May 5, 2016

15 Coolest Bike Gadgets For The Avid Cyclist.

Collection of 'Coolest Bike Gadgets For The Avid Cyclist' from all over the world.

Boncho: Boncho covers your body from head to toe when riding, its weatherproof and breathable and is open from underneath, and ultra-breathable. It folds up for easy storage and goes over your handlebars to keep your legs and feet dry. Pre-order: About $78 (€ 68).


Graava: Graava is a smart camera that comes with AI that automatically edits your footage. It features a camera, microphone, accelerometer, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, speaker, smartsensors and more. It records in HD 1080p 30 fps video and 8 MP photos, comes with 130-degree angle lens. It's compatible with iOS and Android smart devices. More info.


Shareroller: Shareroller is a removable, portable, multi-platform electric drive for your bikes. This removable electric drive can be attached or removed in seconds, weighs only 5.5lbs, features 750 Watts of power, 14 to 20 miles of range (extended range version 25-36 miles) and speed up to 20mph+. It features a built-in USB recharge port and comes with built-in led headlights and taillights. Pre-order: $725.


Bonx: Bonx is a wearable walkie-talkie that uses Bluetooth technology, and connects to your smartphone via an app. It features noise reduction technology, dual microphones, water/shockresistant and comes with push-to-talk mode and music playback. Buy Now: $139.99.


Urban 800 Commuter Combo: The Urban 800 and Vis180 keeps you visible at night. It creates an effective range of light covering 360 degrees and is rechargeable via micro-USB. Buy Now: $190.

Urban 800 Commuter Combo

Cruiser Portable Bluetooth Speaker: The Nyne Cruiser portable Bluetooth speaker comes with a built-in microphone, supports Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC and universal handlebar clips. It also features 3.5mm AUX input and built-in power bank to recharge mobile devices. Buy Now: $55.55.

Cruiser Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Hornit dB140: It's small, sleek and lets you to alert distracted drivers and pedestrians of your presence with dB140. Buy Now: About: $44 (£29.99).

Hornit dB140
Retrofitz: Retrofitz turns your normal shoes into cycling shoes with it a DIY kit. Buy Now: $ 50.

Smart Wheel: The Flykly Smart Wheel comes with 250 W motor, ranges from 40 to 100 km, speed up to 25 km/h (16 mph), smartsensors and more. It can be fixed practically to any bicycle wheel and turns your bike into an electric bike. It features Bluetooth connectivity, and is compatible with iOS and Android. Buy Now: $999.

Smart Wheel
Bikeman Activity Vest: The Bikeman Activity Vest with indicator is perfect for cycling, hiking, camping or any outdoors activity. It features turn light indicator activated by remote control to signal forward, left, right, and stopping and keeps you visible. Buy Now: $39.99.

Bikeman Activity Vest
Aster: Aster is a commute backpack that makes you visible on the road even on the darkest streets. It features integrated bike lights, turn signals and automatic brake indication. It sports a bright red light on the back that's visible from a distance of 250 meters. Its profile light on either side of the bag highlights the width of the rider and allows motorists to judge your relative speed and distance. Its inbuilt accelerometer in the handlebar unit (Sidekick) can sense when you are slowing down and activates the solid red brake light. These lights are two times larger and brighter than the regular rear light, and get the attention of motorists behind you when you brake. Its built-in indicators lets the motorists behind you know which way you'll go, or you're turning or changing lanes. Its front lights get the attention from motorists in front of you when they change lanes, and keeps you safe. The Sidekick (handlebar unit) and its app (compatible with Android and iOS platforms) are connected via Bluetooth Smart. Reserve Now: $99.


Haize: Haize is a minimalist urban bike navigation that makes your ride simpler, safer and lets you explore along the way. It works similar to a compass but instead of pointing north, it points to the destination you set in its app. It lets you choose your own route through the city and makes your ride safer by letting you keep your smartphone in your pocket. And if you want to stick to the main roads, it also provides turn-by-turn navigation. It features two modes: turn-by-turn mode and compass mode; and its self-regulating light display makes it perfect for day and nighttime visibility. About: $94 (£65).

Dynamo I: It recharges your smartphone via USB as you bike. More info.

Speedforce: Speedforce is a fully integrated smart cycling computer that measures over 8 sets of data, and comes with an app. It incorporates a GPS cycling computer with a power supply, headlight, and navigation. It becomes the stem of your bike for a full integration rather than as an extra part. It features additional pedal and wheel smartsensors, and with each pedal it can calculate your riding data: speed, time, distance, track, altitude, temperature, cadence and more. It lasts up to 40 hours (16 hours with GPS navigation on). And at night it makes your ride safe by illuminating the path with more than 30 feet of light. Pre-order.


Beeline: Beeline is a smart navigation device designed for bicycles that lets you find your way on a bike. It works similar to a compass but instead of pointing north, it points to the destination. It simply points you in the general direction to your destination and tells you the distance to go - no instructions. It's weather proof and shockproof and its backlit e-paper screen is visible under any conditions. Buy Now: About: $72 (£50).


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