Jun 20, 2016

15 Must Have Off Grid Kitchen Gadgets.

Collection of 'Must Have Off Grid Kitchen Gadgets' from all over the world.

Somapitcher: The Somapitcher is a refined water pitcher that features a coconut shellcarbon and a plant-based casing to give you clean water. Its filters last 40 gallons that means you can fill it every day for two months. Buy Now: $39.

Pineapple Slicer and Dicer: This cleverly designed tool peels, slices and dices a pineapple in two simple steps. Buy Now: $19.95.

Pineapple Slicer and DicerGEFU Spiral Cutter: The GEFU Spiral Cutter transforms vegetables into delicious vegetable spaghetti. Buy Now: $44.95.

GEFU Spiral Cutter
Garlic Shaker: The Garlic Shaker gives you the simplest yet the best way to peel garlic. All you need to do is put garlic cloves into the device, close both covers, shake for 30 seconds and you are done. Buy Now: $19.95.

Garlic Shaker

Sombrero Citrus Juicer / Funnel: It combines a juicer and funnel into one; just place it over a beverage bottle, twist a half of a citrus fruit over the reamer and juice flows down through the funnel into the bottle. Buy Now: $10.16.

Sombrero Citrus Juicer / Funnel
Adjustable Potato Ricer: OXO Adjustable Potato Ricer provides three settings-fine, medium and coarse. Buy Now: $29.95.

Adjustable Potato Ricer
Salad Spinner: Best suited for oil-based salad dressings that only adhere to greens which are perfectly dry; this clear bowl doubles as a salad bowl also. Buy Now: $25 - $30.

Salad Spinner
Cherry Pitter: This Cherrymat Cherry Pitter can process up to 25 lbs of cherries in a single hour. Buy Now: $29.95.

Cherry Pitter
Citrus Spray: Designed by Belgian company Lékué, it's an attachment for citrus fruits so their juice can be sprayed onto. Buy Now: $7.05.

Citrus Spray
Rösle Multi Chopper: This handpowered chopper makes quick work of preparation. Buy Now: $58.90.

Rösle Multi ChopperVegetable Chopper: Easily chop onions, vegetable, nuts and herbs with this cool gadget; just press the top and the blades rotate for even chopping. Buy Now: $19.95.

Vegetable ChopperApple Peeler: It peels, cores and slices apples, pears and potatoes. Buy Now: $29.95.

Apple PeelerHerbs Mill: With a minimal effort and simple twist, the sharp blades will quickly and smoothly mince even large quantities of herbs. Buy Now: $19.95.

Herbs MillTomato/Mozzarella Slicer: This useful tool swiftly cuts ripe tomatoes and creamy mozzarella into uniform slices. Buy Now: $37.67.

Tomato/Mozzarella SlicerRotato Potato Peeler: This cool innovative tool peels off potato skin in one continuous spiral. Buy Now: $26.80.

Rotato Potato PeelerChef'n Veggi Vegetable Chopper: Simply pull the ring holder to activate this handpowered food processor. It prepares everything from onions and garlic to baby food, fruits and nuts. Buy Now: $19.95.

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