Jun 16, 2016

12 Cool Levitating Gadgets For The Home.

Looking for levitating gadgets for the home? Look no further as we have the best, coolest and awesome levitating gadgets from all over the world.

Mars Auto Levitating Speaker with Subwoofer: This levitation Bluetooth speaker system comes with Hi-Fi sound, 360° sound projection and advanced microphone technology for better calling experience. It floats elegantly above the base and comes with cool circular lighting system. When it runs out of juice, it lands slowly on the base and recharges wirelessly. You can connect two units and build a 2.1 stereo sound system to enhance your home theater experience. It comes with IPX7 rating, Bluetooth 4.0, and its app is compatible with iOS and Android. Buy Now: $328.98.

Auto Levitating Speaker with Subwoofer

Levitating Cup: The Levitating Cup makes your beverage float in space through an electrical field and magnets. All you need to do is pour your beverage in the cup, plug its base into the nearest electrical outlet. Now you need to place the cup above the base and move until it locks into place mid-air and its four lights turn on. Buy Now: $190 .

Levitating Cup
Levitating Light Bulb: This Levitating Light Bulb is wirelessly powered and floats stably in midair for years. More info:

Levitating Light BulbNFC Levitation Speaker: This Bluetooth floating speaker provides 3D surround stereo, features Bluetooth 4.1 Technology, built-in NFC function, and floats 10mm from its base. It rotates 360 degrees, connects to your smartphones, smart devices, MP3/MP4 and more, and recharges via USB port. Buy Now: $79.99 .

NFC Levitation Speaker
Floating Lamp: The Floating Lamp looks like an old fashioned lamp but when it is floating, it gets a futuristic look. It floats using levitation technology, can be dimmed with a touch, and its light flows through the openings of the mirror. Buy Now: $1,650.

Floating Lamp
Lamp from Baita Design: This cool lamp from Baita Design uses magnet technology that allows the lamp to levitate. More info.

Lamp from Baita DesignLevitron Floating Stand: The Levitron features EZ Float technology that levitates any object that weighs less than 13oz in mid-air. Buy Now: $121.99.

Levitron Floating Stand
Floating Photoframe: Now display your favorite photo with this automatically rotating photoframe that also floats. Buy Now: About: $41 (£28.68).

Floating Photoframe
Flyte Levitating Light: The Flyte Levitating Light uses magnets to float in mid air and is powered by induction technology; and its wireless recharging base station also recharges your smartphone. Buy Now: $349.

Flyte Levitating Light
Levitating Projector: This levitating ball is actually a projector, and consists of four parts - speakers, power pack, audio/video inputs and media memorycard. More info:

Levitating Projector
Levitating Projector
Floating Bed: Designed by Janjaap Ruijssenaars, it floats in the midair and is sold as an art piece. More info.

Floating BedHendo Hoverboard: We know this isn't a home gadget but never the less we didn't want to miss this one. Hendo Hoverboard is said to be the world's first real hoverboard. Its hover engines induce an opposing magnetic field in the surface substrate below that provides lift, levitating the board off the ground. More info.

Hendo Hoverboard

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