May 7, 2016

15 Smart Toothbrushes For You.

Collection of 'Smart Toothbrushes For You' to maintain good dental health.

Kolibree: Kolibree smart toothbrush keeps track of your brushing habits. It makes brushing an enjoyable experience, provides real-time feedback, and gaming experience. It features Bluetooth connectivity, and is compatible with iOS or Android devices. Buy Now: $99.


Grush Toothbrush: Grush Toothbrush transforms the brushing chore into a fun and interactive activity. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices. Buy Now: $59.

Grush Toothbrush

Oralb Connected Toothbrush: The Oralb Pro 6000 smart toothbrush connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and provides real-time feedback on your brushing habits. Use its app to set up a personalized brushing program, and its smartsensor lights up if you brush too hard to let you know and prevent over-brushing. Buy Now: About: $112 (£76.99).

Oralb Connected Toothbrush
Playbrush: If you are a parent yourself you know its not an easy task to get your kids brushing. To make things easy and fun 'Playbrush' comes into the picture; its a smart hardware gadget that transforms your everyday toothbrush into a gamingcontroller, so the kids can play fun and interactive mobilegames while brushing their teeth. Buy Now: $59.


Helix Toothbrush: Helix is a rotary toothbrush that features 8 bristle clusters, cleans hard-to-reach places, and leaves a squeaky polish on tooth surfaces. Comes with hepatic feedback for over brushing and recharges via any USB port. Buy Now: $179.99.

Helix Toothbrush

Sonic All: The Sonic All Adapter turns your manual toothbrush into one of electric toothbrushes. It works with most sizes of manual toothbrushes and buzzes with 15,000 sonic waves to clean your teeth. Buy Now: $ 73.

Sonic All
Oralb Smart Toothbrush: The Oralb Pro 5000 smart toothbrush lets you track your brushing progress and customize your brushing experience. It also provides entertainment while you brush. It works along with its app on your smartphone and displays details on your brushing. It even alerts you when it's time to replace the brush head and comes with smartsensor that lights up if you brush too hard to let you know and prevent over-brushing. Buy Now: $124.99.

Oralb Smart Toothbrush
Electric Brush: The electric brush matches to your modern lifestyle and brushing needs with convenient subscription heads, smart buzzing motors, customizable handles and a hygienic travel holder. Buy Now: $40+.

Electric Brush
Oracleen: Oracleen is a smart toothbrush, connects to your smartphone and provides feedback and recommendations on your brushing habits. It features Bluetooth 4.0, is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Buy Now.

Nano-b Toothbrush: The Nano-b toothbrushes combine the properties of gold and silver along with the natural whitening and absorbing powers of bamboo charcoal. You can opt for nano-coated bristles of gold and charcoal or silver, it easily reaches hard to reach places, and it cleans itself every six hours. Buy Now: About: $12 (£7.99).

Nano-b Toothbrush
UltiBrush: UltiBrush is an all-in-one toothbrush that comes with toothpaste, floss, mirror, and a protective cover. Perfect for those on the go. Buy Now.


Steward Oralcare Toothbrush: This Steward Oralcare toothbrush by Emami comes with toothpaste, mouthwash and floss. More info.

Steward Oralcare Toothbrush
Evolve: Evolve is a unique new toothbrush that features a triple-flexing-brush head design. Buy Now: $15.


Premium Toothbrush Kit: Once you buy Goodwell's Premium Toothbrush Kit you wont need another toothbrush. It's a premium toothbrush, flosser, and tongue cleaner all in one. A subscription to its premium kit service will get you every other month a new toothbrush attachment at your doorstep. Buy Now: $19.99+.

Premium Toothbrush Kit
Brush and Rinse Toothbrush: Brush and Rinse toothbrush redirects water from a faucet to your lips for an easy rinse. Pre-order: $8.99.

Brush and Rinse Toothbrush

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