Jun 4, 2016

15 Smart Home Gadgets That Make Your Life Easier.

If you are looking for smart home gadgets for your home look no further. We present you the best home gadgets that are sure going to make your life easier.

Noria: Noria is smart window air conditioner that is less than 6" tall, easy to install, measures 5.8''H x 18.25''W x 15''D and weights apx 30 lbs.
Its patent-pending engineering makes it possible for putting in the cooling hardware in such a compact design.
It features an intuitive thermostat knob interface, you can put it on schedule or control it using your iPhone or Android, and it connects via Bluetooth.
Just plug it in and set the thermostat and leave the rest to Noria to cool your home.
It comes with Fresh Air Mode that brings fresh air into your home, and Total Roomcirculation that directs the coldair upwards for better cooling throughout the room.
A single unit cools up to 160 square feet and two can cool a room up to 330 sq ft.
Its slim profile lets you keep most of the view from your window, and allows easy storage when not in use.
It comes with a windowframe adapter sized for openings 21 to 36 inches wide that ensure a safe and easy installation. Pre-order: $299.

Noria smart window air conditioner

Starry Station: Starry Station is a next generation smart router that combines functionary with style. It features 3.8-inch touchscreen display for easy access that makes things a lot easy for you. It monitors the health of your network and all your devices.
Its Ambient Mode at a glance displays if there are issues with your Internet service or online devices.
Its Interactive mode gives you everything you need - your Wi-Fi name and password, your Internet Speed, and more.
Use its ScreenTime from its app for network-level parental controls to block usage on certain devices with one click.
Its 802.15 ready, comes with 802.11ac Wi-Fi, MIMO antenna, and beamforming technology for audio and video streaming. It works with your existing Internet service, including cable, fiber, and DSL. And works with PCs and Macs, video streamers, and more.
Use its touchscreen display for easy access or use its app for tweaking remotely. Buy Now: $349.99.

Starry Station smart router

Netatmo Presence: The Netatmo Presence isn't just another smart security camera that records, sending alerts to your phone and more. Netatmo Presence is smart enough to identify what's at the door - a person, car or an animal. It provides ultra-precise alerts to let you know instantly about what happens outside your home.
It comes with integrated outdoor lighting or you can use its IR night vision to watch discreetly. You can switch on the smart floodlight manually using its app or set to switch on when it detects a person, car or animal.
Use its app to watch live stream from any device, anytime; just scroll through past footage and download your favorite videos. Record the feed locally onto the Presence using microSD card.
Its simple to install, features weatherproof aluminum construction, up to 20 meter / 65 feet of detection, and secure end-to-end encryption. Buy Now.

Netatmo Presence smart security camera

SeeNote: SeeNote is a digital sticky note that can be placed anywhere. It features an ePaper touchscreen, lasts up to 1 month of continuous use, comes with a full color lightstrip, and more.
It connects to your home network via Wi-Fi pulling down updates from its cloudserver. It comes with a customizable, modular interface that provides you easy access to notes, updates, and controls from your favorite apps.
You can leave a note to your family member or roommate via email, or through the app. It gets you the best route using Google Maps, keeps you updated with your next appointment, works with IFTTT and control your smart home, set reminders, open API and more.
Using its Bluetooth it can detect and switch accounts, based on proximity.
Its app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It comes with no wires, or requires installation; just stick it anywhere you want. Pre-order: $99.

SeeNote digital sticky note

Ultraloq Smart Lock: The Ultraloq Smart Lock simplifies your safety and lets you in with or without you smart phone. It has Bluetooth enabled fingerprint and touchscreen smart lever lock.
You can use fingerprint, code, key or smartphone to unlock. What more you can even knock on your phone twice to open the door, even when it's in your pocket.
It features Advanced Fingerprint Identification, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, IP65 rating, and 3 double A lasts up to 8,000 times access.
Its Antipeep Password ensures that worn-out keypad digits don't give away your password and lets you type in any number of random digits, and provides access as long as the 1 correct password is embedded in the longer set of numbers.
It comes with 3 mechanical keys for backup; a keyhole is hidden on the bottom to give extra security.
Its Auto-Relock feature automatically relocks after 4 seconds.
It logs records that you can access to know who entered and its app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Pre-order: $179.

