May 17, 2016

12 Smart Umbrellas For You.

Collection of 'Smart Umbrellas For You' from all over the world.

Oombrella: Oombrella is a smart umbrella that can forecast weather and alerts you if you leave it behind. This connected umbrella comes with smartsensors, features buzzer and a light that alerts of incoming call or a notification on your smartphone. You can also fix your GoPro or camera on the top of the umbrella. Use its app to track all your activities and weather stats that you experience during your travel. More info.


Kishaumbrella: It is a smart umbrella that features a Bluetooth chip which connects to your smartphone and alerts you whenever you leave it behind in any public place. Its app features a built-in weather forecast, so you know when to take it out along. Buy Now: .


Davek Alert Umbrella: Davek is a smart umbrella that features a Bluetooth-based proximity chip that broadcasts a silent signal to your phone. And if the distance between the chip and your smart phone exceeds a certain distance then the umbrella sends you a reminder to your phone. It builds an invisible leash between your umbrella and you; you will never forget your umbrella again. Buy Now: $125.

Davek Alert Umbrella

Haz Motorized Smart Umbrella: This smart umbrella opens, closes, and retracts automatically. It connects to your smartphone using the built-in Bluetooth and sends you location reminders and also notifies you of the latest weather information. Buy Now: $109.

Haz Motorized Smart Umbrella

Umbrella Here: Umbrella Here is not a smart umbrella but turns your umbrella into a smart umbrella. It lights up your umbrella and signals that your umbrella is available for sharing. Use its app on your smartphone to control it and let others know your umbrella is available for sharing. Works similarly like a taxi light, powered on means strangers are welcome to share your umbrella. What more, it doubles as a weather gadget and uses different visual cues to let you know about weather.

Umbrella Here

Cypress Umbrella: The Cypress Umbrella is a fully telescopic umbrella that features an automotive inspired ribsuspension system and interchangeable canvas. Pre-order: $75.

Cypress Umbrella

Kjaro: This innovative umbrella is a perfect combination of technology, design and convenience. Its fill-empty drops case makes it stand out; you can wear it, place it upright on a table or on a desk. Buy Now: About: $76 (€67.20).


Kazbrella: Kazbrella is an inside out umbrella, that comfortably opens and closes in small spaces, stays strong in wind and more. Buy Now: About: $65 (£45).


Blue Jean Umbrella: Blue Jean Umbrella is made from high-tech Sunbrella fabric and provides all-weather protection. More info.

Blue Jean Umbrella
Nubrella: Nubrella is a handsfree umbrella, invertible weather protector, and conveniently worn backpack-style. Buy Now: $59.99.


Blade Runner Style Light Umbrella: With the push of a button, the shaft of this cool umbrella lights up illuminating your path. Buy Now: $19.9.

Blade Runner Style Light Umbrella
Flashlight Umbrella: The 'Flashlight Umbrella' comes with a super bright, built-in flashlight. Buy Now: $12.99.

Flashlight Umbrella
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