May 11, 2016

12 Smart Coin Banks.

Teach your kids about money management at young age with these 'Smart Banks'.

Porkfolio Smart Bank: The smart bank is Wi-Fi enabled, wirelessly connects to its Wink app on your smartphone and lets you track your balance and set financial goals from afar. The playful bank comes with state of the art coin counter, and lets you know how much change you saved from anywhere. It also comes with accelerometer, and if someone moves your bank you will receive an alert on your smartphone. It can hold up to $100 in quarters and its nose lights up with delight every time you make an addition. Buy Now: $46.50.

Porkfolio Smart Bank

Ernit: Ernit is a smart bank that comes with an app to teach kids how to manage and save money. Using its app you can set savings goals and lets you and others to contribute money from nearby or far away. It alerts kids by making a sound when money is contributed to their savings account and its nose light shows how far they are towards reaching their goal. Pre-order.

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Cleverkash: Cleverkash is a smart and cashless moneybox from ASB that makes it easy for the parents to teach kids the value of saving money. Give weekly allowances or birthday bonuses and more electronically using its app from your personal bank account into the kid's bank account. This adorable toy elephant doesn't hold any money, it display your kid's account balance on its tummy by interacting with its ASB Mobile Banking app. More info.

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Wiggy: Wiggy is a smartbank that let parents make chores fun for the kids. This smartphone connected bank lets the kids save money and also learn how to earn money. Using its app you can set chores and Wiggy tells the kids what needs to be done. Once the task is completed, kids get their reward. You can transfer the money from your personal bank account into the kid's bank account. Reserve Now: $35.


Digital Coin Bank: This automatic digital money counting bank jar keeps track of every coin that goes in. It makes things a lot easy by displaying exactly how much change is inside the money jar and gives you an idea of how much more you need to save to reach your goal. This bank comes with digital screen; is capable of automatically calculating a new total each time an addition is made. The bank accepts all U.S. coins. Buy Now: $18.53.

Digital Coin Bank
Robi Ohanashi Bank Talking Money Box: The Robi Ohanashi Bank Talking Money Box is a robot character coin box that will initiate a conversation with you whenever you give him your cash to save. He will be a fun companion for younger kids and also teaches them to save their pocket money. Buy Now: $ 57.

Robi Ohanashi Bank Talking Money Box
Greedy Moneybox: This greedy moneybox turns cups, cans or whatever it can squeeze into instant banks. Buy Now: About: $15 (£ 10).

Greedy Moneybox
Billosaur: The BB Billosaur is a cool bank for paper money; it lets you save paper money in style. Buy Now: $39.

Money Savvy Bank: It comes with four storing spaces, each of these choices make the kid learn about money management at young age. Buy Now: $19.99.

Money Savvy Bank
Zillionz Bill and Coin Jar: It recognizes the value of each coin inserted and when you make addition of dollar bills, just press the corresponding currency button to update your savings balance. Buy Now: $14.99.

Zillionz Bill and Coin Jar
ATM Savings Bank: The ATM Savings Bank is just like a regular ATM machine and comes with savings goal function. Buy Now: $62.50.

ATM Savings Bank

Zillionz Secret Code Vault: The Zillionz Secret Code Vault is a bank and storage vault. You can put your money from the top or place money or other valuables inside the vault. You can program the vault with your own secret code. Any unauthorized access will result in audio and visual alert. Buy Now: $24.99.

Zillionz Secret Code Vault
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