Jun 10, 2016

15 Must Have Safety Gadgets - Part 4.

Collection of 'Must Have Safety Gadgets' from all over the world.

Kingii: Kingii is a wearable water security device that stays out of the way and provides additional safety in the water in a convenient way. This inflatable device can be placed on your wrist and is perfect for fishing, kayaking, snorkeling or any other activity around the water. Buy Now: $89.99.

Kingii wearable water security device

Co2 Automatic Vest: The U.S. Coast Guard-approved Onyx Co2 Automatic Vest inflates automatically when immersed in water or manually by pulling a simple T-cord attachment. It's perfect for boating, kayaking, fishing and more. Buy Now: $85.99.

Co2 Automatic Vest
FiLIP 2: FiLIP 2 is a wearable phone and smart locator for kids. You can call, text and locate your kid right from their smartphone. Using the FiLIP app you can choose five phone numbers that your kid can call up and receive calls from them. FiLIP 2 uses a blend of GPS, GSM and Wi-Fi that allows you to locate your kid using the most accurate location information, both indoors and out. Kids can press the red button on their FiLIP 2 for three seconds to initiate alert. You can set up to five safezones using the FiLIP app, and when FiLIP 2 detects your kid has entered or left a safezone, it sends a notification to your smartphone. The FiLIP 2 works as a regular watch and shows the time. It's compatible with iOS 6 and greater or Android 2.3 and greater. Buy Now: $149.99.

FiLIP 2 wearable phone

Safe Lane: Safe Lane is a swimmingpool wall bumper that's designed to protect the swimmers against swimmingpool's walls. Its portable, easy to install and when you are done, it folds up for easy storage. Buy Now - $139.99.

Safe Lane wall bumper

KidCo Electrical Outlet Covers: The power outlets always attract the baby's attention, and to keep them safe we have these oversized covers for the entire plug-in surface that prevents them from placing objects into the outlet. Buy Now: $9.99.

KidCo Electrical Outlet Covers
The Safest and Brightest 360° Bike Lights: These bike lights feature incredible brightness at 360 degree visibility, USB recharging, magnetic holding, and 100% waterproofing. Buy Now: $ 229.

Safest and Brightest 360° Bike Lights

Defender: The Defender is a smart personal protection system for everywhere security that combines self-defense and 24/7 security. You can take pictures; sound an alert to attract attention and it also features a strong pepper spray. All you need to do is push the button when you sense trouble around and leave the rest to Defender. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices. Pre-order: $179.

Defender smart personal protection system

Elephant Door: Elephant Door is a portable smart home security device that can detect when someone's attempting to break into your place before entry has been gained, and alerts you. It features smartly designed algorithms, and its in-app notifications allow you to react immediately. Its portable, simple to install, emits an 110+ db sound, and can be controlled via app. Its best suited for tenants who rent rooms, apartments or for people who have to travel a lot. More info.

Elephant Door smart home security device

EasyLock: The EasyLock is a portable temporary travel door lock that features the strength of stainless steel and secures in seconds. Its strong yet a small and light security solution, it lets you open just enough to allow you to confirm a visitor or receive documents. It's perfect for travelers. Buy Now: About $36 (£24.95).

EasyLock portable temporary travel door lock

Tracer 360 Visibility Vest: The Tracer 360 Visibility Vest features 360-degree illumination, 3M reflective materials keep you safe and visible at night. It's perfect for bike riding at night and is sure to get attention of smartphone-distracted drivers. It's lightweight, comfortable, rainproof and can be worn over a t-shirt or your running or cycling jacket. Buy Now: $59.99.

Tracer 360 Visibility Vest
Wearsafe: Wearsafe is a wearable personal safety device that instantly alerts, informs and connects your most trusted network with the press of a button. When activated, an alert is sent to your contact list with your location, speed of travel, and streaming audio. It has a range of up to 200 feet and is compatible with your smartphone. Buy Now: $39.

Wearsafe personal safety device

Brio: This smart power outlet keeps your family safe and in particular the kids. Normal electrical outlets are always live with 120V, but Brio's default state is off 0V. When it detects a valid plug, the outlet switches to 24V "sensing" mode. And once the controller confirms the validity of the load, only then Brio switches from safe mode to normal 120V output. Its cool cobalt blue light indicates when the outlet is in override mode. And it is easy and quick to install and anyone can do it. More info.

Brio smart power outlet

AmbyGear: AmbyGear is a cool smartwatch for kids that comes with a range of fun applications to inspire kids to be independent, confident and physically active. It nurtures your kid's learning and keeps them engaged. It comes with built in GPS, text messaging and boundary alerts, and informs you of your kid's location and activity. Using its texting app you can direct text to your kid's AmbyGear smartwatch and it requires no cellphone service. Its rewards empower you to track progress and reward you kids for their achievements. Its app is compatible with iOS and Android smart phones. Buy Now: $99.

AmbyGear smartwatch

Thudguard Baby Safety Helmet: This baby safety helmet features a comfortable stretchy circumference band, holes for ventilation, ½ inch thick protective foam and is perfect for your baby while they are developing their newfound mobility. Buy Now: $42.95.

Thudguard Baby Safety Helmet
LightMode: LightMode makes you more visible in night settings by illuminating your helmet with superior visibility. It transforms your plain old motorcycle helmet into a fully functioning, illuminated gear. It's easy to install, works with any type of motorcycle helmet and provides 360-degree visibility. Buy Now: $69 - $72.

LightMode illuminated gear

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