Apr 23, 2016

15 Smart Gadgets for Smart Homes.

Collection of 'Smart Gadgets for Smart Homes' from all over the world.

Zoe: Zoe is a smart home assistant and also protects all your personal moments. All the data is processed and stored directly on your Zoe and no information is sent to the cloudserver. It comes with 26 lights to communicate your home status. It uses a unique two-step approach to speech and syntax recognition; it has an extensive vocabulary of over 1,500 speech commands and can understand you without being connected to the Internet using its enhanced syntax recognition engine. It comes with Voice Drops; these small devices can be place around your smart home and function as voice based remote controls and let Zoe listen to you. It's compatible with Amazon Echo, Hue lighting and more. It supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, ZigBee and more. Reserve Now: $249.


Aido: Aido is the next generation home robot that's smart, interactive, and mobile; it plays with your kids, assists you with household chores and schedule, and keeps your home safe. It's your entertainment hub, personal assistant, a teacher, storyteller and more. This interactive robot recognizes each member of your family, monitors your home, controls your lights, plays useful videos and more. It features HD projector, 6 microphones, face detection, speech recognition, voice call support. smartsensors, multiple cameras and is voice activated. Its ballbot design along with object recognition and obstacle avoidance lets him navigate your house with ease. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices. Reserve Now: $940.


Echo Dot: Echo Dot is a handsfree, voice-controlled device that features far-field voice recognition, comes with a small built-in speaker that connects over Bluetooth and uses Alexa Voice Service to play music, provide information, sports scores, news, weather, and more. It makes home automation simple and works with smart home devices like thermostats, switches, lights, and more with compatible connected devices from WeMo, Samsung SmartThings, Philips Hue, Ecobee, and more. Buy Now: $89.99.

Echo Dot

Riley: Riley is a smart home security robot that gives you an interactive way to monitor your home. It features Wi-Fi connectivity, 5MP camera, HD video, night vision, and more. It streams HD video and audio to your smart phone. It comes with smart alert; it sends you a notification on your smart phone as to what is happening in your home when you are out. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices. Reserve Now: $159.


Sprimo: Sprimo is a smart portable air purifier that provides you with cleaner air in any room, instantly. It comes with Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth LE connectivity, touchscreen and smartsensors; gives you your personal bubble of fresh, clean air. It connects to your smart phone and using its app you can control it and get real-time insights into the quality of the air around you. Reserve Now: $299.


D-Twelve: D-Twelve is a modular magnetic lamp with infinite ways of using it and can be reshaped to suit your requirements. This versatile and customizable handmade lamp is available in beech wood, concrete, and screen-printed fabric variants. Reserve Now: About $107 (€95).


Rollrack: The Rollrack is a multi ceilingrack that holds your kayaks, paddleboards, wakeboards, snowboards, skiis, kiteboards and surfboards. It features interchangeable rollingdowels that makes it easy to keep and remove your boards. Buy Now: $129.99.

Mooring: Mooring is a smart thermal mattresspad that controls the temperature of your bed and improves your sleep quality. This smart sleeping system features predictive learning technology, comes with thermo smart, smartsensors, Wi-Fi connectivity, customized temperature control, soundless alert for waking, sleep tracking, app control and more. All you need to do is just place it under the sheets to get started; its dual temperature monitoring and control makes it easy for you to share your bed. You can use smartphone to control it; its app records your unique sleep profile on your smartphone. Use its Wi-Fi connected padbase to interact with it. Reserve Now: $189.


Ellum Solar Light: Ellum Solar Light is a smart lighting solution that powers on when you are moving in dark. It features solar panels, smartsensors, touch dimmer, and magnets. Use its touch dimmer to manually adjust the brightness; it attaches magnetically anywhere you want. It's made from solid hardwood, 2400 mAh, and lasts 4 hours of continuous use at highest setting, and provides 240 lumens. Pre-order: $59.

Ellum Solar Light

Balluga: Balluga is a smart bed that creates ideal sleeping conditions for you and improves your sleep quality. It manages your total sleep experience in real-time by adjusting its firmness, support and temperature to match your chosen settings throughout the night. It automatically increases and decreases the air pressure to adjust various zones for better body support. It comes with dual temperature monitoring and control, massage system, and ambient courtesy light which powers when you get and move in dark. You can control the firmness of your mattress using your smartphone. It's compatible with iOS and Android smartphones or smart devices. Pre-order: $1299 - $10000.


WaterO: WaterO is a smart countertop reverse osmosis system that displays purification levels, connects to your smartphone and reminds you to stay hydrated. It makes water purification simple; requires no installation or plumbing. Pre-order: $289.


Tittle Light: Tittle Light is a connected, color-changing lamp that transforms your home lighting in three dimensions. This interactive lamp is made up of 512 lights that lets you set the tone for any occasion. Using it's mobile and web app you can create the perfect lighting effects in three dimensions in any room. It connects via Wi-Fi, and it's iOS and Android compatible. Pre-order: $219.

Tittle Light

SmartAll: SmartAll is an AI Butler that features a camera and a hub for your home, security and more. This fully integrated IoT solution lets you customize your home experience. It comes with learning function and adapts to your habits, anticipates your needs and orchestrates digital services to keep everyone happy. It comes with voice, gesture and face recognition, stranger alert, priority setting, and customized recording. Reserve Now: $149.


Ezcontrol: Ezcontrol makes home automation easy and lets you control appliances, electronic devices and more from your smartphone. This centralized unit allows you to control virtually every electrical device in your smart home using your smartphone. Reserve Now: $59.


Clairy: Clairy is a natural air purifier that combines the power of nature and technology and makes air around you cleaner. This smart flowerpot and natural air purifier is powered by real plants. More info.


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