Jun 30, 2016

15 Cool Addons and Pockets.

Collection of 'Cool Addons and Pockets' from all over the world.

Orca Gear Wrap: The 26 quart Wrap lets you attach storage pouches on your cooler. The attachment expands the utility of your cooler; its each pouch is designed to meet a specific need and function. It comes with 1000 lb tensile strength to hold heavy loads. Buy Now: $49.99.

Orca Gear Wrap
Chair Wear Big Baggy: The Chair Wear Big Baggy makes it really easy for you to addon pockets to your chair. Just place this cover onto the backrest of your chair and get eight pockets for your gadgets; use it to store your laptop, smart device or whatever you need. What more, it comes with loops for a headset and pens, and a cushion. Buy Now: $139.

Chair Wear Big Baggy
Zcharge: It's a cool bedside solution that stores up to six devices and recharges them. Its made from fabric, needs to be placed under your mattress; it provides storage pouches on each side of the bed. It comes with a USB hub that can recharge six devices at a go. Buy Now: $99.99.

G.E.A.R. Seat Covers: The Smittybilt G.E.A.R. Seat Covers feature pockets and storage space that lets you store personal things and save space. You can remove or place modular pouches anywhere as per your requirement. Buy Now: $100.12.

G.E.A.R. Seat Covers
Wicker Backpack: Most of the backpacks use straps and attachable modules for expanding their capacity, but Wicker uses webbed adjustable nylon exterior for additional storage. Buy Now: About: $200 (180 EUR).

Wicker Backpack
Granite Gear Shoulder Strap Pocket: This ultralight pocket attaches to your pack's load lifter webbing at the top, and lower adjustment buckle web at the bottom. It gives extra storage space for the items you need close to your reach while you're on the trail. It works with most of the packs available in the market. Buy Now: $19.95.

Granite Gear Shoulder Strap Pocket
Granite Gear Pack Pockets: Its designed to work with most of the packs available in the market; these ultralight pockets attach to our pack's side, front or straps, and provides you extra room, protection and convenience. Buy Now: $22.95.

Granite Gear Pack Pockets
Reel: Reel utilizes the bike frames triangle to create and customize your own luggage carrier. More info.

Vest - Modular System: It comes with eight removable pouches; six large utility pouches and two small utility pouches. It all features zippered large pockets on left and right for documents and other items. Buy Now: About: $47 (£34.99).

Vest - Modular System
Car Seat Back Organizer: It features a pocket for tissuebox holder, two large open pockets for CD's and DVD's , two smaller pockets for MP3 or any other portable gadget and two side pockets for miscellaneous thins. Buy Now: $8.99.

Car Seat Back Organizer
Modular Fightstrap: Its made for easy storage; accepts FS 6/9 pockets, FS Ultralight 6/12 pockets on the nylon side and Ragnar pockets on the body side. Buy Now: $41.18.

Modular Fightstrap
Cooler Belt: Cooler Belt lets you stay more organized and efficient and maximizes the coolers use. More info.

Cooler Belt

Belt Pocket: The Granite Gear belt pocket works with most of the packs available in the market. These ultralight pockets attach to your pack's belt webbing or a hip stabilizer strap, and gives extra storage space for the items you need within reach while you're on the trail. Buy Now: $22.95.

Belt Pocket
Backpack Cooler Chair: This 13 lbs chair, folds to a mere 10" wide, and comes with two shoulder straps for moving to a tailgate or the beach. The cooler bag attaches to the left armrest and keeps drinks and food cool for several hours. Buy Now: $99.95.

Backpack Cooler Chair
12 Can Holder Pack: It features 12 insulated can holders and each one holds a 12-ounce can. It keeps your beverages cool, comes with adjustable waist belt and is perfect for tailgating, camping and more. Buy Now: $34.99.

12 Can Holder Pack
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