May 31, 2016

15 Essential Outdoor Gadgets and Gear - Part 4.

To let you enjoy your outdoor adventures to the max, we present to you these 'Essential Outdoor Gadgets and Gear' from around the globe.

Loctote Drawstring Backpack: The Loctote Drawstring Backpack is designed to keep your belongings safe. It comes with waterproof pocket with RFID blocking technology to keep your credit cards, debit cards, identity cards safe, waterproof pocket for your gadgets (capable of holding an iPad Mini), can be padlocked, made from a cutresistant fabric, reinforced tubular nylon lockstrap and grommeted with stainless steel components and 49 strands of stainless steel wire, and the bag is said to be 5 times more cutresistant than Kevlar. Pre-order: $179.

Loctote Drawstring Backpack

Wedge Tent: The Filson Wedge Tent is made from 10-oz. Marine Finish Army Duck, making it perfect for any type of outdoors. You can set it up between two trees or with the included poles. Buy Now: $1,000.

Wedge Tent
Braven BRVXXL: This outdoor Bluetooth speaker is designed for outdoors, comes with 15,600 mAh, 14 hours of playtime, and recharges your smartphones with the built in USB port. It comes with IPX5 waterproof rating, built-in microphone jack, and adjustable EQ settings. Buy Now: $349.99.

Biolite PowerLight Mini: The BioLite PowerLight Mini is a pocket-size device that provides up to 52 hours of light and recharges your phone, comes with USB rechargeable 1350mAh. Buy Now: $44.95.

Biolite PowerLight Mini
Sleadd Taurus Zip Line Kit: The Sleadd Taurus Zip Line Kit comes with 250 feet of cable, aluminum trolley with handlebars, and stainless steel wheels. Can take up to 350 lbs. Buy Now: $779.99.

Sleadd Taurus Zip Line Kit
MUV Water Filter: The MUV Adaptable Water Filter gives you clean, safe drinking water everywhere you go. This modular technology works with a water bottle, hydration reservoir, as a straw, or as a gravity filter so you can get clean water in the outdoors. Reserve Now: $45.

MUV Water Filter

Wildcard: The Wildcard is a knife multitool that's equal to the length of a credit card and thickness of two credit cards. It comes with FlyOff pivot mechanism, serves as a screwdriver, bottle opener and prybar. Its compact and lightweight and can be placed in your wallet comfortably. Pre-order: $35.

Stanley Satellite: The Stanley Satellite is a rechargeable work light that features 300 lumens, six hours of runtime, and a USB port for recharging your smartphone. Buy Now: $29.94.

Stanley Satellite
Grayl Ultralight: The Grayl Ultralight Water Purifier Bottle gives you clean drinking water (in less than 15 seconds) from virtually any fresh water source in the world. It weighs 10.9 ounces, improves taste, odor and clarity. Pre-order: $56.5.

Grayl Ultralight

Taclace: Taclace Boot Lacingsystem is a time saver, just pull, cinch, and wrap, and you are good to go. It keeps your boots tight and secure all day long. Buy Now: $14.99.


Luma Active: Luma Active is a wearable device that keeps you visible at night. This lighting headgear designed for outdoors, lights up your way and keeps you visible and safe.
It features high quality breathable fabrics with a powerful and durable light system, three lighting modes, 1,100 mAh rechargeable via micro USB recharger and IPX4 waterproof rating to use in all weather conditions. Buy Now: About: $55 - $144 (49€ - 129€).

Luma Active
Orca Gear Molle Wrap: The 26 quart Molle Wrap lets you attach storage pouches on your cooler. The attachment expands the utility of your cooler; its each pouch is designed to meet a specific need and function. It comes with 1-inch Type III MOLLE webbing with 1000 lb tensile strength to hold heavy loads. Buy Now: $49.99.

Orca Gear Molle Wrap
City Pack: This functional bag takes its inspiration from militarygear and that's suitable for outdoors, and city lifestyle. It holds 17" laptop, iPad, portable power source and the hydrationbladder. It came with the Molle attachment system and comes with multiple features. Buy Now: $129.

City Pack

Relic Oven: The Relic Oven is a modular system that consists of three-part top and two convenient options for the base floor and lets you cook authentic brick oven pizza in the outdoors. It cooks 90 seconds pizza anywhere, anytime. Reserve Now: $1,050.

Relic Oven

Chair: Just place it from the branch of a tree and relax. Buy Now: $240.

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