Apr 12, 2016

15 Useful Clips For Daily Life.

Collection of 'Useful Clips For Daily Life' from all over the world.

Conversation Starter Tie Pin: This simple yet unique magnetic tie pin is said to become the centerpiece of conversation. Buy Now: $29.95.

Conversation Starter Tie Pin

Belt Clip: It securely clips your keychain onto your belt loop, bag, etc. You can clip your most used keys such as your car key to your belt loop for quick access and store your other keys on its key caddy. Buy Now: $19.

Belt Clip

Staeckler Shoe Hooks: The Staeckler Shoe Hooks hold your trainers, clips gently onto the heels and releases with a slight upward twist. Buy Now: $ 10.

Staeckler Shoe Hooks
Camera Clip System: It's a camera holder for your bag strap or belt. This heavyduty aluminum clip attaches your camera to a bag strap or belt. Buy Now: $79.99 .

Camera Clip System
Magnetic Cable Clips and Cord Management: These multi purpose magnetic cable clips organizes your cables in a neat fashion. It consists of two parts, magnet base and magnet buckles; just stick the magnet base to any surface such as wall, desktop, bedside table and tie your cable with the magnet buckle and simply attach the cable to the base firmly. Buy Now: $15.

Magnetic Cable Clips and Cord Management
Car Glasses Holder Sunvisor Clip: Just clip it to your sunvisor, and it securely holds your glasses. It can be rotated 360 ° to meet the different needs. Buy Now: $20.

Car Glasses Holder Sunvisor Clip
Vipp Clip: The Vipp clip features a powder-coated aluminum construction, strong leaf spring and attaches the clip using the rubber-covered super magnet or the included wallhook. It holds your documents, posters off a wallhook and more. Buy Now: $ 55.

Vipp Clip
AViiQ Ready Clips: These mini cables measure 5.5 inches, and can be clipped onto your bag or pocket for easy transport. It comes in a variety of connectors including: Apple 30-pin dock, mini USB and micro USB. Buy Now: $2.95.

AViiQ Ready Clips
Glass Clips: These clip on to your plate and hold your glass while leaving your hands unblocked. Buy Now: $7.99.

Glass Clips
Qlipter: The Qlipter is a multi-purpose super clip that is designed to provide maximum versatility. It lets you keep your backpack off the ground, your gear nearby and more. Or you can use it to hold your water bottle or shoes outside your backpack. Buy Now: $19.95.

Gripclip: It is a piece of plastic that clips onto your glasses and holds a pen or pencil. Buy Now: $4.99.

Evadeclip: Evadeclip is a multi-functional tool that keeps you prepared for the unexpected. It features stainless minisaw, a rodsaw, and more. This ultra-tiny tool can be placed comfortably in your pocket. More info.


Clothespin Clip Light: The Clothespin Clip Light is a cool light disguised as a clothespin. This wooden clothespin light clip attaches onto your book, and more. Buy Now: About $ 10 (£6.99).

Clothespin Clip Light
Ripclips: Ripclips is a clever pant length alterations system that doesn't require needle and thread. It magnetically protects your pants, keeps your pants looking clean while saving you time and money. It uses strong rare-earth magnets along with stainless steel plates to keep your pants from being stepped on. More info.

Batman Money Clip: Black rubberized coating with a magnetized grip holds your cash in place. Buy Now: $39.99.

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