Ultraloq Smart Lock

Sevenhugs Smart Remote: The Sevenhugs Smart Remote lets you control your smart home with just one touch. All you need to do is just point the remote at any connected device you want to control.
Its capable of recognizing where and what you're pointing to. It's compatible with Philips Hue bulbs, Sonos speakers, Nestthermostats and more. Buy Now.

Sevenhugs Smart Remote

Airmega: Airmega is a smart air purifier that filters the air in your home and keeps you healthy. It comes with filters that withhold particles as small as 0.3 microns.
It features real-time air quality monitoring, smart mode that automatically adapts to its surroundings, powerful dualsuction, smart sleep mode, filter lifetime indicator and more.
Using its app you can monitor the air quality, activate the Airmega remotely, set schedule, receive real-time outdoor air quality updates and more. Buy Now: $649 - $849.

Airmega smart air purifier

Ily: Ily is a smart home phone for kids to communicate with their family, without their own mobile devices or access to yours. This dedicated hub connects generations; kids need to just tap and it rings on their parent'/grandparent's smartphone or smart device even if they don't have an Ily phone.
It's designed to be safe for kids to use on their own; parental supervision not required. They will be able to call only those whom you have added to your family list.
To make a call you don't need two Ily Phones; family members can make and receive calls via the Ily app on iOS and Android devices. And when kids call from Ily, it will ring on your phone at work, or even on the landline at the grandparents' house (requires a landline or VOIP service.)
It comes integrated with Amazon's "Ask Alexa" tool that allows kids with questions.
Ily's simple drawing feature lets the kids send their works of art right to your smartphone.
Its messaging feature allows the kids to send you text messages, and keeps a running thread with your photos and drawings.
Now calling family is only a tap away. Pre-order: $159.

Ily smart home phone

Outdoor Switch: The iDevices Outdoor Switch allows you to control your outdoor lights, water fountains, floodlights, stereos and more from your smartphone.
You can control, monitor and schedule your outdoor electronics using your iPhone and interact with your devices using Siri.
Its HomeKit enabled, comes with a rugged design, Bluetooth Smart, Wi-Fi, and dual-outlets. Buy Now: $79.

iDevices Outdoor Switch

Google Home: Google Home is a smart voice-activated device that lets you and your family to get answers from Google, stream music, and manage everyday tasks.
Enjoy your entertainment more easily than ever; automate home, and much more. More info.

Google Home

Sweepovac: Sweepovac takes the words literally 'sweep under the carpet', though here its under the furniture. Sweepovac can be installed under your existing furniture like cabinets, shelves and more.
It comes with a drawer in the middle with a small opening in its base and a large button on the side. All you need to do is just sweep the dirt in the front of the opening and press the button using your foot and leave the rest to the device.
It ensures you won't ever again need a dustpan. Buy Now: $199.95.

Sweepovac Vacuum

ResetPlug: Its really annoying when the Internet goes out, you need to go and restart your Wi-Fi router and the modem. This is where ResetPlug comes in; it automates this task and automatically resets your Wi-Fi router/modem when Wi-Fi stops working.
It connects to your home network, monitors your Wi-Fi router/modem and resets power if connection is out. To make it work, just connect your Wi-Fi router/modem into the device; the smart plug acts as a Wi-Fi client to test the Internet connection.
And if connection is out, it cycles power to the Wi-Fi equipment to reset the connection. It continues to cycle power every five minutes until the Internet works again.
It works with any all-in-one combination device (Router/Modem/AP), any Wi-Fi router, any Wi-Fi access point, and any broadband modem. Buy Now: $59.99.

Eye-Vac Home Touchless Vacuum: The Eye-Vac Home touchless vacuum sits in the corner of your kitchen, and when you sweep dirt into its area, the infraredsensors automatically activates the vacuum, leaving you with a clean floor. It's more of an automatic dustbin than a full-on vacuum cleaner.
It also comes with air filtration system that gives you clean air. Buy Now: $99.

Eye-Vac Home Touchless Vacuum

Entr Smart Lock: The Entr Smart Lock transforms your door into a smart door, gives access from your smartphone, Fingerprint, Code and more.
Its easy to install, and can be opened even with your regular key. Buy Now.

Entr Smart Lock

Cove: Cove is an elegant home recharging center that recharges everything in one place. This USB recharging station can recharge 5 devices at the same time. It holds your smartphones, e-readers, smart wearable devices and more and recharges them. Buy Now: $250.

Cove home recharging center

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