Apr 14, 2016

15 Coolest Smartphone Holders For Your Car.

Collection of 'Coolest Smartphone Holders For Your Car' from all over the world.

Mountek Airsnap: All you need to do is place the opened clamp of the holder onto any flat vent blade and turn the locking wheel until it holds securely. It uses powerful earth magnets to hold your device; and it also elevates your device above the vent blades to permit airflow. Buy Now: $24.95.

Mountek Airsnap

Radmo: Radmo is an ultra-durable holder for smartphones, smart devices and GPS devices that fixes right into your car's CD player. Buy Now: $17 - $22.


Bsteady Car Holder: It features a 360ยบ vent clip and universal curved design that secures any phone in any car. Buy Now: $39.

Bsteady Car Holder
iPadket: iPadket is an iPad holder for car seat headrest that keeps people in the backseat entertained. Buy Now: $14.5.

TinySticky: TinySticky is a super sticky, double sided stickypad that makes it an instantaneous car smartphone holder. This 2x2 cm sticky provides a complete grip between the dashboard and your smartphone and leaves no residue. Place it on your dashboard and start using your smartphone's navigator comfortably and safely. Reserve Now: $5.


Elemount: Carved from the finest solid aluminum, this minimalist style holder is perfect for your smartphone and smart device. Buy Now: $59.99 - $69.99.

Air Dock 2.0: The Air Dock is a wireless recharging station that provides a convenient way to recharge your smartphones in your car. All you need to do is simply place your device onto the Air Dock to wirelessly recharge it. Buy Now: $99.99 - $129.95.

Air Dock 2.0

Magbak Case: Magbak Case is thin, simple, and amazingly functional. This minimalist protective case features industrial strength rare earth magnets, while the Magstick is small low profile aluminum crafted piece that will adhere to just about any surface. Magbak and Magstick together create a perfect solution for your iPhone in your car. Buy Now: $39.

Magbak Case

Logitech [+] drive: Logitech [+] drive is a one-touch smartphone car holder that securely holds your smartphone on the windshield or dashboard with one simple twist. Buy Now: $76.53.

Logitech [+] drive
Bluejay: Bluejay is a smart holder for your car that connects your phone to your car via beacon technology and an integrated mobile app. Its designed to keep you less distracted while driving. It features multi-axis system that lets you simply adjust Bluejay until your smartphone is placed perfectly. It's made from carbonfiber and high-grade aluminum, and can be placed using its adhesivepads, an air vent clip and a suctioncup. Just stick the thin metal plate to the back of your smartphone and its powerful magnet holds your smartphone securely. It connects to your smartphone via a Bluetooth LE. And if you forget where you've parked, no issues, Bluejay uses a combination of Bluetooth Smart and GPS to guide you back to your car, even when there is no reception available. And if you cant find your smartphone, just double-tap Bluejay and your phone rings. As soon as you place your samrtphone on Bluejay, it launches a dedicated driving app to make your driving experience less distracted. Whether you want to make a call, change a song, or find the nearest parking lot, Bluejay gets you there in three taps or less. To stay safe on road it features "do-not-disturb" mode and "take-a-break" notifications. And in an uneventful situation, it lets you reach assistance with its pre-programmed SMS/ call. It integrates with multiple on-demand music services like Spotify, Apple Music and SoundCloud, and more. And if your car stereo supports Bluetooth or AUX, its app can play music through its speakers. It makes getting around a whole lot easier, reminds you about your next meeting, makes calling and texting easier, provides personalized car insights and more. It's compatible with iOS and Android. Buy Now: $99.


Kenu Airframe: The Kenu Airframe is a car vent smartphone holder that clips on to car air vent. It keeps your smartphone in sight at eye level and ready for GPS directions, streaming music, and more. Buy Now: $19.95.

Kenu Airframe
Magnetic Car Holder: Its a cool way to hold your smartphone in the car; it allows you to adjust it perfectly every time. Buy Now $35.

Magnetic Car Holder
Valet iPad Car Holder: The Valet iPad Car holder comes with 360-degree rotation and the swivel base makes your device easily accessible. Buy Now: $189.99.

Valet iPad Car Holder
Gravity X: Gravity X is simple to set up and provides a smarter way to hold your smartphone in your car. More info.

Gravity X
Mobile Holder: This mobile holder by Mountek holds your smartphone, mp3 player, or GPS in the middle of your dashboard where you can reach it and safely keep an eye on the road. It's designed to be placed in CD player yet it does not go far enough into CD player to activate it. Buy Now: $18.95.

Mobile Holder
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