Jun 3, 2016

15 Must Have Gadgets For Your Kitchen.

Collection of 'Must Have Gadgets For Your Kitchen' from all over the world.

Flatev: The Flatev is a countertop appliance that makes fresh tortillas at the touch of a button. No need of any mixing or kneading, just place a corn or flour dough pod in the drawer, push the button and get fresh tortillas. The drawer keeps six tortillas warm in case you decide to have it later. It measures 11 x 14 x 15 inches, makes tortillas measuring 5.5 to 6 inches in diameter in less than 90 seconds. Reserve Now.


Juicero Juicer: The Juicero Coldpress Juicer is a countertop gadget that uses industrial-strength power to make nutrient-rich juice at the push of a button. The juice packs are filled with fruits and vegetables, and no water. The pack stay fresh for 6 days in your refrigerator and can withstand up to four tons of force generated by the Juicero Press. Its app (iOS and Android) connects your Press to the Internet; personalize your weekly subscription, and more. Buy Now.

Juicero Juicer

Pizzeria Pronto Stovetop Oven: The Pizzeria Pronto Stovetop Pizza Oven lets you bake pizzas on a gasstove. Just place it on a gasburner, in 15 minutes it heats up to 600 F and cooks your pizza in 6 minutes. Buy Now: $149.9.

Pizzeria Pronto Stovetop Oven

Hyperchiller Coffee Maker: The Hyperchiller makes cool, refreshing chilled coffee with zero dilution in a minute. It features multi container design, works using icecubes and cools your coffee by as much as 130+ degrees in a single minute. Buy Now: $ 29.99.

Hyperchiller Coffee Maker

Ripplemaker: This Latte Art Machine lets you create latte art from any image or text atop the foam layer of coffee. Its pods contain coffee extract made from a high-quality mix of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. And each of these pods create more than 1000 designs. Use its touchscreen display for choosing your design, and more. Its app is iOS and Android compatible. Buy Now.


OneCook: OneCook is a smart robotic cooker that lets you streamline the entire cooking process, and adapts its cooking style to your personal preferences. It lets you create and tailor your favorite recipes based on your previous ones. You can log into the OneCook platform through Wi-Fi and explore more recipes. What more, recipes can be shared between machines and it lets you taste your mom's or favorite recipes by copying their cooking processes directly into your machine. Pre-order.


Butter Sprayer: The Butter Sprayer is perfect butter tool you will ever need. All you need to do is drop a stick of butter inside the device and store it in the refrigerator. It comes with smart on/off; its integrated accelerometer detects when you want to use and heats to a temperature of 95 degrees Fahrenheit, perfect for using the butter spray. Use it on your toast, popcorn and anything you need to butter. Pre-order.

Butter Sprayer

Multi-Cooker: The Kitchenaid Multi-Cooker features 10 cooking methods with 4 step-by-step modes. It comes with a 4-quart cookingpot, dual-purpose steam basket, and roastingrack. It also features a digital display for temperature and timer for up to 12 hours of cooking. Buy Now: $249.99.

Controlfreak Induction Cooktop: The Controlfreak induction cooking system lets you set 397 temperature settings from 86 degrees to 482 degrees Fahrenheit. Buy Now: $ 1,799.95.

Controlfreak Induction Cooktop
Burger Maker: The Cave Tools Burger Maker makes six 1/3-lbs size patties in one go; for those who want their burgers fast and big. Buy Now: $25.99.

Burger Maker
Bartesian: Bartesian comes with a simple three-button interface, takes out the guesswork, and lets you make delicious drinks without recipes or multiple ingredients right at home. Pre-order: $299.


Cuisinart's Vertical Waffle Maker: The Cuisinart's Vertical Waffle Maker comes with cooking plates plated vertically, only its base occupies space on your counter. It features a spout on top for filling up with your favorite mix. It maximizes your counter space, and the same can be used for other kitchen appliances. Buy Now: $73.99.

Cuisinart's Vertical Waffle Maker

Gourmia Supreme 8-in-1: The Digital Multi-Function Cooker features eight functions in one device, lets you cook using a variety of different cooking techniques. This 1500 watts unit comes with 5.6 qt bowl, fry basket, grill/steam racks, and fondue fun kit. Use it to fry, steam, fondue, roast, stew, and more. It also lets you manually program temperature and times. Buy Now: $189.99.

Gourmia Supreme 8-in-1

WaterO: WaterO is a smart countertop reverse osmosis system that displays purification levels, connects to your smartphone and reminds you to stay hydrated. It makes water purification simple; requires no installation or plumbing. Pre-order: $399.


Root: Root is a smart countertop gardening system comes with an automated light and watering system that allows you to grow vegetables and herbs anywhere. Pre-order: $ 299.

Root  countertop gardening system
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