Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. You can use your smart device screen to tune, record, edit, adding effects, and overdub while you play. What more, you can plug in a guitar, bass, keyboard and more that takes a 1/4" mono plug. Buy Now: $69.99.

GuitarConnect Pro
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